Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bebe's kids -_-

Wass good people of earth? It's the kryptonian here. How's everyone's weekend going? Good I hope. Today me and several of my friends were gonna go to the hookah bar (woulda been my first time) but due to several people being late and us getting hungry we decided to just go to eat at the spanish place. I swear the moment we walked into the place, the whole resturant's eyes shifted to us lol. 5 black guys (including our tall ass friend DJ) and 1 small el salvadorian girl, shit was hilarious. I got chicken pupusas *drools* i love me some spanish food when it's made right. So after stuffing our faces and paying we went outside and met up with the people who showed up late. While we were out there talking this tatted up white dude (who kinda looked like Eminem) showed up asking if any of us had a lighter and then started up a convo with us. He was recently in Iraq and was telling us some stories of his experiences there, dude was cool as hell besides the fact that i was about to die from his second hand smoke lol. Then when he left we kept talking and for some reason there were MAD people there that kept either givin us nasty looks or kept intentionally walking inbetween us -_-, but we paid em no mind, just niggas bein niggas. But the moment that killed it all was when these little ass bebe's kids motherfuckers walked inbetween us grittin HARD AS HELL, pushed one of my friends aside and asked us wat the fuck we were starin at! REALLY??!? These kids were like 7 years old tryna get buck with grown people! I swear it took all my restraint not to take off my belt and give those lil ass kids the whoopin that their parents CLEARLY weren't givin em. That brings me to a realization, kids these days suck! And sadly is mostly because of the world that their surrounded by. I remember back when I was growing up it was all about having as much fun as I could and not really having a care in the world. Everything was so dope when I was younger growin up in the 90s. Cartoons were better, kids wasn't tryna be all hard, cooties was still in effect (lol), it was just all about fun! Now kids are grownin up WAY too fast and it's gettin kinda scary. When i walk down the street and can't tell whether a girl is 14 or 18 then something's SERIOUSLY wrong. But once again i can't exactly blame em because a lot of things are so negative now. It's just sad to see young boys nowadays thinkin it's cool to be gangaffiliated and girls thinking that they gotta be "sexy" when their that young. We need to bring back that positivity that i used to remember back in the 90s because this shit is ridiculous. Thanks for bearing with me while i ranted lol isn't exactly the return blog that i'd hope it'd be lol. Hope you all had a great day and a great rest of the weekend. Until next time, Rock on from Krypton.

Shoutouts to all my followers, yall are all dope as hell!

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(Quick Update)

I JUST saw this and it after i picked my jaw up off of the ground i HAD to post this. This dude is a BEAST! I wanna work with him one day if i'm lucky enuff to become a legit director or actor

Deathnote + MF Doom = Win

Currently i don't have a whole lot to blog about because life's been pretty chill and copacetic for your's truly lately but i did wanna share this with yall. As somewhat of a nerd i'm a semi-fan of anime and I saw this AMV (Anime Music Video) earlier today featuring the song "Trap Doors" by MF Doom and I HAD to show this. Video is almost perfectly synched with the lyrics and Deathnote is a dope ass anime. That's all i got for now but hopefully i'll be back soon with some more interesting stuff lol. Rock on from Krypton

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Why are you so Paranoid?

I been waiting for this video to come out for months. I saw a rough draft version of it a little while back and apparantly this is the final version of the video. Am I fully satisfied with it? No, I really think that they could've done more with the video and how they bring the words to life. Do i still love it and find it dope? Hell yes! While definately not my favorite Kanye video, the Rihanna cameo was pretty genius especially after what she's been through and It's still better than most videos out there currently. Hope yall enjoy it. Rock on From Krypton

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So I ready Kanye's most recent blog and apparantly the video for Paranoid that leaked recently isn't the real thing but actually an older draft. A refrence video of sorts. So I wanna apologize for feeding false info to yall, when the real video drops i'll hit yall with that. Duece

Monday, May 25, 2009

My Jam of the Moment

I heard this song for the first time earlier today and I haven't stopped listening to it since. The vibe of the song is made positive and I love how the Black Eyed Peas kinda adopted the whole Daft Punk Discovery-era sound for the track. Definately my favorite current Black Eyed Peas song, kinda reminds me of summer love.

