Sunday, May 23, 2010


Oh shit double post in one day! I go hard! (well..technically it's tomorrow but w/e lol). What you see up above is the video for "Dueces" which comes from Chris Brown and Tyga's collab mixtape, Fan Of A Fan (which is pretty dope btw, i recommend it). When I heard a video was dropped for it and knowing it was a low-tempo, break up song I was thinking that we were gonna get some sort of typical video where Tyga and Chris rapping/singing to their individual girls but the turn out wasn't really what I expected. The video has a real minimalistic and subtle feel to it and doesn't feel like they're trying to force the message in the song down the viewer's throat. There are a few girls in the video but they serve as little more than minimal eye candy. Cinematically this video is really dope to me. The wide open urban landscape that the video was shot in really yielded some really nice shots of the artists as the director experimented with shadows, angling and different types of shots. While there isn't a whole lot going on visually I think that's good because it helps enhance the artist's performances in the video. My favorite parts of the video came from the 3 artists walking down the alleyway dressed in dark colors with a car following behind them and Chris Brown showing off some amazing acrobatics and dance moves in a tunnel shrouded in darkness. All in all while it's not gonna win any awards or really blow anyone away I think this is a really well shot video that really showcases the power of doing a whole lot with a little. Check it out and the other video I posted today and give me your feed back. Till next post, Rock on from Krypton.

Dueces Up!



  1. rhis video kind of reminds me of the movie grease
    I almost spelled the country "Greece"like an idiot.
    idk im not so much of a c.b fan anymore i like the song tho.

  2. hah yea I know wat you mean, the environment is exactly like the final race scene in Grease.

  3. did u notice how they sampled a beat to one of rihanna's songs? haha

  4. oh wow your right! i knew the beat sounded kind like Te Amo. that's hilarious