Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Sooooooooo I've been neglecting my blogger lately for 2 reasons. 1 cuz I've been too busy to talk about anything on here and 2 because of tumblr. It's engulfed my life and it won't let me go lol. One of these days I'll have something really meaningful to say on here but till then....go follow me on tumblr lmao.

www.mrsnesbitt07.tumblr.com (yes it says mrs nesbitt lol)


  1. Calling all Mad Men fans!

    I have entered a contest to win a walk-on role on the retro-licious show "Mad Men".

    If you would take two seconds to vote for me, I would really appreciate it. Just go to my blog, or use this link to go straight to my photo page.


    Thanks a bunch!

  2. Lol thats kool everybody's been getting a tumblr lately, don't abandon us tho! =P

  3. Hello....

    God wants to hear from you....

    Where have you been?
    Time to reconsider what is precious and get back to Jesus!!!

  4. So... I guess you're done with blogger.

  5. Oh no :( Blogger is muck better, please come back ;)

    /S / http:// mydarlingsolitude.blogspot.com

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