Friday, March 26, 2010

Forever (Youtube Remix)

Now usually I'm not really into internet rappers and their remixes of popular songs but this is an exception. Some of the most popular stars on youtube joined together to make a sick remix to the smash Forever. Everyone came hard on the record but the verses that really stood out to me were Dumbfounded, D-Pryde and Traphik. Dumbfounded's flow was really wat stood out in his verse as he rode the beat almost flawlessly. D-Pryde (who I'm guessing woulda been Eminem in this case) showed a lot of passion and aggression in his verse addressing a lot of comments about him being an asian rapper. And last but certainly not least Traphik dropped possibly the dopest verse he's ever spit, a lot of dope refrences and clever choice of wording in his verse. Apparently his verse went over a lot of people's heads but I definitely appreciated his references and found myself smiling at his verse. I'm sure that everyone will find at least one thing about this video that they like and I look forward to hearing some of the feedback. Till next time ladies n gents, Rock on from Krypton.

Dueces Up!



  1. That was actually dope, I don't usually listen to internet rappers either but it was way better than I expected. I like the passion D-Pryde showed in his verse, and Traphik's verse was probably one of the best ones out of the song in my opinion.

  2. ughh loved it. shit is sick.
    I liked the same ones u did. Traphik I would have to say was my favorite though.
    D-Pryde was so cute lol like little kid cute