I've noticed that my blog following has grown recently and I definately wanna say that I greatly appreciate it. I know that I haven't been blogging for that long but you guys still seem to love my blog, it gives me a reason to keep coming back here and feeding yall more lol. For the one's who've been here since the beginning MUCH MUCH love to you guys and for those that are just getting here and for those to come I thank you much and look forward to you guy's input on my thoughts. You guys are the best. Until next post, Rock on from Krypton.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'm feelin "Hood" lol

I was bored and was in kind of a "ridin through the hood" mood and so i started thinking of songs I would always listen to when I was in a real gutta hip-hop mood and i thought i'd share em with ya. I HATE Plies but this one song I always thought was dope and the video i really like because of how cinematically grimey it is. Almost looks like a movie. Plus Trey Songz is my fave singer. The Jeezy joint is my favorite Young Jeezy song, the beat is CRAZY and he spits some hot stuff on this one. Next up is Patiently Waiting which definately is one of 50's best songs EVER, I miss this 50 Cent. And lastly, probably the hardest G-Unit joint that I've heard since Beg For Mercy. The Mechanic showcases the G-Unit I used to know and love, grimey ass beat and ruthless lyrics. Tell me that you don't hear the beat and don't find urself bobbin ya head. There's alot more but i don't wanna bore yall with a bunch of random videos i was just feelin bored and thought i'd share. Till next time, Rock on from Krypton.

Oh and before I forget, check out Theophilus London's JAM! Mixtape. Definately a quality listen for people that love innovative hip-hop. (Thanks for the recommend Perla,,check her blog out it's pure dopeness and she's purty =D lol)

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Flat Booty Hoes, Douchebags and Wilson

Wass good people of earth you already know who it is and today I'm comin at yall with a little update about my weekend. Yesterday me and a group of friends headed out to Ocean City for a day trip. Got up at 3:50 am to get myself together (i've NEVER gotten up that early out of my own will lol) and then around 4:45 i got picked up by my friend Rachel and we picked up Jhovi and Zack before meeting up with the other people we were going with. It was so weird not seeing any cars on the roads but peaceful at the same time lol. We got up there around 8-9ish after stopping at Panera Bread for breakfast (which was whack as shit lol) and headed straight for the beach where i was instantly reminded why i don't go to them often lol. I fuckin hate sand -_-, blows my day. Swam around and acted like asses for about 2 hours and then we just chilled and relaxed out in the sun before we headed to the boardwalk. I'd been to the boardwalk several times before but never in the summer so I expected to find mad girls in skimpy outfits lookin all sexy but man was i wrong -_-. There were girls but like 98% of em were white (not that I have a problem with that), overly tanned with flat booties and hanging out with douchebag types. You kno the time that I'm talking about, guy's that say "brah" after like every word, go to the beach to play volleyball with a bunch of their other dudes, obnoxiously loud, walk around with their shirts off to show off their dumbass japanese kanji tattoos (which they most likely don't know what they mean). I hate those kinda guys (which is probably why i don't even bother to go to college house parties or frat parties). They day goes by and we walk the entire length of the boardwalk (which really is just a bunch of the same stores repeating themselves with different names) and then walked back to play some arcade games before heading out around 5. Before heading back home we went to this pizza place called the Dough Roller which was aight and then we headed back. I didn't get in till about 11-12 and I don't remember much after that lol. All i know is I woke up the next day and it was 1pm lol. Overall it was a pretty cool day and i was definately nice to get away and have a change of scenary. Ima show off a few pix that I took of the trip if u wanna see more hit me up on facebook and look for Marcus D. Fiasco.

A few other random tidbits:

-I'm not gonna post it on my blog because too many people have already done it but have yall seen Charles Hamilton get clock square in the jaw by his ex-jumpoff/manager? That was hilarious. I'm glad Charles kept his cool and didn't hit her back though, he gets points from me for that.

-One of my favorite shows, So You Think You Can Dance?, is back on television. I am SO happy! Me and my dude Jhovi (the guy in the pic with the ball and the last pic) may try out for the show one day. We shall see...

