Monday, March 30, 2009

F**k A Title

Wass good world, how yall doin? Good I hope. Weather was nice for a change today so I hope yall got to do something productive or fun today.

-I got a lil action today, good'll tie me over for a while lol. I'm trying to restrain from having sex until i'm in another relationship. Good to see that I haven't lost my skills tho lol

-Looking at my playlist amuses me because of how many different styles of music I have there. I pride myself in being ecclectic =D.

-I'm developing into a pretty big fan of Jeezy and Rick Ross. They're not the best rappers in the world but for some reason I like their music even tho I can't relate to it at all. I really liked Jeezy's most recent album, The Recession, and I really look forward to Ross' new album, Deeper Than Rap, because what I've heard so far has been really good (Magnificent is my jam).

-I'm a huge fan of R&B, mostly because I love melody. I feel like messages are potrayed the best through melody. That's one of the reasons why 808s worked so well because even though Kanye's not the greatest singer his pain and emotion came out strongly through his lyrics in melody. I'm also a big sucker for group melody, one of my fave R&B groups right now is Day26 because they utilize each other member's voices strategically and nicely. Their new album's gonna be dope.

-Though I like some heavy rock, i'm much more of a fan of laid back rock and alternative. Groups like Incubus and Red Hot Chilli Peppers are perfect examples of this, just real chill music with that rock edge still intact.

-I can't stand shorts...i dunno why but I just really don't like em. The only kind of shorts that I can tolerate are cargo shorts. Now shorts on females is a whole different story =P

-I kinda like "Burnin Up" by Jonas Brothers...yea i said it.

-Why do people insist on saying people "sold out" all the time? I kinda hate that phrase. Example of this is when Lupe came out with his Revenge of the Nerd mixtapes and then Food & Liquor and radio's weren't really playin him like that everybody was singin his highest praises. Then once Superstar came out and he was gettin a lot of airplay people were saying that he sold out to the mainstream. So once someone starts getting the recognition that they deserve their sell outs? That's retarded. It's like so called "underground" or "indie" fans expect their artists to be exclusive to them the entire time and never make it big or get any sort of fame for their talents which is really selfish. Artists need a paycheck just like the rest of us and if they can't sell records or get airplay they can't get paid. To me it's not sellin out, it's doin what you gotta do.

-Why is Domestic Abuse such a big fuckin deal now that Chris beat Rihanna? Oprah specials, Women Empowerment movements, Domestic Abuse Awareness day? get that shit outta here. It's been a problem for a long ass time now and if this is what it takes for people to realize that then that's just sad. I honestly feel bad for Chris, because of this one incident the entire world has turned their backs on them. I honestly think Rihanna needs to get taken down a notch. Instead of condemning Chris people need to urge the poor guy to get some help and support him through things. That's just what I think.

-I think 2008-2009's class of newcomers in the rap game is up there with the early 1990s class. Kid Cudi, Bobby Ray, Blu, Drake, Charles Hamilton, Mickey Factz, Asher Roth, The Cool Kids, Consequence, Big Sean and Wale are ALL extremely talented and creative. The next couple of year are gonna be producing some dope music. Go look em up if you haven't heard of some of em.

-I think twitter is stupid, I'm honestly not really sure what's so great about it. can someone tell me?

-Whatever happened to amazing Disney movies? WALL-E, Finding Nemo and stuff were good an all but none of em have anything on classics like Lion King, Toy Story and Mulan (yea i said Mulan!).

-Did anyone see the most recent episode of Making The Band 4? Que made Big Mike cry! man, dude needs to get some help.

-Am i the only one who thinks Taking the Stage is basically Step Up the TV show?

-Looking back over my exs i've dated almost every race but i really think I have a thing in particular for hispanic girls, asian girls and mixed girls. I love how sensual and passionate Hispanic girls are, how cute and dorky asian girls tend to be and mixed girls just seem to attract me. Nothing against any of the other races of course, I'm attracted to black girls and white girls but i've had bad experiences with black girls and for some reason white girls just don't usually do it for me.

