Thursday, April 30, 2009

Daps & Pounds

It's early as hell and I'm on my insomnia mode so I thought I'd drop 2 really dope updates on you in the music world

First one is the trailer for the video for Eminem's next single 3AM. For anyone that thought Em lost his dark side will QUICKLY be silence after seeing the trailer for this video. From the looks of it this video will be quite possibly Em's more dark and psychotic video yet. So much so that it's premiering on HBO because it can't be shown on regular television. Bask in it, Shady's back.

Second is a new song by Kid Cud called Daps And Pounds. now the first time i heard this song I wasn't a big fan of it, but then I listened to it again a few days later and I been bangin it ever since. The beat is killer and Cudi comes with a real chill kinda slurred flow to match the instrumental. Definately ridin music.

I'm outtie for now yall, until next time. Rock on from Krypton

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


M.I.A Bang (original test) from David OReilly on Vimeo.

Now the label says that this song is done by MIA but whoever is doing this song doesn't sound like her so I dunno. Either way, this video is dope as hell. Check it out. Rock on from Krypton

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Spray Paint & Ink Pens

I know what you're probably thinking, what the hell is this dude doing overhauling us with so many posts? I apologize, i'm just surfin around youtube and remembering things that either I used to find awesome or interesting prompting me to wanna blog about them lol. Be sure to check out and comment on the other posts too, love yall's feedback.

-A few posts ago I voiced how displeased that I am with 50 Cent these days. And while my feelings for him still stand I can't even deny that this song is dope as all hell to this day. Probably 50's most creative song concept wise. The video is ridiculous too, lovin the Minority Report vibe. AYYYYYOOOOO I'm tired of usin technology, why don't sit down on top of me, MY SHIT!!! lol. Justin is that dude lol.

-Anyone see the reunion show for For The Love of Ray J? Dare I say it, Ray and Cocktail looked real cute together, i won't even lie. Let's just hope this is legit or we'll be seeing For the Love of Ray J 2 and sad to say, i know ima be watchin lol.

-If you were curious, I came up with Rock on from Krypton completely randomly lol. I just thought it sounded cool.

-I miss 90s cartoons. Some shows nowadays are pretty cool but 90s cartoons always kept me glued to the TV. I dunno what it is about em but they're just so badass. Even know i'll go on youtube and look at old intros from my favorite 90s shows and bask in the nostalgia.

-I love the word's a sexy word lol.

-Scrubs is my new obsession. I used to not watch it that much but a friend of mine really got me into it recently and now i watch it like nonstop. That show is beyond hilarious and the head doctor on there was House before Dr House.

-Speaking of dope television shows, you all need to check out Deadliest Warrior on Spike TV. It's a show that takes the world's greatest known warriors (both past and present) and through the use of technology, science and observation pit them against each other to see who would be the victor. It's really cool to watch and it's gotten to the point that me and my friends bet on who's gonna win sometimes lol.

-I really need to get an Xbox360, though I've always been faithful to Sony, PS3 is just too damn expensive and a lot of games nowadays are coming out for both systems. Maybe when PS3 gets more exclusives then i'll buy it when I got the money, but for right now my eye is on the 360.

-Wolverine 3 days and counting! Read an early review recently and it got an okay rating but I still wanna see it so I can cast my own judgement.

-I forgot about this song but Eminem DESTROYS this song. Dude is a monster

-I just recently found out that 30 Seconds to Mars and Kanye West are workin on a track together for 30StM's new album. I'm SOOOOOOO psyched for that. I know it'll be beyond dope.

-I have a very longrunning love/hate relationship with reggaeton. I used to hate it wholeheartedly, but my ex (aka the Best I Ever Had) kinda got me into it so now I can stomach it. Still all sounds the same to me though.

-Speaking of spanish music I can do a mean Bachata!

-This is one of my FAVORITE songs of all time. Just everything about this song is dope. Each of the rappers on the song tell a different story in their verse and it all ends up playing out like 3 seperate movies in one song. Ghostface tells the story of a street kid that gets caught up in the life of hustlin and gets in over his head. Shinoda raps about a crack dealer who finds out that his wife was killed and ends up commiting suicide and Lupe (my favorite verse) tells a more imaginative story about a man sacrificing himself for his family during a war in space. Combined with an ILLL beat produced by Mike Shinoda with a phat bassline that'll leave you with neckpains from noddin your head so hard, this song is one of the hottest songs in years.