-I heard that Amber Rose and Kanyeezy broke up recently after Kanye found out that she was creepin on him with Cassidy while he was away in Hawaii workin on Jay's new album. *shakes head* poor Yeezy, is that dude ever gonna find happiness? I kinda hope he makes a song about it because i STILL bang 808s & Heartbreak.

-I saw this video today on Kanye's blog and i thought it was a really dope concept. If yall didn't know this already Chris Milk is the man behind Kanye's Jesus Walks video and some of Obama's campaign photos. Dude is dope.

Last Day Dream [HD] from Chris Milk on Vimeo.

Well yall i'm out for now, hope everyone's had a great weekend. Here's to a pleasant tomorrow. Rock on from Krypton

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Don't Be Such A Debbie Downer

This is one of the funniest SNL skits that i've ever seen. We all have friends or family members that never seem the fail at being the biggest buzzkill in the happiest moments. Best part about this skit is how the actors keep trying not to laugh at the trumpet noise and by the end of the skit they're just cracking up. I love that shit cuz it shows that they're enjoying what they're doing as much as the audience. So check it out for a nice laugh. Rock on from Krypton

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shower Epiphany

Before you get any kinda thoughts in your head it's not watchu think lol. I actually do honest thinking in the shower, It's like my place to relax and think. I was randomly thinking and you know how people used to ask the question "If you could have any superpower what would it be and why?". That used to be a real popular question and I remember growing up I would always say i would want the power to steal other peoples powers. I realize that I would say that because I was trying to figure out who I was and I would always try and try on personas or be like everyone else and so it was obvious that I would answer that way. Now that I've grown up and established myself a little when approached with that question I realize that I choose "Flight" because now that I've fully realized the vastness of my dreams I wanna fly to the top of the world and beyond. I know it's pretty random but I just thought I'd share that with yall, it is a blog after all lol.

-Here's a little music for your ears, new Linkin Park called New Divide which is most likely the theme for the new Transformers movie. Very epic sounding.

-I been listening to Lupe's old mixtapes all day and I forgot how long he's been in the game and how dope his mixtapes were. Check em out if you haven't, definately quality hip-hop.

Well that's all I really came to say so ima take my leave, take it easy earthlings! Rock on from Krypton.

P.S. oh yea before i forget, Frankie i need to do sumthin about ur comments cuz they need to come back ASAP! lol.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sherlock Holmes

*sigh* So many movies, so little money lol. 09 has been a good year so far for the movie industry and as the year presses on it seems like we've got more movies to look forward too. This being one of them. I always though that Sherlock Holmes was dope (Tell me you didn't watch the Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century cartoon way back!) and so i will DEFINATELY be going to see this. Rock on from Krypton!

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Boredom Strikes Back: The Revenge of the Jedi

Wat it do people of Earth it's everyone's 2nd favorite Kryptonian comin back with another blog post. Reason i've been doin more short posts than long ones lately is basically because currently i was running out of things to blog about! lol. But now i feel like i got enough material so here i go!

-I recently FINALLY gave in a got a haircut, i feel so refreshed now lol

-Asian gameshows are SO much better than American ones. Even though I can't always understand them I always find myself entertained by the crazy things that they find themselves doing. If you're bored and have nothing better to do i definately recommend Gaki no Tsukai (The Don't Laugh Show) and Human Tetris. Here's a preview of Human Tetris below:

-I just recently heard that the rapper Dolla behind Who the Fuck is that feat T-Pain was recently shot and killed recently over a female -_- *sigh*. I never really liked his music but I never like to hear about people getting killed so RIP Dolla, hope things are goin well on the otherside.

-Now yall know i'm a big music buff, so recently I was listenin to this one song called Leavin by Jesse McCartney and i kinda liked it so i thought i'd go check out his whole album (i do that now if i find a song or two that I like by the artist) and Ima tell you straight up i think that his album Departure is dope. Probably the best pop album i've heard since Futuresex/LoveSounds. Check it out and tell me what you think. Here's my fave song off the album:

-I recently heard a very lowcut rip of Lupe's new single Shining Down and it's a banger (as to be expected), when the CD Quality version drops i will definately be posting it for yall to hear.