-Mi familia is apparantly takin a trip to Ocean City next week for a few days. I'm def excited for that because I haven't been to OC in a good minute and I miss it. I'm just hoping that the weather holds up.

-I love my job but I can't STAND the music we play there. I wish you could just hook your Ipod up to speakers and let it play on shuffle. Anyone have a job where they can do that?

-Anyone seen Princes new video with Q-Tip? shit's pretty ridiculous in both a good and a bad way. Still can't believe he's 50 tho. I honestly think him and Sting are either immortal, Highlanders or have found the fountain of youth.

-Apparantly my family has selected me as the one that's most likely to marry interracially...guess we'll see.

-I wonder where some of the deragatory terms for Black people came from. Nigger is obvious but some are just random and also hilarious such as Jiggaboo and Porch Monkey. If an old white lady came up to me and called me a Jiggaboo i'd proceed to laugh hysterically while kicking her cane from under her =D.

-One of my friends once asked me why there wasn't a White History Month, my reply? because you guys have every other fuckin month of the year.

-I'm developing a really bad habit of napping for a while during the day and then not sleeping at night. I really need to stop doing that asap.

-It blows me when lil kids come up to Gamestop and pay for games with 50s and 100s. I got a job and i can't even whip out big bills all willy nilly like that -_-. Fuckin kids and their allowances -_-.

-I'm probably one of the only people in the world who love the auto-tune, i think when used properly and creatively (Kanye, T-Pain, a few others) it sounds awesome. I think what kills it is when people either use it just because they can or when people suck at using it (Ron Brownz, Lil Wayne (at times), a bunch of other artists).

-Worked on the song that I wrote the other day with my moms, Zigz and my lil bro. Went pretty well, let's hope things go as planned, be on the look out.

-This is still one of my favorite dance videos of all time. to me Omarion is the best dancer in the biz. Chris comes in close second. Neptunes killed the beat too.

-No matter how many times i look at it, I just can't get with Christina Milian's new golden hair color. Just looks bad on her, she needs ot go back brown or black so she can be my lover again lol.

-If rap beef wasn't bad enough, now we've got R&B beef. Keri Hilson, Ciara and Beyonce? come on now are u forreal? Why do artists always gotta find something to beef about? Can't we all just do what we love and enjoy it? *shakes head at the music industry* damn shame...

-I can deal with Buddhists, Muslims and other major religions but i can't understand Scientologists and Athiests. Scientology has GOT to be the most ridiculous piece of horse that I've ever heard turned into a religion. I mean how in the hell are people dumb enough to believe in that?! At least Buddhism and Islam make some sense but Scientology is complete nonsense. Atheists I don't understand because not everything can be explained by logic and if you don't believe in something then you'll fall for anything.

-tho it's ignorant as all hell, I freakin love the Arab Money dance lol.

man...wat happened to Busta, he was swole as shit when he dropped Touch It and now he's damn near a blimp.

Well i'm out of things to rant on for now so ima bounce. Rock On from Krypton.

Dueces Up!


Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm feeling fat and sassy XD

Greeting fellow Kryptonians, was good witcha? Hope everyone had a dope day today and if not don't fret because tomorrow only brings new oppuritunities =D. Had a pretty dope day today, got to sleep in for a while and then went out with the fam to this Italian resturant called Maggiano's. Now i love me some Italian food but i was definately not prepared for this! lol. Ima warn you all right now, if u ever go to Maggiano's DON'T EAT BEFORE YOU GO!!! Make sure your stomach is empty and ur ready to do damage because my dumbass went and had breakfast before going and I regretted it lol. They have this family style dinner thing where u can order several appitizers and then several dishes for the main course. Man was that filling, especially the lasagna, which was possibly the biggest piece of lasagna that i've EVER seen. I'm serious yall it looked like half of a cake! Craziness. The food was great tho, mad leftovers lol. We also had this really cute waitress named Brittney and we were definately flirting with each other, I didn't ask for her number tho so I dropped the ball on that one, oh well no use crying over spilled milk. Then I came home and then next thing i know it's 10:30 lol. Haven't had a nap that good in a while! I prob won't be able to go to bed tonight tho -_-. I think this is the first day recap post that i've ever done, awesome. I don't really have anything else random to blog about today so i'll leave on that note.

