Thursday, December 31, 2009


Greeting Earthlings, it's the kryptonian here. How was everyone's year? Good I hope and if not then I'm hoping 2010 is a brighter tomorrow for you. My year was pretty shaky. Not nearly as bad as 2008 (worst year of my life) but it wasn't too great either. Started off pretty brightly and I was really optimistic about the year. I thought that I was finally ready to take charge of my life and but this year showed me that I still have much growing to do. This year I realized both my maturity and immaturity. This year was very physically, mentally and at times emotionally draining as I got my first glimpse at independance by having my first full time job and still going to school. You never quite realize how little money you have until you get it. This semester of school was probably my most enlightening but at the same time my most stressful mainly because of my photography class. I realized that though I love photography, I could never do it professionally. It was this year that I truly fell in love with acting though. My acting class was the best class that I've ever had in my college tenure and I only hope that I continue to grow and shape my craft. It was also this year that showed me that I should value my life more because tomorrow isn't promised for anyone. With multiple celebrities dying suddenly this year and countless others elsewhere it was almost as if a dark cloud was spread over the latter part of 2009. Though that dark cloud I was able to get closer to my friends and family. My love life was nonexistent this year much to my disdain. A few oppuritunites came my way but none of them developed into anything and all the while I still battle with my feelings for my ex. I'd love for her to be back with me but I never expect for it to happen. We will always share this strong but somewhat twisted bond that will never let us be too apart from each other but also never quite in each others arms. It's a fucked up reality. After all of the death, epiphanies and growth that came with 2009 I can only hope that 2010 allows sunshine to break through that dark cloud that shrouded 09. I believe that a lot of deaths happened in 09 (figuratively and literally) to transition us all into a new wave of things to come in 2010 and onward. I have a lot to look forward to in 2010 and as I continue on my road to maturity I hope that 2010 is a little easier on all of our psyches lol. Catch you on the other side ;). Rock on from Krypton

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Paper Chaser

Lemme take this time out to say that I'm really happy that this song was mad into a video. Ima big fan of Big Sean (been rockin w/ him since his first Finally Famous Mixtape) and this is one of my overall famous songs of his. It's a great song for motivation and the beat on it is sick. For those that don't know this is off of his most recent mixtape UKNOWBIGSEAN which u should definitely check it out. Can't wait for his album to drop hopefully in mid 2010. Rock on from Krypton

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Friday, December 25, 2009

I Wanna Rock

I know this video's been out for a minute now but since i don't watch music videos on television anymore this is my first time seeing it. UGH! THIS VIDEO IS DOPE!! This is one of Snoop's best recent songs to me and the best out of the Malice in Wonderland videos. Everytime i hear the beat to this song I just have to start dancing. Speaking of dancing i love the cypher feel of the whole video. Quest Crew KILLED it and for once I even respect Jerkers. Only thing I'm curious about is what in the hell is that on Snoop's hand lol. Is he trying to be Iron Man? Well anyways check out the video if you haven't already. Merry Christmas from Krypton!

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Repo Men!

Just saw this trailer on Blazing Swarm (big ups to them on the dope site) and I gotta say that this looks dope as hell. Big fan or both Forest Whitaker and Jude Law so i will be seeing this. Now alot of people are upset with the movie because it draws a heavy resemblane to Repo! The Genetic Opera. Now I saw the preview for that movie as well and while I can see the resemblence I look at it as not a rip off but more of the same movie in a different vein. Repo! is more of like Edward Scissorhands meets Dark City meets Rocky Horror Show, where as Repo Men! looks like a straight up action movie. Repo! looks mad interesting though so Ima check both movies out. I'll leave the other trailer down below for you all to draw your own conclusions. Rock on from Krypton

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More Than Love

Ah Amerie, loved this girl since Why Don't We Fall In Love and been pullin for her. She's a talented and beautiful girl but for some reason can't seem to get mass success. I think it may be because she doesn't have a distinct style or sound that seperates her from everyone else like Beyonce or Rihanna. Nonetheless I really like this video for her song "More Than Love" w/ Fabolous. The beat is dope and a lot of people seem to be using that sample recently (First Dr. Dre and then Wale). Even though the concept in the video has been used before many times, Fabolous and Amerie have a really good on screen chemistry so you were really engaged in their story. I knew from the beginning the Fab wasn't creepin *shakes head* you ladies need to stop jumpin to conclusions i swear!! lol. Well anyways, peep the video when ya have the time. Rock on from Krypton.

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P.S. I just had to comment on this bullshit. All the Kanye West "selling his soul to the devil" rumors based off of a line he used in a recent verse are stupid. He was clearly using it as a figure of speech for how he lost himself to his own fame and nothing more. I swear, people always need some kind of ammo to shot down someone talented.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bursts of Random Thought

Greetings Earthlings. Hope you slept well and to those of you who are still sleeping, hope your sleeping well. Been a while since i've been blogging on a consistent basis and because of that I've seen a good amount of my followers have jumped ship (which I can't really blame em for) but ima keep it movin. Business as usual. A lot's been on my mind lately so here's another burst of randomness from your's truly.