-Does anyone still find Angelina Jolie attractive? I know i still do, I was watching Wanted the other day for like the 5000th time and she still has it to me. Just something about the way she carries herself is so sexy.

-I put this in a recent post but i dunno if anyone saw it so ima re-post it. I've been banging this song on a constant basis lately, makes me wanna hit up the club and do the robot XD.

- Ain't it sad sometimes that u realize that some of ur fave rappers will never be able to achieve the same success that they did when they first came out? (i.e. Nas, Busta Rhymes, most rappers that came out in the 90s) and some rappers/artists that don't really deserve it are getting made album sales (i.e. Soulja Boy, Shawty Lo, Lil Boosie, etc.). It's a damn shame really.

-Speaking of Soulja Boy, seems the lil negroid is runnin his mouth without thinking ONCE again. First he said that Nas killed Hip-Hop a while back (still makes me laugh) and now he's sayin that Drake has step his "high yella" game up if he wants to take Soulja Boy's spot in the game. Really?? Drake is sellin out shows currently off of the strength of his MIXTAPE! Dude doesn't even have an album out and he's already one of the most loved and critically acclaimed rappers out there so if u ask me he's already got ur spot homie. How bout you go home and try and make up another dumbass dance to try and make yourself hot again.

-I was reading one of people's blogs today and she pointed out something that I thought I only realized. Drake looks kinda funny XD. Dude is a monster musically but the way that his face is shaped is kinda weird, the way she put it "He looks like a guy with down syndrome in a sexy way" XD. That's hilarious

-I recently went to the air show at Andrew's Air Force Base and I gotta tell you, that was SO cool lol. I felt like i was a little kid again. The things that those pilots do in those planes is crazy and I can't even imagine how hard it must be to pull that kinda stuff out without completely screwing up. I definately recommend that you hit up an airshow one day, it's dope stuff.

-Have you guys heard that Nick Cannon is trying to get at Eminem because of a song off of his new album that allegedly "bashes" his wife Mariah Carey? Now i've heard of trying to be strong for your woman and all but homie that is career SUICIDE to try and get at Eminem. Luckily for Nick, Em's chosen to take the high road and "kinda" apologize. Let's just u kno wat? I hope Nick Cannon makes a song, I miss Eminem destroying careers and crushin dreams.

-I forgot how dope John Legend is. I've been listening to all 3 of his albums all weekend and that dude is one talented and smooth mofo. If you haven't heard all of his albums, DO IT NOW!! *arnold schwarzenagger voice*

-After a conversation with a female friend i've come to the realization that I have no game whatsoever lol. It's not because i'm whack or anything it's because i'm a really genuine dude so I'm not the type to go out collecting numbers and then deleting em like a week later. If i say that I wanna get to know you it's because I honestly do and that's just how I am. Unfortunately to some girls a guy with no game is a waste of time *shakes head*.

-Rihanna's looking pretty ridiculous these days, i no longer find her sexy

-Serena Williams kinda scares me lol, I'm not that big i'm only like 5'10-5'11 and like 165-170 lbs. That woman would eat me for breakfast!

-You know who's a sexy couple? Reggie Bush and Kim K, they've gotta be one of the most well put together couples i've seen in a good minute. Let's hope Reggie doesn't mess up like Ray J did.

-Speaking of Ray J, APPARENTLY he's creepin on Cocktail w/ Tila Tequila. Talk about downgrade, that's a damn shame if it's true. It's ok Cocktail, i'll treat ya good ;).

-Do you guys think Nicki Minaj has the potential to be another female great in hip-hop? I'm unsure. While she's a dope rapper (don't believe me? check out her mixtapes) but something tells me that the day of the successful female rap artist are over. If you wanna succeed in the music game these days as a female u gotta sing sadly.

-"Sexting" resulted in a girl commiting suicide recently, why are so many people dying for crazy reasons lately? Shit's getting depressing. SAVE US OBAMA! SAVE US JEBUS!!! lol. I'm terrible i know

-It's been 2 weeks since the season and supposed "series" finale of Scrubs and I'm STILL blown that it may be over. Well at least i've got assloads of old episodes to watch.

