Saturday, August 7, 2010

Charlie St. Cloud = B/B-

Zac Efron is a name that will always be associated with the tween phenomenon/abomination known as High School Musical, and while I hated that whole franchise with a burning passion there was always something about Zac that made me curious. A little while after HSM ended for good, he stared in a movie called 17 Again which I decided to check out on DVD and actually turned out to be surprisingly good, which only further fueled my curiousity as it if Zac could end up being a credible actor one day. So recently his movie Charlie St. Cloud came out in theaters and I decided to go see it with my girlfriend to see once and for all if this kid was the real deal or not and after watching it I'm definitely sold on him as an up and coming actor. At first glance Charlie St. Cloud finds Zac Efron in a familiar place, as a pretty face with a bright future who is envied by few and loved by many, none moreso than his little brother Sam, with whom he makes a certain pact that plays a huge part in the movie. The two are inseparable and share a bond that is seemingly unbreakable. That bond is truly put to the test when one night while Charlie is driving his little brother to a friends house they are hit by a drunk driver and then by a truck. Charlie flatlines but is revived by one of the paramedics in the back of an ambulance only to look over and see his brother Sam dead on the stretcher next to him. At the funeral as Sam's casket is being lowered Charlie is asked to throw in Sam's favorite baseball glove and ball but refuses to do this and runs to the place where he and Sam first made their pact. Broken and confused he falls to his knees only to look up and see Sam standing there waiting for him to honor their pact. 5 years passes and see an older Charlie working at a graveyard (most likely to stay close to his brother's spirit) making sure that the headstones stay clean. Charlie while more mature is also a little darker and more brooding now as it is quite obvious that he hasn't gotten over the guilt he feels about his brother's death. From this moment on the movie takes on a more supernatural tone with Charlie encountering several other spirits of the deceased while he tries to stay loyal to his little brother. But their bond slowly becomes fractured when a girl from Charlie's old high school re-emerges. I won't go any deeper into the story because it'd completely ruin some things. Charlie St. Cloud is a film that is a drama through and through but the supernatual elements confuse the story sometimes and leave several plot holes. Also there are times that it tries a little too hard to tug on your heart strings and ends up coming off as cheesy. But aside from those few gripes I honestly enjoyed this film, mostly because of the strong performance from Zac Efron. He shows a lot of growth of maturity in this role while still maintaining his awkward charm and the looks that made him a favorite amongst females. He actually kind of reminded me of James Dean in this role as he gave off a sort of mysterious and rebellious vibe in the film. He also has great onscreen chemistry with the female lead and his little brother. All in all I would recommend this movie to at least be viewed when it comes out on DVD if only just to witness Zac Efron's performance that will surely launch his career as a serious actor. Hope I didn't ramble on too long lol, till next post. Rock on from Krypton

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  1. He must be pretty good if he sparked a full-on blog post from you. lol

  2. I never took zac efron seriously but I do want to see that movie

  3. I hate the little s**t! My mrs loved the film but I didnt think much to it at all. Enjoyed reading your posts. Please take a look at mine if you get the chance mate.

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  7. Thank you! That is the best movie!