-Am I the only person who thought that the Kingdom Come album by Jay-Z was kinda dope? It was no Blueprint 2 or Black Album (my favorite Jay-Z album) but it definately was still better than a lot of rap albums out there. To me it showcased a more mature and calm Jay who had gotten to a point in his career where he felt comfortable with everything that was going on. There were a lot of hot tracks on that album too; Kingdom Come, Oh My God, Lost One, Hollywood feat Beyonce and my favorite track on the album and one of my favorite songs by Jay period, Beach Chair feat Chris Martin. I think the only downfall of that album was the fact that it came out after Jay had seemingly backed out of the rap game with a BANGER like The Black Album so when people heard that he was coming back they expecting something on par with or better than that album and they didn't get that. Either way though, listening to that album again (I relisten to albums alot lol) I really think it's a damn good body of work by Mr Carter. Can't wait to hear The Blueprint 3.

-Is Detox EVER gonna come out?

-I'm not the biggest fan of Ray J musically, he has a few good songs here and there, but this song is dope. Perfect summer song. Definately gonna be on my ipod while crusin along with Rick Ross' new album (CHECK IT OUT IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY!)

-I think i'm slowly turning into a sneakerhead. I really love sneakers lol. My most wanted sneakers right now are all black supras, double tounged chucks (the chucks that I own now have been thru hell lol), and the red and black air yeezys (a long shot but a man can dream).

-I talk about music alot don't i?

-No matter how many times I watch this video, I ALWAYS laugh my ass off. MadTV used to be comedy gold. So listen...Can I have yo numba? can i have it? can i? can I have it? XD. What would you do in this situation females?

-You know which artist I listen to solely for the purpose of laughter? Cam'ron. That dude raps on a 2nd grade reading level XD. Rooty tooty, fresh n fruity, roody pooty, booty judy lol.

-I been told that I do good impressions of people. My best ones are Arnold Schwarzenagger, Bill Cosby and Apu from The Simpsons. Can any of you do impressions?

-Heavy asian accents make me wanna laugh.

-I wish The Rock would come back to the WWE, he was by far the funniest man in wrestling history. He taught me what Poontang Pie was XD. "Poontang your ass on outta here!" lmao.

-Ima bring back the term Jabroni lol.

-Smirnoff Ice: Green Apple Bite is my ish

-I'm running out of things to blog about lol

And on that not I bid you all adieu. Rock on from Krypton!

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Free Chilly

Free Chilly - Lupe Fiasco

Another short post. I was re-listening to The Cool by Lupe Fiasco (album's still dope as hell) and I repeat this song about 5 times no lie. It's so damn SHORT and it blows me because even though it's really short it packs a big punch. The beautiful sounding chords in the instrumental combined with Gemstones and Sarah Green's great singing voices make this song amazing. The message in the song makes me thing about people that I've lost and tugs on my heart strings a little bit. I really wish Lupe woulda made this into a full song because it would definately touch a lot of people. Who know's what could happen with enough persuasion. Till next time, Rock on from Krypton.

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Coonery at it's best

Is it really that serious people? If there's no chicken the go the fuck somewhere else. or if you REALLY want chicken that bad, then go ta KFC! *shakes head* niggas these days i swear -_-. That's all for now, i just had ta share this with yall. Rock on from Krypton

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Return of the Random

Wass good blogspot, ya boi is back and betta than ever!...ok well i'm like 90% realistically but that's good enough! lol. It's been a little bit since i've done a post of just random thoughts so I thought, what the hell, why not now since i ain't doin shit! lol.

-I'm a big rock music fan. I love the energy that usually comes with it and I'm a sucker for sick ass guitarwork. Though I may not be insanely well versed in it (i couldn't name you an ass load of rock bands and their complete track record) but what I know I love. My favorite rock bands right now are Coheed & Cambria, 30 Seconds From Mars, Incubus and Alter Bridge. I've actually been listening to a lot of Coheed lately and i thought i'd share one of my favorite songs by them with yall.

-I HATE SANDALS ON GUYS!!! ugh man, no one wants ta see ya feet for fuck's sake -_-. For some reason whenever i look down and see bare man feet sticking out of sandal's i get irratated lol.

-I think i might be starting to like this girl....

-Is it just me or do u think that 09 may be starting to reveal it's true colors? The beginning of 09 seems really bright and like it'd be a fresh new start for most but lately there's been a lot of death and drama...I dunno...let's just hope it's a passing thing.