-I don't know if any of you watch Saturday Night Live as religiously as I do but the season finale last saturday with Will Ferrell as the host was one of the funniest episodes that i've seen in the last year. They brought back a lot of his famous skits (George Bush and one of my all time faves Celebrity Jeopardy) and Will Ferrell is just always hilarious. Here's a taste of what some of you missed out on. well never mind because my computer's bein a bitch -_-. I'll try and find the link later and post it.

Well i gotta head out to the dentist's for a check up -_-, hope yall have a good rest of the day. until next time, Rock on from Krypton.

Oh yea and a HUGE congrats goin out to my dude Wale on the launch of his clothing line, knew u could do it bruh!

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Top 60 Ghetto Names

Some people my find this video offensive but i find this shit utterly HILARIOUS!!! I almost died watchin this video because i've heard several of these names and it baffles me as to why parent's would put their children through this lol. Watch all the way to the end for something u probably weren't expecting XD. Aight yall i'll be back soon with a longer blog post but i just had to put this up lol. Rock on from Krypton

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-Quick Blog Edit-

Recently saw this video and I already liked the song but the video only enhances it's effect. Very uplifting and inspirational video coming from Ace Hood (who i still think is the best thing to come out of DJ Khaled's We The Best label) feat Akon & T-Pain. definately check it out especially if you need a pick me up

Thursday, May 14, 2009

And the Saga Begins

Ey yo it's everyone's favorite Kryptonian here to promote a very good friend of mine's clothing line that's making it's first official drop today at noon. I've put his site up a few times before but it might've been lost in my long ass posts lol. Be sure to check him out at and show him support and love if ur feeling his stuff. Many thanks goin out to yall. Rock on from Krypton

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P.S. Oh yea before i forget yall gotta hear this song, it's my new jam. Shit is ridiculous.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Don't say you will...unless you will

I'm in kind of a dark mood right now due to circumstances that I don't really wanna go into but if you listen to this song then you'll understand. I relate to about 90% of this song real shit...

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Monday, May 11, 2009

For all you Mother Lovers out there

Ladies and Gentlemen, i present to you the sequel to Dick in A Box...Mother's Day, Mother Lover. I'm mad i'd be jammin to this song if i came on the radio lol. Rock on from Krypton

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Friday, May 8, 2009

I'm Having A Relapse

Wass good people of earth I come with a review of Eminem's new album Relapse. Now to all you big hip-hoppers out there (like myself) you may have heard that his album fully leaked recently online and so i went to d/l it. The way i approach album releases is I d/l em when they leak and then depending on how dope it is then i'll go drop money on it. I've dropped money too many times on whackass albums and with he recession going on you gotta be smart with your money ya dig? So anyways I d/l'd it last night and listened to it all the way through and I honestly have to say that this is Em's BEST full out album maybe just under The Eminem Show. I can personally tell you that Eminem personally leaked his most skipworthy tracks (though 3AM is dope as hell) and saved his best stuff for the album. Eminem has definately matured as an artist and it shows in his delivery, wordplay and his ability to switch up his flow several times throughout the album. Most of the album follows Eminem's battle with drugs and his psycho alter ego, Slim Shady, and the skits on the album only help to enhance the story and bring the tracks together as a whole. The production value on this album is top notch with classic Dre style beats with kind of a rockstar edge to them that will have your neck hurting from nodding so hard and a few tracks produced by Em who has also really stepped up his production game. I won't go into a full track by track review because i don't wanna spoil the experience for you but I will tell you the stand out tracks for me.

Stand Out Tracks: (3AM will be excluded because it's already been put out)
Beautiful (a more serious and deep song similar to Toy Soldiers and songs like that backed by a dope Queen sample)

Must Be The Ganja (the instrumental has a real funky sounding synth as Em raps about being influenced by "the Ganja")

Bagpipes from Baghdad (though the subject matter in this song is silly, the production on this track is ridiculous)

Deja Vu (Eminem showcases his storyteller side on this one)

Insane (This track will bring you back to Em's Marshall Mathers LP days)

Stay Wide Awake (Eminem showcases some of his best wordplay on the entire album backed by a dark and somewhat chilling instrumental)

Underground (Eminem's most epic sounding song since White America, Mr Mathers tears this song APART lyrically and shuts up anyone who doubted that he still had it in him)

Medicine Ball (Em once again shows some impressive wordplay over a militant sounding beat)

As a whole this album fits together and flows really well and I can safely say that Eminem has not disappointed his fans that have waited years to hear him rock the mic again. I give Relapse a 4.75/5 (only because of average tracks that didn't stand up to the rest of the songs on the album). Till next time, Rock on from Krypton.