-I'm thinking that once I have kids ima name em Aiden and Isabella. I always thought Aiden was a cool ass name and Isabella i like. plus i can nickname her Izzy =). Who know's what can change between then and now though.

-Lil Wayne + Ludacris + Trina + Boobs = Nicki Minaj

-Though I still definitely wanna direct in the future, my main focus for a while now will be acting. I fell in love with acting this semester at school and so I think I'm gonna stick with it and see where it takes me.

-I'm considering taking up rapping. As silly as that sounds I just wanna try my hand at it. As much hip-hop that I listen to I constantly find myself having random punchlines and song ideas pop into my head so I wanna see if i'd be any good at it.

-I'm still not over my ex, probably never will be, but I am strong enough now where I can stand on my own two feet and keep it moving. I'm always gonna love that girl though, sadly she probably doesn't get that.

-For all you fellow wrestling fans, I think wrestling has been pretty dope lately. They've really been uping the ante with all this fresh new talent such as Sheamus and Drew Mcyintre, plus they've been pushing the younger talent like Kofi Kingston, John Morrison, Dolph Ziggler and others to new heights. 2010 should be an interesting year for WWE.

-Shock Value II is one fun album to listen to, I like it more than the first one.

-Miley Cyrus gave me a new reason to hate her guts by dissing Jay-Z in an interview recently and claiming that she's "never heard a Jay-Z song before in her life". Even the interviewer was taken back. This bitch needs to get off her high horse and learn some respect asap.

-Heard and loved both Rihanna and Chris Brown's newest albums. Rated R is kinda like Rihanna's Dangerous where Graffiti is Chris' Invincible. Rated R shows off a new, darker side of Rihanna that I honestly feel suits her. Never really liked any of her albums until this one. Graffiti on the other hand is much more high energy but at the same time shows a more mature and at times remorseful side of Chris. A lot of people at praising Rihanna's album and bashing Chris' album which of course is less about the music and more about the domestic violence incident which to me is ridiculous but hey that's society for you. Both delivered their best albums yet to me and I wish them both nothing but the best in the future.

-I'm real blown that Lupe cancelled his christmas mixtape but I can understand why he did. One thing that has always pissed me off about him though is the grand promises that he makes but sometimes doesn't follow through on (a remixed version of The Cool by Justice, The Cool Graphic Novel, Lasers being due out in 2009 and now this). Even though I love the guy I think he should really think alittle more before he makes these plans so that he can actually see if he can pull things things off and not get his fans hopes up. I'm hoping 2010 is a great year for him though because Enemy of the State definitely put him on people's radar.

-I'm really proud of and happy for Drake. He's definitely done a great job at taking advantage of his buzz and it shows. He dropped one of the most complete mixtapes to drop in a while and he could've very well just sat back and rode on that wagon till 2010 but instead he's capitalized on that hype and rode a huge tsunami sized wave all over 2009. Being featured on everyone from close friend Trey Songz to R&B Legend Mary J Blige's album and even holding his own against the likes of Eminem and Kanye West on Forever, this kid has defintely impressed me. The dude's also got a real genuine air about him which makes u feel like he is truly greatful to be in this position and doesn't take it for granted. I'm definitely looking forward to his debut album Thank Me Later. I know it'll be a sick album.

-Anyone heard about this gay Asher Roth rumors? smh, the media is running out of things to make up seriously.

-Follow me on twitter, i actually use it now lol.

-Something about Charles Hamilton really irks me. I always knew the guy seemed a little off but I kinda overlooked it because he was droppin some dope stuff but now that he's coming back he's just a little TOO cocky. He's still a rookie in the game with no real kind of guidance so to me Charles Hamiton is the equivalent to a little kid you left at home with a box of crayons and a big white wall. He's a talented dude but he's just immature and speaks out of his ass alot. He needs to calm that down or else he's gonna end up fuckin his chances at superstardom up.

-I miss Kanye West -_-. Hope the time off is workin out for him so he can come back and channel all that confusion, pain and controversy into a sick ass comeback album.

-One thing I hate about winter time (besides it completely sucking ass) is that there's almost nothing on television. When winter comes around most good TV shows take a break and go into production for more episodes so all we're left with are reality TV shows and re-runs, bleh. I miss White Collar, Smallville, Heroes, Vampire Diaries (yea i said it) and Supernatural. Thank god from Scrubs, Community and Better off Ted.

-2010 is gonna be a DOPE year for movies, I have so much that I want to see and I can't wait >.<.

