Monday, March 1, 2010

Don't Call It A Comeback

This is what you call a comeback video! The guys behind the Gorillaz really went all out for this video! The video is pretty much a mini action movie which sees 2-D, Murdoc and Noodle (who appears to be a robot now o_O) running away from a lone cop and Bruce Willis (who seems to be a bounty hunter or someone who has some sort of history with them). Any one who's seen videos from the Gorillaz know that they are known for their animated monikers so when i saw their new CG bodies i was slightly freaked out, but once i got used to it i think it'll make for some interesting videos from now on. The ending of video leads you to think that there's much more to this story and I for one can't wait to see the next chapter in the Plastic Beach story. Peep the video and tell me watcha think! Till next time, Rock on from Krypton

Dueces Up!



  1. wat i love gorillaz
    beasty lol
    love the video in the cop car && all lol and this song the beat is amazing

  2. i kno right! been waiting for some new Gorillaz and they definitely didn't disappoint!

  3. good music bro!