Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Music Keeps Me Sane

So I live in Maryland and as most of you know the whole East Coast got blasted recently by Snowtorious B.I.G. (or Snowmageddon if you like) and Maryland was one of the states to get hit the hardest. Because of this I can't really go outside to do anything but shovel so my day's have been spent inside practically rooting and resisting cabin fever. Only thing that are keeping me sane are movies and music and I thought I'd post a few songs that I've had on repeat during this time.

The first is called "What U Want" by Lupe Fiasco and it's a recently leaked song off of Lasers (Sorry Lupe!). The moment the beat hits you can immediately tell that this will be a very mellow song and it is in fact one of Lupe's most chill songs. Lupe puts on his best Cudi impression and kind of sing-raps his way through the song telling the story of a conflicted young woman living in the nightlife. Now according to Lupe the song is a unfinished version but nonetheless it's a dope song that along with Shining Down and I'm Beamin will continue to tie me over till Lasers drops.

The second song is called "Burial" from one of my new favorite bands Miike Snow. The band premiered on the scene in 2009 and is made up of Bloodshy & Avant (the producers behind Britney Spears smash "Toxic") and the lead singer Andrew Wyatt. The band is under the genre of Indie-pop but they definitely have some Electronic influence in there as well. Burial is my favorite of all of their songs and has been on constant repeat on my ipod.

And last but not least is "Flashback" by Calvin Harris aka the King of Electro-Pop. Calvin Harris is another one of my new favorite artists and his album Ready For The Weekend is one of the most fun and danceable albums that I've heard in a while. I decided to put the video up because I thought it was a dope video and can really give you a good visual to go with the song's story. I definitely have to see this guy live one day.

Well that's all I have for now, don't be surprised if another post like this pops up if this snow doesn't clear up soon -_-. Hope you guys enjoy the tunes, till next time Rock on from Krypton

Dueces Up!



  1. 1. I would love 2.

    2. your taste in music is like perfection. Miike<3 I saw them back in sweden once a few years ago. love.

  2. Depends. Do you have any wishes?