-In retrospect, 2009 felt kind of like freshman year of high school for me. Started off hopeful and bright, then things start to get kind of rough and you realize that you're not as mature as you thought you were. Find out some new things about yourself and then by the end of the year you go into the next year not exactly knowing what to expect, but have a newfound understanding of things. To put it shortly, 2009 was a transitional year.

-With all the deaths of big celebrities this year (R.I.P. to all of them) do you think this is also a part of that transition in a new decade? A part of me feels like its almost making way for new faces and talent to rise up into the spotlight and shine as 2010 starts off a new era. I could be wrong though but I just get that feeling.

-I love my PS3, I named her Sweetest Taboo XD. if you got one and wanna add me, my PSN name is Kid Prodigy.

-I have my eyes on girls but I'm not looking for them anymore. Every attempt that I've made recently has been turned away so now ima just do my thing until someone comes to me....unless I wait 10 years and nothing happens then i'm taking drastic measures! lol.

-Because of my work schedule I'm gonna miss going down to SC with the fam for Christmas so I pretty much have the house to myself for the week...Any ladies wanna come keep me company? lol.

Ok i need to stop bullshittin and get back to work before my dumbass gets in trouble lol. Hope everyone out there has a great day, Happy Birthday to any birthdays out there and if I'm not back on Christmas, Happy Holidays to you and yours. Rock on from Krypton

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Forever Young

This is one of my top 5 favorite Jay-Z videos of all time and one of my fave videos of the year. I'm glad Jay went the route of simplicity for the video because it's really effective. The clips of youth around the country just enjoying life just helps enhance the message in this song so well. I won't lie I almost teared up a little bit. I almost feel like Jay is in his prime right now because he's so on top of things that everything just seems effortless for him. Big ups to Mr Hudson on the chorus too. If you haven't heard his album Straight No Chaser yet you need to check it out asap. It's a good listen. I hope yall enjoy the video and until next time I say, Rock on from Krypton.

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I'd Do It All Over Again

ahhhh Corrine Bailey Rae...I love this woman with a passion. I admire her strength to be able to come back and make music after the tragic death of her husband. I hope she's found peace and the strength to move forward. Be on the look out for her new album, The Sea, due out in Feburary of 2010. Anyway check out the video, chill tune. Rock on from Krypton

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lupe Fiasco vs KRS-One

Lmao these videos made my day. Nike stay's comin with the sickest commercials. So we finally get to hear Lupe on a diss track and it's against the one and only KRS-One...well kinda. Lupe and KRS-One have joined puppet Kobe and Lebron for some christmas themed commercials for their ongoing MVPuppets ads. I find it hilarious that Lupe's joke verse on this is sicker than most full length songs from some rappers today *shakes head*. Lupe recently cancelled his christmas mixtape, Friend of the People, due to his commitment to his training for his climb of Mt Kilamonjaro and while I'm disappointed, I'm also looking forward to hearing what he's got in store for us in the 010'. Till next time ladies n gents, Rock on from Krypton

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Movie Perfection Personified

There are some movies that entertain us, there are some movies that move us emotionally, and then there are those rare occasions where a movie does both of those things and changes the way we view films and at times even life itself. Avatar is one of those movies. Honestly when i first saw the previews I admitted that it was a beautiful looking film but it didn't draw me in. I sit here right now telling you that I'm SO glad that I didn't let that stop me from seeing it. Avatar is the best movie I've seen all year (and that's saying something) and I'll go on a limb and say that it'll go down in history as one of the greatest movies ever made. Let me start off by saying that this movie is fucking GORGEOUS. The colors were vibrant and rich and the CGI was so clean that you almost forget that the alien race in the film aren't actors themselves. It apparantly took James Cameron 4 years to complete this film and I can see why. There aren't enough words for me to describe how visually intoxicating the movie was. The film's story was also really well done. There were no plot holes, slow moments or questions left unanswered, everything was very complete. Usually during a 3 hour long movie, no matter how great it is, my mind begins to wander. But this is the first time that I've been engrossed for the entire 3 hours without thinking of anything else. The overlaying message (Preserving the Planet) in the movie has been touched on before in other films in different ways, but unlike other films the message isn't thrown in your face. One of my biggest worries once i saw the trailer is that it was just going to be a giant PSA about the rain forest, but the story grabs you so well that you'll end up leaving the theater wanting to hug a tree lol. Another great thing about the film were the performances from the actors. I'd seen Sam Worthington in other films (most notably Terminator Salvation) but it wasn't until now that I saw him as truly amazing. He was very strong in this and did a great job at showing his character's growth from being just a former soldier to the a leader. Other human roles that really stuck with me were Stephen Lang, who served as the movie's antagonist, and frequent collaborator with James Cameron, Sigourney Weaver. To me though the strongest performances in the movie were from the people of Pandora. The story does such a great job developing them and drawing you into their world that you end up feeling like you know them and wanting them to succeed. I honestly teared up at a few parts and it's hard to make me do that. For the Na'vi (the alien race), James Cameron seemed to have drawn inspiration from Native American and Aztec culture, because the way they are represented in the film reminds me of one of those tribes. They were a beautiful species. Zoe Saldana blew me away in this movie and I think this is the best performance she's had to date. Because she isn't a human you only see her as a Na'vi and she plays the part SO well. Everything from speaking the alien language and the accent to her sometimes animalistic instincts (hissing, growling, etc) was completely believable. Without giving to much away her passion in the role is also something to see. She had me hooked the entire film. The scale of this movie is so ridiculous that I found myself lost in this new world that was presented to me and I didn't want to be found. There is so much more that I want to say about the film but I'll end up taking up an entire page and spoiling the entire movie for those of you who still would like to see it. This movie is the perfect way to end a year of some great cinema and venture into a new year of very promising new films. It's things like this the constantly remind me why I want to be apart of this business more than anything. I want to thank James Cameron and everyone else involved for bringing me this amazing piece of cinema. Till next time ladies n gents, Rock on from Krypton