P.S. Oh yea and I wanna send a b-day shoutout to my man Zack aka Ziggy aka Mr Towson (lol), happy 19th my dude, hope you have a great one and heres to many more.

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Shining Down on you...

This is a quick post, i'll prob update again later on today but I just had to stop through and drop some hotness on yall. This right here is the chorus to Lupe Fiasco's new single Shining Down off of his new album We Are Lasers. It's sung by Matthew Santos (Superstar, Fighters, Streets on Fire, American Terrorist) and he absolutely KILLS it. The instrumental sounds very epic, I'm really loving what I'm hearing so far. Can't wait to hear the rest of it.

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Random Insomniac Post

wow so it's been a little bit since i've blogged (kinda blown i didn't get my feedback on my song lol, its all good tho i still love yall) and since i can't sleep i thought i'd just blog for the hell of it.

-I dunno about anyone else but i've been maaaaaad sexually frustrated for a good minute now. No sexual interaction ever since my last relationship which was like 5-6 months ago and my last kiss was like....2-3 months ago -_-. Shit's kinda killin me. I'm not saying that i can't live without it because I did for a while it's just that for some reason lately i've just been gettin urges that I don't really get to act on. Shit's killer.

-This dude has a phenomonal voice, craziness. Definately check out his youtube channel cuz his covers are ridiculous

-Heard MF Doom's new CD recently and though i liked it I was a little disappointed by it because it's not up to par with his earlier CDs. It's in no way shape or form a bad CD but it's just a bit of a letdown compared to his previous work. I definately recommend it to newer Doom fans tho, it's a good start off.

-I laugh at horror movies, does that mean i'm psychotic?

-Apparantly a lot of people seem to think i'm older than I really am. It's probably the way I carry myself, I'm 20 years old but with an old soul so i guess that's what does it. Sadly older women don't seem to ever like younger guys (excluding u cougars out there lol).

-I'm really like 2009 so far with the exception of a few things it's kicked some pretty serious ass so far. 2008 was just WHACK as hell for me (bad break-up, my grandmother passing away, close friend of mine passing away, falling out with family, etc etc) so this year is just a giant breath of fresh air because i feel like things are going much better. Let's hope that it stays that way.

-I plan on getting tatted up before summer time. My plan is to have 5-7 tats by the time i declare that i'm done with tats. Each of the tats that i plan on getting bear a significant meaning to me and are parts of who I am as a person today. I look at tattoos from an artistic point of view so i think tats act as a way of telling someone's story. Even drunken mistake tattoos show a part of someone's life when they were reckless. Each one of my tattoos I'll be able to tell anyone who asks about a part of my life that was intergral to molding me into who i am now and who i will grow to be.

-Whatever happened to the Boondocks? I miss that show

-I swear if i ever saw to grandpas goin at it like that i'd laugh myself into a coma lol.

-Do you guys think daydreaming can be considered a hobby? Cuz i do it so often that I believe it is.

-I need a haircut and i need to shave, since winter's over i need to bring my sexy back lol. I keep my scruff on in the winter because all i really care about is stayin warm but once the spring/summer comes it's on like Donkey Kong ya digggg!?

-I hate when girls won't let things move into the relationship stages because they're afraid of "losing a friend as amazing as me". She get's annoying after a while.

-How come friends with benefits never really just stay that way?

-Does the fact that I agree with a lot of what Kanye West has to say make me egotistical too?

-Reality TV is like a car wreck, you wanna look away because it's so gruesome but for some reason you just can't seem to look away. I watch For The Love Of Ray J and Making the Band 4 religiously, i won't lie.

-Apparantly i'm a notorious flirt...and all this time i thought i was just being a nice guy lol.

-Seeing people argue over youtube makes me feel better as a person lol

Well looks like the drowsiness is kickin in now, probably gonna blog again later one today. Hope yall have a good one.

Dueces Up!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lost In Translation

this is a little song and some notes on it that I did recently when I was lost in my own thoughts. I'm thinking about recording it somewhere down the line. lemme know what you guys think and be honest! lol.

