Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Memories Made In The Coldest Winter...

KANYE WEST "Coldest Winter" Directed by: NABIL "ITUNES link below" from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

"Goodbye my friend, I won't ever love again..."

So first let me start of by saying that this is one of my favorite Kanye West songs of all time and in my view one of his most relateable songs. Whether male or female we've all lost a love whether it's a lover or family member at least once so I think we can all feel where he's coming from on this song. When I heard they were making a video for this since I knew it was dedicated to his mother I thought it'd be a video of him standing in front of his mothers grave during a blizzard and him kind of singing to her spirit. But the video I saw was completely different then that but that's definitely not a bad thing. This video like almost all of Kanye's videos (especially recently) isn't so much of a music video as it is an experience. He tweaked the song a little bit to add a more epic feel to it to match dark theme of the video and presented us with visually stunning yet minimalistic video. He's not present in the video at all but you can feel his presence in the video. I won't give away what happens in the video but it's definitely a beautiful one. With this being the last video (i think) of the 808s & Heartbreak era, It's only fitting that he put out a video for his most personal and the last song on the album. As we close one era in his life I can only imagine what kind of song and video will start off the next one. That's the beauty of Kanye's music, you never quite know what to expect. Till next time, Rock on from Krypton

Dueces Up!



  1. kanye is cocky od cocky
    but the video is hot xoxo

  2. lol he's cocky but he can back it up so i have no problem with it.

  3. oh my i so agree. love his new blog

  4. I meant to comment on this post after I wrote my blog because I definitely relate to this one too!

    Yeah I definitely agree, there is always someone for everyone BUT it takes some time, patience, and courage to get it you know.

    Lol, you can definitely use the quote, just make sure you copyright me on it lol.