-Anybody catch the finales of Making the Band 4 and For The Love of Ray J? For the record ima say that I knew Cocktail would be in the finale from the jump and I'm glad she won. She seems to be more of Ray's type least until the second season XD. As for Making the Band 4, can you say most awkward finale ever? There was MAD tension there with like everyone, ESPECIALLY Danity Kane (I was blown that Aundrea wasn't there...i love that girl). You could definately tell there they was a lot of unfinished business in Danity Kane because just looking at their gestures and how they were around each other they just didn't look right. Shannon and Dawn are okay in my book but Aubrey and D Woods need to check themselves cuz their ego's are massive. Kinda blown the show's over tho because I was kinda really enjoying that show lol.

-Saw Love Guru yesterday, Mike Myer's really seems to be trying too hard to be funny these days. Though the movie had it's funny moments (Steven Colbert had me DYING!) it was just overall kinda meh. I don't think he'll ever live up to Austin Powers.

(Funniest scene in the movie to me)

-I really need to get back into breaking this summer, I've slacked off SO bad for so long and I really need to get back on my game 4real. I miss dancing.

-All you music fans out there, 09 seems to be bringing us a lot of fresh new music for us to be excited about. What albums are you guys most looking forward to? For me it's:
Relapse (Eminem)
This Is War (30 Seconds From Mars)
Lasers (Lupe Fiasco)
Rebirth (Lil Wayne) i'm very curious as to how it's gonna sound
The Blueprint 3 (Jay-Z)
Man on The Moon: The Guardians (Kid Cudi)
Finally Famous (Big Sean)
Thank Me Later (Drake)
The Lazarus Project (Travis McCoy)
Love, Life & Loyalty (GLC)
You Win Some, You Lose Some (Consequence)
Straight No Chaser (Mr Hudson)
The E.N.D. (Black Eyed Peas)
Paramore's 3rd album
Blackout 2 (Meth & Red)
The Estatic (Mos Def)
Senior (Royksopp)
I'm sure more will come up over the course of the year but those are what i'm most looking forward to right now

-This summer I intend to do a few things that I haven't done before and take advantage of new developments in my life emotionally and mentally. Summer 09 is gonna be one for the books.

-If you were to go into my favorites on my youtube account you'd find a lot of really different and random stuff and a few things that may just suprise you. I can say this, it'd be impossible to determine wat kinda person I was if you looked at my favorites lol.

-I hate looking at/hearing snippets or small parts of something that I'm excited to hear/see because I find myself repeatedly listening or watching that snippet over and over which makes the wait feel that much longer. Guess you could say i'm a glutton for punishment.

-What's the point of cheating with something quick and easy if you've already got something amazing right infront of you? It never ceases to baffle me.

-Random Quote of the day: "The best rulers were once great followers as well" by yours truly. Thoughts?

-Should i go see Observe and Report or Fighting? Both i really wanna see but i dunno which one I should see first -_-.

-Apparently Kanye just after releasing his video for Amazing has also shot two other videos. One for Robocop which will feature is current gf, Amber Rose and one for Paranoid which will feature and star Rihanna who plays his paranoid girl in the video and recently laid down some vocals for the video version of the track. I honestly gotta say that right now Kanye is the hardest working man in the music business. That man always is trying to find ways to outdo himself and somehow he always seems to do just that.

-Because of twitter i hate the word tweet

-X-Men Origins: Wolverine comes out next week friday, anyone as excited and worried as I am? I'm really hoping that this turns out to be a good movie because not only is Hugh Jackman one of my fave actors but Wolverine is my fave X-Men. I'm crossin my fingers for you guys! Ima definately post a review of the movie on here after I see it so be on the lookout for that.

-I relistened to Slim Thug's debut album, Already Platinum, the other day and I gotta say that it's one of the most slept on albums in recent memory. Southern boss swag with spacy Neptunes production make for one of the most unique sounding albums to ever come from the south. If you haven't heard it, I'm recommending that you check it out.

-Whatever happened Get Rich or Die Trying 50 Cent? I miss that guy. Back then he was low key, hungry and insanely talented. I still bang that album to this day because it's that dope. But now all he does is poke fun at other rappers when he can't even get airplay for new singles. Ever since Curtis, 50's definately lost his edge.