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Thursday, May 7, 2009


If there was even another reason that I needed to want Em's new album, he drops this song Beautiful. One of, if not Em's deepest song to date. Em is a master when it comes to wordplay and flow but there are those rare moments where he calms all of that down and let's everyone see Marshall Mathers for the man he really is and it's moments like this where Eminem truly shines. Definately my favorite song to come out off of Relapse so far. I'll definately be buying this when it comes out.

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Mental Diahrrea

Wass good blogspot pplz? Apparantly a bunch of yall are takin breaks from the bloggin world and some of yall haven't even commented on one of my posts *shakes head at you*, but Ima still keep this thing movin because over the past couple of days i've seen and done things but been to lazy to blog about em so ima just do one mass random post right now.

-before i get into anything major check out my boy Wale's page,, he's got a clothing like called Connoisseurs dropping real soon and he's got some real dope stuff on the way. the online store should be up by the 15th and definately look out for more stuff throughout the summer and fall. Show him some love!

-I have a new favorite movie, it's called RocknRolla and it's dope as all hell. I've got kind of a thing for british cinema now, especially Guy Ritchie films, because they're just so fuckin cool. You guys should definately check RocknRolla and Snatch out.

-If i could change anything about myself i'd give myself a british accent because they're so dope.

-Downloaded The Cool Kids new mixtaped with DJ Cannon called Gone Fishing and it's pretty dope. Typical Cool Kids ish which isn't a bad thing at all. Check it out if your into them.

-I normally don't like The Dream that much but his song Hater off his new album is my shit!

-I've officially watched the 3AM video like a bajillion times and it's still as badass as it was when I first saw it.

-My brother recently got some D&G shoes and they are UGLY AS SIN!!!! It's beyond me what's so great about all these weird ass "high fashion" clothes. I mean some of em look cool but i'd never be caught dead in em. Give me a dope hoodie or bubble vest, a graphic tee, some slim fit jeans, nikes or chucks and i'm good to go!

-Because Wolverine kinda disappointed me I'm really hoping that Star Trek'll be as dope as the reviews are saying it is. Let's hope

-I recently watched the most disturbing move that I've ever's called Teeth and all i gotta say i will say in the form of a mathmatical equation. Vagina + Teeth = WTF SON?!!?

- I've been scruffy as hell lately and for some reason people like it. I'm in dire need of a haircut tho

-I've eaten cereal more than anything lately. I'm one a Crunch Berries and Fruit Loops diet =D

-I'm really looking forward to the summer because I've got some things that I plan to do with some friends that i'll keep on the hush but they should be pretty cool if they work out. I'll keep yall posted

-I'm currently jobless. Due to some crazy shit that has gone on the last few weeks I had to call out like 3 times and that made me look bad business-wise so they had to let me go. So right now i'm back to broke and not happy about it -_-....well...back to the job hunt.

-Despite the fact that my dumbass still has feelings for my ex, I miss being in a relationship. I kinda wanna get into something with someone I can vibe with and take things slow. we'll see what turns up this summer

-I really hope Scrubs isn't over now because I'm addicted to that show. It's like crack

-Eminem's album is now the album that i'm most looking forward to hearing this year. I was iffy about We Made You (i'm usually iffy about Em's first singles) then 3AM shut me up and Old Time's Sake made me feel like I was listening to one of his old Dre collabos on The Eminem Show (one of my favorite albums of all time). Just recently I heard two more snippets off his album which sound REALLY dope. Em's album is shaping up to hopefully be what everyone's been waiting for. Not sure it'll make the usual Eminem numbers though only because of how CD sales have been suffering for the past few years. Lupe Fiasco's Lasers is my most anticipated after that.

