Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kanye Madness

Seems that since the incident at the VMAs the entire world is attacking one of my favorite artists of all time and I wanna weigh in on the situation from my point of view. I like everyone else was shocked when I saw what Kanye did to Taylor Swift during her speech and even lost a degree of respect for him after that. I was just so confused as to why he would even do that especially in the middle of her speech. I personally think that was a comment that he coulda kept to himself. But at the same time I think people are going WAY too far with this bullshit. Taylor is a big girl and she clearly isn't that devastated by what happened. Sadly this incident had cause people to say horrible things about Kanye and make him out to be some sort of a racist asshole which isn't true at all. This incident has made Kanye possibly the most hated celebrity in Hollywood at the moment and in turn made Taylor Swift look like a complete angel and victim. Ever since the event Kanye has apologized 2 times on his blog and then once recently on Jay Leno and yet everyone is riding it off as "damage control" or a publicity stunt. Did anyone see what I saw? What I saw on Jay Leno was a broken and confused man who was so ashamed with himself that he couldn't even make eye contact with Jay or the audience. And when Leno brought up his mother Kanye's silence said everything that needed to be said. This man has been crying out for help for a while now but he's been trying to overshadow his pain with tours and constantly putting out music. Even in his songs as of late he's been seeming unhappy (just listen to his verses on Run This Town and Forever). Ever since his mom passed he hasn't stopped for a second to give himself sometime to mourn and think about where he goes from here. Outside of his GOOD Music fam, Amber Rose and Jay, Kanye has no family to support him through this really emotional time for him. As a fan and someone who respects him I really hope that he just takes this time to step back from the spot light, give himself some perspective and properly mourn his losses. I don't condone what he did but I also can't stomach all this hate being thrown his way. It seems when someone makes a mistake these days instead of trying to make sure they get some help we just shower them with hate and turn our backs on them. Did we learn anything from the Michael Jackson situation? I really hope Kanye doesn't do anything stupid to himself as a result of this outpouring of hate raining down on him. That's all I gotta say on that, My prayers are goin out to ya Yeezy. Keep ya head up. Rock on from Krypton.

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  1. I was patiently waiting on you to blog about this. But , anyways...I Agree w/ everything. kanYe is a musical genius but lacks that genius factor in the social department. Him saying what he said was wayy out of line , but that doesn't make me like his music any less. Im sure he was just saying what everybody else was thinking because it was even a shock to me that Taylor Swift won (not saying she didnt deserve it because her video was on the dope side). The media is blowing it out of proportion and it really needs to stop. kanYe truly isnt in a stable position right now to be getting all of this negativity shot out towards him. We dont need another famous death in 09. He's done his part already , now its time for the media to do theres and back off. But...I know all too well that wont happen for at least another week.