“Lost In Translation”
-Auto-tuned vocals to give the song a sort of distorted vibe.
-Funeral/Church organ style instrumental
-As the song goes on, the words get more and more distorted little by little until at the end of the song I’ve become an emotionless drone.
Thoughts (Echo: Thoughts)
Racing through my head (head)
Thousand miles ahead (head)
So many things unsaid (said)
I wish that I was dead (dead)
Or somewhere else instead (stead)
I wish I could retread/from the path that I’ve been lead…But that’s silly right?
How (how)
How did I get here? (here)
What is it that I fear? (fear)
Why’s everything so unclear (clear)
I feel the walls are drawing near/And I got nowhere to escape
Should I just accept fate?

Because I’m lost in translation
A mental vacation
Emotional evacuation
I’m lost in translation (yea)

You (you)
You say that I don’t care (care)
And that I’m never there (there)
And now I’m out your hair (hair)
And now we can’t repair/Whatever we used to have
Oh how I miss the laughs
And now I’m thinking daft (heh)

And now the thoughts (thoughts)
Racing through my head (head)
Leave me full of dread (dread)
Painful things were said (said)
And I wish your were dead (dead)
Or somewhere else instead (stead)
As my heart fills up with lead


And at times I wanna cry
But I’d rather tell you lies
Because baby I’m a man and my pride is where I stand
So I push away your hand…

Racing through my head
Things remain unsaid
Reopened wounds have bled
My mental flight’s hit land
Life returns to bland/And as I move on
I leave my feelings in this song

Forever lost in translation
On a mental vacation
Evacuating emotion
Lost in translation

*instrumental rides out*

Monday, March 23, 2009

There Will Be Tears

There Will Be Tears - Mr. Hudson

i'm in love this song, it's got the whole "Streetlights" by Kanye vibe and it really makes me wanna just walk outside on a damp day and reflect. Do you guys have songs that make u feel like that?

Was talkin to the moms today and it looks like i'll be getting a camera soon so be on the look out for some photography and other projects throughout the 09. I got a lot of stuff in mind ;)

You know what I haven't had in a long time? Pocky, i miss it. I think ima head over to Pandoras sometime soon and get me some. Love the strawberry kind *drools*

This may be news for some of you but i've known for quite a while now. Lupe's no longer retiring (or at least not for a while) and is working on an album called We Are Lasers. According to his twitter is about some repressed highschool outcast shit…blended amidst And He Gets The Girl ambitions, so it'll probably follow a story of a character much like his previous albums. I'm expecting this one to sound like In Search Of by N.E.R.D., thoughts?

I believe that if i wasn't so into film and media, i'd probably take up Psychology or some form of counciling because I always seem to be giving people advice of some sort and the human brain/psyche fascinates me.

Whatever happened to Blockbusters?

You looking at how realistic games look these days I wonder just HOW much more realistic they can get before we become the games ourselves...

Saw Space Jam today for the first time in years, freakin love that movie. One of my faves.

You know what term i despise? "The greatest *blank* of all time". I honestly think that as long as people have their own opionions, likes and dislikes, there will never ever be a "greatest of all time" at anything. There are a lot of greats but can anyone ever be classified THE greatest until their dead? Like look at Tupac and Biggie, they were both greats but greatest rappers of all time? I highly doubt that. I honestly believe that if they were still alive people wouldn't be so quick to call them the greatest of all time. That's just what I think

Not everyone will find these funny but as a comic book geek, I personally find these videos HILARIOUS.

I'm a lil pissed at the bad press Obama's been getting lately for his infamous "special olympics" comment that he made on Jay Leno. Come on ppl, it wasn't even that serious of a statement. It's not like he was even dissing the special olympics he was just comparing his bowling skills to that. I'm sure if Bush or someone said that then nobody would say shit.

Well i think ima call it a night pplz, Shoutouts to Frankie and Josiah (Record the Vision), check out their blogs. Good stuff.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

All Hail Bromance!