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Thursday, December 17, 2009


Rap...Rock. Usually when you hear those two words next to each other people are usually referring to a mash up (ala Jay-Z/Linkin Park Collision Course) or Nu-Metal (ala Rage Against The Machine and sadly...Limp Bizkit -_-), But in Lil Wayne's case it's literally Rap and Rock infused into one style. It's kind of hard to explain but I guess you could say that Wayne used approaches the songs on this album as a rocker but maintains his swag as a rapper. Now I won't lie, the moment I heard about Lil Wayne making a "rock album" I laughed the idea to scorn sure that it would be a train wreck. Then Prom Queen dropped and I became interested in hearing how the rest of the project would sound. After countless delays my anticipation for the album began to dwindle substantially and by the time he set a real release date I honestly no longer cared. So the other day I was on Blazing Swarm (check em out, dope music site) and I saw that the album had leaked so I downloaded it and gave it a listen. Now I'm not the biggest Wayne fan in the world but I can honestly say that I'm really impressed with how well done this album actually is. You can tell that either Wayne listened to a lot of rock during the recording process or was already a fan or rock music before hand because it's not just him rapping over beats with guitars in them. Each song on the album sounds like a different subcategory of rock. One song may have a grunge/alternative feel to it, the next will sound like metal and then the next will sound like pop/rock, so on and so forth. Reportedly Wayne did some of the guitar work on the album and if this is true not only might that explain all the delays (due to him training) but also makes me gain respect for Wayne's work ethic. As expected Wayne whips out the ole Auto-tune for all of the vocals on the album but to me it's less of a distraction and more of a way to creatively enhance the distortion in his already raspy voice and give the songs more umph. Lyrically this album is surprisingly diverse. While it's no masterpiece, Wayne definitely stepped his songwriting skills up for the album to make the song lyrics actually sound like something you'd hear in a rock song (with the occasional rapper slang thrown in for good measure). On songs such as Prom Queen, Paradice (a play on the words Paradise and Pair of Dice), Runnin and Drop The World (which features a passionate verse from Eminem that sounds like something off of the Eminem Show) you see Wayne showcase his storytelling ability as he crafts some of his best songs thus far. I know a lot of people are going to be really confused by this album and probably even more will shun it without actually giving it a try (and i can't say I blame em) but for those of you that decide to give it a listen I think you'll be in for a pleasant surprise. Ballsy attempt Mr. Carter, I applaud you for not being safe and taking a risk. I give the album a 3.5 out of 5. Rock on from Krypton

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More Movie Trailer Madness

This looks like the most epic drug trip ever and it's comin out on my birthday! best believe ima be in the theaters freakin out lol.

Ridley Scott? Russell Crowe? Robin Hood? I'm sold lol. I'll always be down with the Disney Robin Hood though, that fox was the shit!

This movie looks too sick for words. I'm just hoping that it's just as badass as the trailer, but it's Sam Worthington so I don't think I have to worry about that.

2010 is gonna be one HELL of a year for movies, I just hope i'll have the money for them all lol. Rock on from Krypton

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Iron Man 2


Rock on from Krypton

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*blows the dust and cobwebs off my poor blog*

wass good world? Been a long 3 months but i can proudly say that slowly but surely i'm makin my way back into the blog game lol. In between school and work I've had almost no time to do anything but with my semester ending as of two days ago, I'm freed up (kinda lol). I'm actually at work right now so i can't really get into a whole lot but I will tell you that something's have changed and I'm goin into 2010 rejuvenated and ready for action. I'll tell more soon. Till then earthlings, Rock on from Krypton (felt good to do that lol).

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P.S. Frankie where u at babe!?