Friday, June 18, 2010

The Return of the Random Bulk Post

Wass good people? It's been a while since I've just done a post chronicling a bunch of random things that have been on my mind lately and I think it's long overdue so here goes nothing.

-So after months and months of scouring the Earth to find a job I finally struck gold. I'm working with one of my best friends cleaning up office buildings after everyone leaves (If you've seen ATL it's pretty much what the main characters do). While it's not the most lucrative job it's a good job to keep me stable until I find something better. It feels good to not have to stress about being dead broke anymore =D

-I'm currently in the rebuilding stage of my life where I'm getting more used to these newfound responsibilities. I still have a lot of growing and learning to do but I finally feel like I'm heading in the right direction.

-I have a lot of things that I plan to get or change in the coming months so that I can TRULY start on this whole film thing starting with getting a new camera and a MAC. Don't be surprised if you see more of me in the foreseeable future.

-I'm currently in the best physical shape that I've ever been in and that's all thanks to working out practically everyday at home lol. Who needs a gym when you can do so much at home?

-The whole Nikki Minaj/Lil Kim fued thing is retarded to me. Why can't older rappers just leave the newcomers alone? I don't ever remember Nikki outwardly dissing Kim in any of her songs, so if you ask me it seems like Kim's trying to spark something up to make herself relevant again because she's fallen off in a BIG way smh.

-Why are interracial relationships so frowned upon? it's 2010 people grow the fuck up. It gets a little annoying when I hear some close-minded individuals talking about how I'm "turning on our kind" because I date a white girl. I'm not dating her because of the color of her skin, I date her because she's an amazing person. If she was black, yellow, tan, purple or whatever then i'd STILL date her so step the fuck off. I swear people need to grow up. I think people should be grateful that we even live in a day and age where we can make that choice.

-It's kind of funny how a lot of people have turned on Drake as of late. He's like the new person to hate on for some odd reason. I remember like last year everyone loved this dude and now all of a sudden he's "not living up to the hype". No he's not the greatest rapper alive (but then again who really is?) but he sure as hell is talented and one of the hottest artists in the game right now. I'll agree that he is a little oversaturated but then again is it his fault that everyone wants him on their song? No it's not. Music fans can be real fickle sometimes smdh.

-While we're on the topic of Drake, it's good to see that critics are liking his debut album alot. I'm happy for the guy and he doesn't seem like the kind of guy who'll let all this go to his head. I wish him nothing but the best in his future.

-If you haven't seen The A-Team yet then go see it because it's the most fun movie that's dropped this summer so far. Even more so than Iron Man 2. It takes everything that made the original show great, fleshes it out a little, puts it on the big screen and breaths new life into it. It's fast paced so you don't find yourself getting bored, The action sequences are top notch and the actors mesh together really well. While the critics might not have liked it much, everyone that I know enjoyed it alot. I've already seen it twice lol.

-Eminem's new album is his best work since The Eminem Show. I know I gave Relapse a positive review a while back, as I listen to the album more I began to realize that there was a lot of filler in there and that after awhile it lost a lot of it's appeal. You can tell that Em was still a little off during that period of time. On Recovery though we see Em more focused, mature and hungry than I think he's ever been. While you'll still hear some of the signature "shock value" lines that we've all grown accustomed to from Em, this album is a lot brighter than his past albums with songs like Not Afraid and Won't Back Down. Another thing that sets it apart from his other albums is the fact that he reached out to other producers for the beats on this album which he has never done. He's got beats from DJ Khalil ("Fear" by Drake), Alex Da Kid ("Airplanes pts 1 & 2" by B.o.B.), Just Blaze, Havoc from Mobb Deep as well as a couple of unknowns. I think because of this it allowed him to really focus on lyrically MURDERING every beat on the album and he really does. Also we all know that Em's albums are never really feature heavy but the few features that he does have on the album are definitely different than what you'd expect. The most eye catching of these are Pink and Rihanna who both are awesome on the songs that they're on. While I think some Eminem fans will initially be disappointed in this album because it doesn't feature any crazy accents or songs about his fucked up childhood, I personally view this as a welcome change and it goes to show you that he doesn't need drugs to be a MONSTER on the mic. Go pick up Recovery when it drops on June 22nd.

-I love how the world seems to be sitting back on Kanye's dick again after Power dropped =D

-Lupe really needs to drop a single sometime soon because the buzz for his album has died down immensely with all the delays and lack of material. He's really being criminally misused by his record label.

-I think I can speak for everyone when I say, that this weather is fuckin ridiculous. It hasn't been this humid in a long time and it's not even officially summer yet! If it's like this now, I'm scared to see what I'll be like in July >.<.