Today was a pretty dope day, got some good sleep in today which i've been seriously lacking as of late due to taking a good friend of mine's shifts while he's in Japan, hung out with some real good friends at my boy Audie's house playin video games and talkin about things and say I Love You Man. I knew from the previews that it was gonna be a funny movie but MAN it was sooooooo much funnier than I thought it would be. That whole movie is quotable I swear, your gonna be leaving the theater quoting lines I guran-damn-tee you that. This is the kinda movie you can take a date to see if you want but it's the best if you go with ya close guy friends (for all the dudes out there) cuz it's definately a bromantic movie lol. For all you girls out there I'm not tryna say you guys can't see this either, it's definately funny enough to have anyone of any gender laughing their asses off.

I noticed that I been slacking off when it comes to keepin myself in shape lately (probably because I feel like I have no one to impress) and I really need to get back on that so ima start eating healthier and working out more b4 i lose the 6 pack which is like the only thing i got goin for me lmao.

Have you guys seen that Patrick Ewing Snickers commercial when he dunks on this white kid and the basket explodes? That shit is hilarious!

I need to get back into dating, I kinda miss it and now that i'm fully over my last ex I think it's about time I got back on the market. The kid is back! holla at ya boi ladies ;).

Ughh it's eff 3:52 am, i need to stop stayin out so late seriously lol, I'm outtie yall. Hope everyone's havin a nice night and make the most of the day ahead!

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Kid Cudi Announces his Un-Retirement

Thank ya jesus! Had me scared there for a moment. I can completely understand his reasoning for almost making that decision though, life can get so overwhelming sometimes that we lose sight of the things most important to us. Glad he came to his senses b4 he made a really big mistake though.

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Random Thoughts Post

-I really wanna see this movie, It looks hilarious and I loved these guys in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Bromance is the shit! lol.

-At times he gets on my last nerves but I can't deny Lil Wayne's grind, his ability to make a hit and his skill on the mic (when he's being serious). To me there's three kinds of Lil Wayne song, there's the bullshit/radio friendly song that he seems to frequently make (i.e. Lollipop, Got Money, etc), songs where he raps about nothing but has some really dope punchlines (A Milli, most of his mixtape tracks) and then there's songs where he really sits in the studio and really puts a concept and some time into his music (Shoot Me Down, Dr Carter, etc.). Now we have a new Lil Wayne to deal with, Rockstar Weezy. I won't lie at first i was like everyone else probably was, "This can't be good", but after listening to some of his rock songs i'm actually pleasantly suprised. Of course the songs will never be considered classic rock by anyone, I really like Prom Queen and Hot Revolver. I'm actually kinda excited about his rock CD so I can see what else Weezy comes up with.

-Best Re-runs on television period, I could watch this show every moment of every day. One of the only shows where I like every member of the cast. One day I wanna do my own circle with some friends minus the weed.

-If you know me then you know that I hate Soulja Boy with a PASSION...BUT this song is HILARIOUS!! I laugh everytime i hear it

-Am i the only one that can't get that damn Geico song out of my head? It's so freakin catchy!

-If there's one thing I like about Flo Rida, he's good at what he does and he doesn't try to change that. Right Round is my ish lol.

-I love this woman, Kristen Kreuk needs to hit a brother up, i'd treat u right ;) lol.

Well that's all for now, I'm outtie folks

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Diddy is a FOOL!!!

I was about to go to sleep but I was looking through youtube and remember this video that my boy Zigz showed me earlier today that had me ROLLING. And since this blog is supposed to be geared toward the public i HADE to share this with yall, so here it is...P.Diddy actin a damn fool in the studio.

Man I wanna be having that much fun with my life when i'm older...I'm out.

Dueces Up!


Celeb Crush of the moment

ahh Nicki Nicki Nicki Minaj...I think i love this girl lol. Something about this chick drives me nuts, probably how real she is with herself (from what I seem she even seems like kind of a dork and I seem to go for dorky girls...don't ask) plus the fact that's she's frickin gorgeous. She's not even necessarily my type (hood as ish, heavy partier, heavy drinker, smoker, possible nympho lol) but I got a major crush on this female. I wouldn't date her but...nvm lol. Check below for her version of No Matter What by T.I. called Still I Rise (warning heavy language for the lighter ears).

Dueces Up!


