Tuesday, June 15, 2010


So I've been slackin on the posts lately because I've been job searching like a mad man as of late. I actually wasn't gonna post tonight but I came across this trailer that for some reason really struck a cord with me so I thought I'd share it with yall. Don't know what it's about or when it's coming out but for some reason I'm very intrigued. Plus it stars Stephen Dorff who stars in one my favorite movies of all time Dueces Wild and hasn't been in a movie for a while so I'd love to see what he'll be doing with this film. But anyway check out the trailer and give me your feedback as always. Hopefully I'll have a legit post for yall by the end of this week. Till then, Rock on from Krypton.

P.S. the song in the trailer is I'll Try Anything Once by The Strokes in case ur wondering.

Dueces Up!


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