-Has anyone seen Prince of Persia? I've been trying to see it but everytime I try to go something derails my plans. I've heard mixed things about it so lemme know what you thought if you saw it.

-Chances are since I'm working now I'll be posting more movie reviews once I see them so be on the look out for that -

Too many people nowadays live their lives devoid of passion and ambition and it saddens me. I think that when people start thinking "realistically" in everything they do then the less happy they are with their lives. I'm not saying that thinking that way is necessarily bad, but when you let hold you back from pursuing your dreams then I think you're missing out greatly on the amazing things that life has to offer.

-I recently found out that my ex (aka my first love/heartbreak) has been redeveloping feelings for me as of late. Why do females do that shit? When I'm available I get taken for granted but once someone else shows me some appreciation I'm all of a sudden a hot commodity? fuck outta here with all that.

-I've been feeling real quotable lately and one of my favorite quotes that I made up is "Love is like a rose covered in thorns. you can either just grab it and massacre your hands or you can take your time picking off the thorns so you can hold that rose safely. how you get to love determines the end result"

-Twilight fans may be the most annoying people on the planet -_-

-I know I'm gonna get judged for this but I think Justin Bieber is a cool little dude. No this doesn't mean I'll go out and by his albums (Though me and my girl do like his song "U Smile"), But I do think he's a talented kid and if he keep on growing he could end up a dope artist. Only time will tell.

-I've been listening to the Blueprint 3 alot lately especially So Ambitious. That's like my theme song. "The motivation for me, is them telling what I cannot be, Oh well!" <--- Me in a nutshell.

Well I gotta finish this post up here because I gotta get ready to head over to my girls house to help her set up for her grad party. Hope yall enjoy the post and be sure to comment on this and the post before this one, thanx. Till next post, Rock on from Krypton.

Deuces Up!



  1. Congrats on finding a job ! I finally was able to get one as well after literally 2 yrs of searching & Im not even exaggerating. & the whole thing about interracial relationships SUCKS, I don't understand why people can't just fall back. I'm always open to people of ALL races, skin color, whatever it is I don't care because their personality is all that matters. Plus I'm hardly as attracted to light-skinned guys as I am to tan and darker toned guys, so I know how annoying it can be when people decide to make stupid comments. Just enjoy your relationship you guys look adorable in the pics you've posted, forget about haters.

  2. thanx and congrats on you finding a job as well! trust me i know how it feels to be constantly searching and just being put on this ridiculously long wild goose chase. And thanx for the compliment on me and my girl. I usually don't sweat the haters just sometimes it bothers her and so I gotta step in at times ya know? Thanks though ur awesome =D

  3. I freaking love Lupe! I agree, he doesn't get nearly as much shine as he should. I've been waiting for a new album from him for the longest.

  4. There's no "may be".... Twilight fans ARE the most annoying people on the planet, and Justin Beiber fans are a close second.

  5. You're very welcome :) & yeah that's great that you defend your relationship tho, it really shows how much you care. Not many guys are like that nowadays. & thanks not as awesome as you !

  6. A lot of great topics discussed here bro. Oh yeah thanks for reminding me I gotta review Prince of Persia (for you) like SOON i saw it yesterday. wow they're hatin on Drake o_0??? LUPE!!! God i wish that album would drop already >_<

    luv ya man!

  7. good post, man. and i feel u on the developing feelings it seems whenever u get into a nice relationship's like they always come back. it never fails...i guess life is just weird like that. haha. and congrats to ur success, bruh. long time coming, indeed. good things do come to those who wait even though it might be excruciating. hahaha. oh yeah, interracial dating...i absolutely despise being frowned on for dating outside my race. that's bullshit. u can't knock someone for liking a person especially if the feelings i keep saying, "um, u weren't fucking w/ me when i tried to get to know u and u practically ignored i'm with someone else and happy and shit and u wanna talk about me..." hypocrites >_>. oh yeah, i need to cop that Em album..*puts more iTunes dollars in account*..haha.

  8. Omg I have so much to say but my phones acting up first congrats on finding a job it's not easy nowadys as I'm still looking. I'm so not in shape after meeting my bf I've gained ruffly 12lbs and i've have things in places where thy shouldn't be lol and on your ex I understand bc my bfs ex wanted to be w him right when I got w him maybe they start to realize what they've lost ah well their loss lol my bf is sucha drake fan it makes ne dislike him but I was watching the ol degrassi shows the other day and I couldn't help but laugh at how muh he's changed and oh Justin bieber is re shiit lol kk I'm done :)