-This is HILARIOUS!!!

-Speaking of swine flu, moment of silence to the first death in the US via swine flu, 33 year old school teacher Judy Trunnell......end of days people....

-On a lighter note, pictures of Cassie's titties have surfaced on the internetz and she's got nipple piercings! =D. I don't what it is about celebrity titties but it's a higher caliber of titty than regular porno titty. I would post em on here but I'm not tryna get in trouble so i'll just post the link.

-Rick Ross recently fired some shots Eminem recently in a video calling him a honkey. Two things, who the hell calls people racial slurs anymore? Come on now Ross. And secondly, of all the people to try and start shit with you pick EMINEM!?! Dude you must seriously be letting this new album success go to your head because Eminem would destory you're entire career if he decides to respond (which i kinda hope he does just because it's fun hearing Em tear people apart). Ross needs to learn from Ja Rule and just needs to back down before he gets squashed.

- Is it ok to like Chris Brown again? I feel like what happened was almost like some sort of a fad. I'm pretty much over the whole situation and Rihanna seems fine so it's w/e to me.

-Has anyone heard about this thing called Niggabook? it's like facebook for niggas...I don't know why but I find that HILARIOUS!

-Why do celebrities always seem to end up on drugs? What's the point?

- Wat in the fuck is that?! The things famous people get away with wearing i swear

- Girls with nice legs may be my new biggest turn on

- Remember the days when Lil Kim was fine and didn't look like a Bratz Doll?...ah those were the days

- This used to be my jam, the video is still dope to this day. Hype is a beast.

Well my mind's drawin a blank for more stuff to blog about right now so ima leave it right here. Until next time earthlings, have a great day and Rock on from Krypton.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Please Excuse My Geek

The geek in me is jumping for joy right now while my wallet is crying like a bitch. Enjoy!

Dueces Up!

P.S. where has everything been lately? Blogspot's all dead lol. Hope everyone's ok!


Monday, May 4, 2009

One of the greatest moments in Cinema

Watch more Megavideo videos on AOL Video

and you thought YOU went hard?

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Saturday, May 2, 2009




But ya gotta have faith!

-I don't care what nobody says...this is my JAM!

-Do you're friends dance? Cuz if your friends then their no friends of mine! Lmao don't mind me yall I'm just in a random mood right now. Oh yea before I go, I wanna welcome my newest follower Princess to the blog. Hope you enjoy my posts, i'd love to hear ur feedback! I'm outie pplz. Rock on from Krypton

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Wolverine and Butthash

Movie of the year so far? Not quite, good comic book movie? yes, what I expected? not so much. So yea i went to see Wolverine with a bunch of friends yesterday at around 6 and each of us went in with different expectations. Some high, some low but all interested in seeing the end result. They showed some DOPE previews, especially the new trailers for Transformers 2 *jizz in my pants* and Terminator: Salvation *jizz in my pants once more* which i will DEFINATELY be seeing in the coming weeks. Now going into the theater I was most just hoping that they truly did Wolverine justice and showcases how he truly became the man that he is today. Now while they did a pretty good job at that (the first half of the movie showing his days in wars and Weapon X were done well) I feel that there was a lot that was left alot and there were often times where I was wondering why in the hell he was doing what he was doing. Another problem that I had with the movie is that some characters had no reason being there (Cyclops never met Wolverine or Sabertooth when he was a teen) and some weren't used as well as I would've hoped (*cough*Gambit*cough*). Also there was a lot of parts in the movie that were just so ridiculous that I couldn't help but laugh. The movie did have some great points as well tho. Hugh Jackman is by far the best thing that has happened to Wolverine media wise. He really makes you believe that he's Logan and really puts himself into the role. The one sequence when he gets the adamantium bonded to his bones is especially memorable. Also Deadpool was done complete justice until the end. Not trying to spoil anything but ima just say that Deadpool shouldn't be doing some things -_-. Overall this movie was in a way a disappointment but as a whole it was a solid and overall satisfying movie. I give it a B/B-.

In other news, check THIS shit out (no pun intended)

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