-Whatever happened to So You Think You Can Dance? It should've been back on TV by now...I hope it comes back because that's one of my favorite shows.

-Why is American Idol still on? I honestly stopped caring after the season with Blake Lewis and Jordin Sparks, though I did watch last season with David Cook and Archuleta on and off. Don't they realize that none of these kids ever seem to make it? With the exception of Kelly Clarkson and like 2 others NONE of them have been that successful after the show was over. Can't they take a hint?

Gotta cut this short guys, something came up that I need to attend too. Till next time, Rock on from Krypton!

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Friday, April 24, 2009

One of the best break up songs ever

Goodbye - Lyfe Jennings

Sometimes Makin Up Is Easier Than Breakin Up
We Believe If We Just Fake It Enough
We Can Trick Our Selves Into Believin That We're Still In Love
But In Our Hearts We Know That It's Inevitable
Though It's Hard To Let You Go I Know I Must

Sometimes Memories Just Ain't Enough
Sometimes You Out Grow The Ones You Love
Sometimes It's None Of The Above
It's Just The Fact That People Change
No One's To Blame
There Ain't Nothin That Stays The Same
So We Sit Around And Cry
Because Neither One Of Us Wants To Be The First To Say Goodbye

Sometimes Givin 2nd Chances Is Easier Than Dealing With The Fact That
Once The Trust Is Gone You Could Never Get It Back
But Your Holdin On Because Your Afraid Of Bein Alone
So Here You Are Holdin On To Somethin Thats Already Gone
And Don't Act Like It's The First Time You've Heard It In This Song
Cause Your Heart Done Told You All Along
If Your Momma Done Showed You Right From Wrong
No Thing Should Hold You Down This Long
There's No One To Blame Nothin Stays The Same
So We Sit Around And Cry Because
Neither One Of Us Wants To Be The First To Say Goodbye
So Let Me Be The First To Say...goodbye

Eyes are the Window to the Soul

I was talking to some of my male friends recently about what we find attractive of what we like on or in our women. Nice body, phat ass, nice legs and things of that sort were constantly used but for me, while those are DEFINATELY a plus it's all about the eyes and the smile. For some reason if a girl knows how to "speak with her eyes" then she can hook me. There's something much more endearing about a girl who can draw you in with her eyes rather than being overly forward. And a girl's smile is one of the most beautiful things in the world to me. One of my favorite things about my ex is the fact that no matter what happened, the moment that I looked at her smile i felt as if everything would be okay. Females have an uncanny power to control Men's emotions with subtle yet effective gestures. I've honestly been lost in a girl's eyes before and that's a feeling that can't exactly be described properly but if you haven't felt it then I definately think you're missing out. Humans are often defined by their actions but I honestly feel that by just looking into someone's eyes long enough you can see their true nature within them.
I know this was a pretty random post but it was on my mind and since I'm sick i don't got shit else to do lol. Hopefully I'll feel better soon so I can post a more interesting blog soon. Till then, Rock on from Krypton.
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Thursday, April 23, 2009


I'm feeling really sick right now so I'm not feeling up to blogging about anything but i did wanna post Kanye's video for Amazing before I go to sleep. This is another collab between him and Hype Williams and it is a truly beautiful video. Shot in Hawaii it features some really epic panning shots from a helicopter and does a great job with lighting to portray a very natural feel. Till next time, Rock on from Krypton.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Holographic Double

Wass good yall, it's ya fave kryptonian stoppin through with a quick drop. I saw this on The Lupe Fiasco Show blog a few mins ago (shoutouts to them) and i just HAD to post this on my blog. This is a video from an unsigned but insanely talented up and coming rapper named Turbo and in this video he takes the flows of several freshman class rappers such as Big Sean, Corey Gunz, Wale, Kid Cudi, etc and just rips the track up. It's a really dope concept and I really think you should all peep this video and be sure to watch it ALL the way through (it's about 8 mins and 30 seconds long), trust me you won't be disappointed! Rock on from Krypton!

oh P.S. just recently torrented a bunch of movies and i already watched Dragonball and Punisher: Warzone. two of the worst movies i've EVER seen. Never watch them unless you've got a death wish lol.

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Whole...Nuffa....Levo

Wass good people, just stoppin through with a quick and lighthearted post of one of my favorite MadTV skits before it went off the air. I present to you all...Eugene Struthers!

