Thursday, September 10, 2009

Love Maybe?

As humans we are very contradictory creatures. Especially when emotions are involved. We smile to mask pain, We attack to cover up insecurity, We’d rather get caught in a lie a million times rather than face the overwhelming power of the truth once. In matters of the heart things only continue to get more complicated. So many rules, mindsets, preferences, borders, etc just to be happy. To ascend to the infamous Cloud 9. But once we obtain that happiness our humanity kicks in and we find away to sabotage the good. We frantically search for the bad because we’re so used to it that we find some sick security in the fact that it exists. Because let’s face it we wouldn’t be humans without “the bad”. So we’ll push away the light just to run back into the darkness only to repeat the process again and again. And of course we believe that what we’re doing is right, why? Because it’s all we know. We’ve been surrounded by examples and experiences filled with negativity so of course we’re gonna follow that path. Heh…sadly though, once we realize just what it is that we’ve been doing…it’s already too damn late. Once we suddenly have that ill-timed epiphany we start on a never-ending journey to recapture that light that we cast aside for the familiarity of darkness. It’s sad that when we decide to take risks it’s always much later than we should’ve.

Is true love really letting go of something and hoping it falls into the right hands later? Or is true love a much more selfish feeling? Maybe TRUE love is chasing after that one thing even for an eternity until it’s in your hands again. Maybe that love is true because you know in you’re heart that there’s no one on the planet that would do the things you do for that person…

…but then again maybe true love is just letting go…
Who am I to decide?
I’m just a joker on the stage singing the blues.

Dueces Up!



  1. Wow Marcus you've really like matured and shi*. (lol) this is SO real.

    By the way I'M BACK! Sort of ...

  2. FRANKIE!!!!! Welcome back! i've missed u =D