Monday, February 22, 2010

Crazy 8's

8 Shows I love to watch:

. Scrubs

. Family Guy

. So You Think You Can Dance

. Heroes

. Supernatural

. Smallville

. White Collar

. Entourage

8 Favorite places to eat and drink


. Silver Diner

. Fridays

. Chipotle

. Applebees

. Starbucks

. McDonalds

. Olive Garden

8 things I look forward to

. Becoming a successful Actor/Director

. Traveling the world

. My friends being successful as well and celebrating with them

. Finding the right one

. Great movies coming out this year

. Great music coming this year

. My first movie premiere

. Settling down

8 things that happened yesterday

. Woke up

. brushed my teeth

. played Bayonetta

. hung out with Jazzy, listened to Korean music and watched stupid videos on youtube

. Ate cookies

. watched TV

. showered

. went to sleep

Things I love about winter

. How peaceful it is outside the morning after it's snowed all night and the snow's still fresh

. Dope winter fashion

. Winter sales

. the occassional snowball war

. Winter break

. The movies that come out during the winter season

. sleeping next to the heater

. ummm...that's about it

8 things on my wishlist

. A new job

. a new camera

. a tattoo

. an audition

. leather jacket

. ummmmm

. uhhhhh

. can't think of anything else right now

8 things i'm passionate about

. Film

. Music

. Dance

. Friends and Family

. My personal beliefs

. Reaching my dreams

. Being different and unique

. Respect

8 words/phrases I use often

. Whatever

. Nigga and all different pronunciations of the word lol

. Dope

. Nothin much

. Wass good

. Dork

. riiiiiiight

. does it look like i give a fuck?

8 things I have learned from the past

. Love isn't blind it's just very fickle

. Happiness more dangerous than any of the other emotions

. Popularity lasts for a moment but real friends stay there forever

. Girls never truly know what they want until they're much older

. Girls love fast, guys love hard

. If you don't believe in something, you'll fall for anything

. Everything in this world can't be explained by logic

. If you're fine with who you are then whatever anyone else says or thinks about you won't mean anything.

8 places I would love to see/visit

. South Korea

. UK

. Italy

. France

. California

. New York

. Japan again

. Hawaii

8 things I currently want/need

. A new job

. more paitience

. a tattoo

. a role in a production even if it's a really small one

. a girl that i can click with on a non friend level

. more maturity

. some sour patch kids lol

. peace with a certain issue

Rock on from Krypton

Dueces Up!


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  1. "Love isn't blind it's just very fickle" like that!