We takin 09 to a HOE....NUFFA....LEVO XD. I'm outie. Rock on From Krypton

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Friday, April 17, 2009

The Best I Ever Had

Wass goodie ppl, I been feelin real lazy lately and so i been slackin on this whole blogging thing lol. I think it's good to take some time off in between posts tho because it gives you more to blog about when you come back right? I thought you'd agree.

-Lately I been textin/talkin to my most recent ex (aka The Best I Ever Had) alot...i dunno even tho we went through all we did i can't help but smile when I think about that...

-That song u sent me was dope Frankie, u need to reply to my damn email tho!

-I've listened to 4 CD's that I've been looking forward to for the month of April and those are Deeper Than Rap (Rick Ross), Asleep In The Bread Aisle (Asher), Forever In A Day (Day26) and The Last Kiss (Jadakiss). All of em are dope to solid albums. Ima rate em for you because i'm too lazy to write reviews for all of em (besides Asher Roth's which i did like 2 posts ago).

Deeper Than Rap: 4/5
Asleep In The Bread Aisle: 4/5
Forever In A Day: 4/5
The Last Kiss: 3/5 (I was actually pretty disappointed with this one)

-I've also been getting back into the mixtape game and Big Sean's new mixtape UKNOWBIGSEAN is DOPPPPEEEEE!!!! Definately check that out asap. Kanye sure know's how to pick artists for his label forreal.
My Fave Tracks:
Paper Chaser, Starstruck, Mr Incredible, Million Dollars and Desire, Want & Need.

-Speaking of mixtapes also definately check out Chester French's mixtape Jacque's Jams Vol 1. It's follows the members of Chester French on their journey from being college losers to rockstars in song form with appearances from Pusha T, Kardinal Offishal, Diddy, Jadakiss, Talib Kweli and many others.

-Has anyone seen the screenshots for Kanye's video for Amazing?!?! Mannn, this dude never ceases to amaze me (no pun intended). If you haven't seen em yet go check em out at Kanye's blog because once again...i'm too tired and lazy to post em on here lol.

-I know I'm late to the party but Santogold's album is dope as all hell. Starstruck is mah effin JAM son!!!

-No one's been commenting on my posts lately v_v, that makes Marcus sad *pokes lip out*....sike naw i'm jus messin with yall! Like i need yall's feedback to make me happy....*sniff sniff*....

-You know what I like to do when I'm with a girl? Dedicate a song to em, i dunno why but because i love music so much I feel like one of the best ways to let em know how special they are is to dedicate a song to em.

Sorry for the short post people but I gotta be up in the morning early to head to my deceased friend Troy's (R.I.P.) memorial service. Hope yall have a great weekend. Rock on from Krypton.

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Sup you crazy kids with your blogging and your internets lol. Just droppin by with a quick post. I saw this over on my boy Wale's blog (Hamlet Schizo on the sites i like list, check him out) and I just HAD to post this. Now personally i'm way too bitchmade to skateboard lol, i watched one to many episodes of Scarred *shudders* but I have the utmost respect for anyone who does it and puts their body on the line to get awesome at it. These guys in this video are INSANE! the beginning of it is hilarious but watch all the way through and you'll some really sick tricks. Aight till next time, Rock on From Krypton.

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Asleep In The Bread Aisle

I wanna start off today's post by wishing everyone a happy Easter! Hope yall have a great day doing whatever it is that you do on today. I had a pretty dope church service today and now I'm home waiting for moms to finish cookin so I can stuff my face lol.
I'm blogging today about Asher Roth's Debut CD, Asleep in the Bread Aisle. A while back I posted a song off of his album called Lark on My Go-Kart and his album recently leaked onto the net so out of curiousity, I d/l'd it in it's entirety to see how it was. Based off of his first single, I Love College, and the few songs that I'd heard that leaked I was pretty impressed. After hearing the album Ima go out on a limb and say that if he keeps doing what he's doing, he'll have a bright future in the business. Asleep in the Bread Aisle is one of the best albums to come out in 2009 so far. It's like listening to the love child of a 90s hip-hop album mixed with a live pop band album. Most of the beats on the album have a kind of old school hip-hop feel to them mixed with the organic quality of live instruments. One thing I really like about Asher is the fact that thoughout the entire album he's not trying to be anything that he's not. Not once on the album do you hear him boasting about how much money he has or how he'll bust caps in asses, what you get is a chill white college kid with a gift for rhyming raping about what he knows. Half of the album consists of lighthearted party style songs with Roth spitting witty and clever rhymes over heavy bassed beats. The other half we see a deeper more introspective Roth, rapping about more serious topics from his father to the comparisons between him and Eminem because he's a white MC. The great thing is both sides of Roth are insanely talented and there's not one track on the album that I could say he could've done without. I definately recommend this album to hip-hop fans everywhere.
Fave Tracks:
Lark On My Go-Kart
Blunt Cruisin'
I Love College
She Don't Wanna Man feat Keri Hilson
As I Em feat Chester French
Sour Patch Kids
Lion's Roar feat Busta Rhymes & New Kingdom
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Saturday, April 11, 2009