The Death of Adam

I just recently downloaded 88 Key's album, The Death of Album, after seeing the hilarious video to Stay Up (Viagra) featuring him and Mr. Kanye West and I can honestly say that I was pleasantly suprised by the album. It's a very well done and ecclectic album that follows a guy named Adam and his escapades with females from his hood and how a case of "morning wood" becomes the start to one hell of a bad story. At the end of each song the story progesses through an unnamed woman talking as if she were gossiping at the beauty shop which really gives this album a dope movie-like feel. The album spans 14 songs with features from Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Phonte from Little Brother, J*Davey, Redman and Bilal and touches on various topics that all guys can relate to from being stuck in the dreaded "friend zone" to pregnancy scares. All of the tracks are well done but my personal faves are Stay Up, Dirty Peaches, The Friend Zone and M.I.L.F. I recommend this album to hip-hop fans and fans of good music a like.

Aight i'm out, as the song says...Stay Up!


Lark On My Go-Kart

Wass good world, how's everyone's day goin so far?
Mine kinda technically just started, work's whoopin my black ass so I've been exhausted. Finally my body was just like "fuck it" and I slept until 5 lol. I had this reaaalllly weird but scarily realistic dream though. I won't go into detail but one of my really good friends died and it was completely devastating. Most of my dreams don't usually show the aftermath of death but this one did and let's just say it's something that I never hope to relive.
Have yall ever had a dream where a loved one died? Don't you wanna give that person the BIGGEST hug once you wake up just to make sure that it was all just a dream? Hope i'm not the only one...awwwkkwwwaaaard >.> <.<.
Anywayyzz, bored as hell currently watchin re-runs of Smallville and listening to Asher Roth. Check out his new joint "Lark On My Go-Kart", kid is nice.
Well i'm outie for now, sorry for the boring post. Chances are I'll be on again later.

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I swear this is my last post tonight (well techincally this morning) but is just HAD to post this vid. Brooklyn Girls was a dope joint that'll get Mr Hamilton some exposure for sure but this video is what truly showcases his lyrical ability and his skill. The video has a kind of an 8 Mile plus Breakfast Club meets Spike Lee vibe that basically tells the story of Charles and how he hasn't changed from being the "loser" that he was in high school. That's one thing I love about this dude is the fact that no matter how much fame comes to him he never changes who he is, whether you like it or not. If you haven't done so already I DEFINATELY recommend that you check out this mixtapes, especially The Pink Lavalamp (where you'll find the track above), My Brain is Gone, Well Isn't This Awkward and Every Charles Hamilton's Ex Girlfriend's Worst Nightmare (yes it's actually called that). Aight yall i'm outtie, enjoy the music and keep ya heads to the sky

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Buggin 2009

This right here is disgusting. If you've heard the original Buggin Out by A Tribe Called Quest then you'll definately love this remake/tribute to them by two up and coming hip-hop artists Kid Cudi and the much slept on Cons to the Quence. Both rip their verses apart and the dope thing about it is that they both rap their verses in the exact same style as Phife Dawg and Q-Tip rapped theirs on the original. I'm really digging the music scene so far in 09.

P.S. I really hope those statements about Cudi retiring after his debut album change in the near future, We know it's a tough business bruh but you got too much talent to let everything go after just one try man! Things'll always get better.

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Tour of the Fortress

"Head In The Clouds, Feet On The Ground"

Yeo, Marcus aka Kid Prodigy aka Vision.Air.y here and i'd like to welcome you all to the first of many blog posts in the Fortress of Solitude. Now before any of you ask, my meaning for naming this blog My Fortress of Solitude (when i'm obviously blogging to the masses) are for two reasons, 1. Superman was always one of (if not my favorite) superhero of all time, 2. Because I feel that the concept of the most powerful man on the planet having a place where he can espace the world that he has to protect so he can explore himself is genius. As human beings we all have moments where we just wanna run away and go to our "special place" or what have you and I wanna invite you guys into mine. In this blog you'll see me at my highest, my lowest or even my most random. This is your gateway into the mind of a complex young man. Hope you enjoy your stay in the Fortress.

Dueces Up!