We Own The Sky

Wass good peoples, Vision.Air.y (Everyone's second favorite Kryptonian lol) here hittin yall with a small update. Wanna send a shout out the my good friend HeadphonesLUV (check out her blog, it's up and coming but i know she's got a lot of good things to say), thanks for the dope ass day yesterday, really helped me relax. I really appreciate that =D.

Another thing I wanted to share with you guys is this video by M83 called We Own The Sky. It's not the official video, the real video can be seen on Kanye's Blog, but this is a fanmade video of the song that I thought was real dope. Song gives you a kind of empowered and hopeful feeling so I thought i'd share this with yall. Rock on from Krypton, peace and much love to ya.

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Guess Who's Back?

Wass really good ppl? It's ur favorite kryptonian back from his small hiatus with a clear head and a restored outlook on things! How yall been? For those of yall on spring break currently, how's it been? Done anything interesting?
I myself just got back from Ocean City with the fam, which was cool aside from slightly whack weather and personal attitudes of some people *rolls eyes*. Got a bunch of pictures and a few videos but yall are gonna have to hit up my facebook to see those cuz posting all 90 of them damn pix on here ain't happenin.
It's been a while since i've done a post on a bunch of random things on my mind so why the hell not!

-What happened to ms Ill-licious? her blog randomly died, makes me sad cuz she was a real cool girl. Hope she's ok. If ya read this, holla at ya boi Paula!

-I got another follower recently =D, welcome to the Fortress pplz, hope you enjoy yourselves. I look forward to hearing ur input on various things.

-Anyone see the most recent episode of South Park? Poor Kanye XD. They messed up Heartless for me, now all i hear is Gay Fish when i hear it lmao. I hope Ye' doesn't take this one personally.

-Speaking of TV, Que needs to get himself some help. I personally think dude may be on drugs because that's the only think i can think of that would make him so damn jumpy.

-Who do yall think is gonna win For The Love of Ray J? I'm thinkin Cocktail

-Saw Fast & Furious recently, shit was dope. Just good ole brainless fun, pure popcorn movie. I'd rank it up there with the first movie in the series, yall should go see it if u got money to drop and feel like enjoyin a movie.

-Since summer's comin up we all know an assload of movies are about to drop. You guys got any that your excited about? I'm lookin forward to Fighting, Transformers 2, Wolverine, Star Trek, Observe and Report and Year One. I kno there's more but those are the ones that i can readily name off the top of my head.

-Has anyone gotten the Air Yeezys? I want em, them joints are pretty fly. Especially the black and red ones or the all black ones.

-Friends with benefits, though impractical, are quite fun while they last lol.

-I'm at a point in my life where i'm pretty much over my ex (which took a LONG time), and looking to meet someone new. I'm expanding my horizons more so if I'm definately open to anyone who's interested. What i mostly look for is an intelligent, ambitious and ecclectic girl with a good sense of humor, and a lil bit of freak in her (ima be honest). If that's you or you know someone who fits that description, holla at ya boi.

-Have yall heard about Lupe's band Japanese Cartoon? It's pretty dope, very political and rebellious. Here's the first video, Army.

-Any wrestling fans out there? I saw Wrestlemania on Sunday and it was pretty dope aside from a few matches. HBK vs Undertaker was the best match that I've seen in years.

-Anyone seen Eminem's comeback video? I'm SLIGHTLY disappointed because he went with his normal formula of dropping a celebrity bashing, funny video first like he did back in the early 2000s. The song is pretty catchy tho and Em's flow on the song is ridiculous. Here's hoping this album is more Marshall Mathers LP and less Encore.

-Speaking of Eminem, yall remember this song? This whole album was my shit back in the day especially this and Fight Music.

-What are you guy's favorite celebrity blogs? Mine are Kanye's, The Lupe Fiasco Show, Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes, Drake (even tho he doesn't update much), Kid Cudi and Charles Hamilton.

-How come gossip sites like Bossip and Mediatakeout immediately ride someone off as gay if they wear fitting clothes or hang out with dudes? I find that a little annoying and close minded.

-The sky might fall...the sky might fall....but i'm not worried at all. Kid Cudi's album's gonna be so dope

-I like how the dance world is getting more recognition nowadays. As a dancer I take much pride in it. This is gonna be so dope

-Who do you guys think is better? Daft Punk or Justice? Justice is dope as hell but Daft Punk will always be the kings of house/techno to me.

-I think underaged girls developing fast as hell now is god punishing men for impure thoughts lol.

-I am now officially a Rick Ross fan, this song is my ISH!!!!!

-What are you guy's guilty pleasures? Mine is japanese music lol. I can't really understand what they're saying but i love listening to it. Here's one of my fave Japanese songs

Aight yall that's enough for right now, i'm hungry as a mutha and I need to get myself together cuz i don't plan to stay in the house all day. Till next time, Rock on from Krypton.

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Summer 89 and Hiatus Notice

Greeting blogspot, been a little bit. First things first, check out my dude Hassani Kwess' new single Summer 89 out. He's an up and coming rapper from the DMV and he's definately got talent. Holla at me with some feedback cuz i know he'd appreciate it.

Next up, here's my fave song out right now, song is so juvenile but i can't stop listening to it lol. Kanye's verse is the best in my opinion. wat do yall think?

Lastly I wanna let yall kno that Ima be take a small hiatus from blogging for a little. My mind just isn't in the mood for blogging right now and plus Ima be going to Ocean City for a few days with the fam and i don't think we're gonna have internet connection. So until I return, Rock on from Krypton!

Dueces Up!


Saturday, April 4, 2009

This is the sound of my heart breaking down

Just thought i'd stop through really quick to drop a really dope track on you guys. It's called Clear by S-Preme (an up and coming Chi-town rapper). He samples Weird Fishes off of Radiohead's album In Rainbows for the instrumental to give the song kind of an eeriey, bleak feeling. The lyrics in the song are very powerful and definately depict a release of stress that i'm sure a lot of people long for. I definately recommend this track to you if your feeling a little stressed of just wanna hear good music

Friday, April 3, 2009


Today a good man passed away...A dear friend of mine named Troy Terawaki who was honestly one of the most amazing guys that I've ever had the chance to know...After a long standing war with cancer (which he beat once) it finally took him from us...
I'm honestly damn near at a loss for words on the situation. I knew that things were looking bad for him but I had the utmost faith that he would be okay and that he was strong enough to beat this...but I guess God decided that his suffering needed to come to an end and wanted to just cradle him in his everloving embrace...
Scary thing about all of this is that I dreamt his passing this morning before I actually found out about's a surreal, scary and terrible feeling but I'm kind of numb. I just hope and pray that his family is holding up well...

Life is so short....I wonder if i'll ever get to reach my dreams....

"And I wonder...."


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Now I'm Awake, Sleepless in June....

This dude is truly ahead of his time. On the real this is one of the greatest televised performances that I've ever witnessed and as far as live performances go I don't think there's anyone that's on his level. I know he gets called cocky and egotistical alot but when I seem Kanye perform all i see is the true essence of an "artist". Everything in this performance from the lighting, the ambience, the background vocals/instrumental and his singing is amazing. We all know he's not an amazing singer but that's what gives the lyrics more depth is the fact that he's coming from the heart. Kanye West is one of the only artists that I truly admire and completely relate to. Dude makes me want to be best that I can at what i want to do. If yall haven't seen VH1 Storytellers with him I definately urge you to look it up because definately a sight to behold. Rock on from Krypton

"The requirement is inspirement, and I am hiring but also firing"


Staring At The Night Sky

Feeling kind of restless tonight and so i'm just staring at the night sky outside my window listening to this. This song is probably the most relaxing song that I've ever heard, 7 mins and 34 seconds of pure zen. Nujabes is one of my favorite artist/producers over and he's like the Madlib of the Japanese community. If you don't know of his music I definately urge you to look up his stuff, especially if you need more chill music (because almost all of his tracks are really mellow). Well, back to my stargazing. Rock on from Krypton

Dueces Up!