Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bursts of Random Thought

Greetings Earthlings. Hope you slept well and to those of you who are still sleeping, hope your sleeping well. Been a while since i've been blogging on a consistent basis and because of that I've seen a good amount of my followers have jumped ship (which I can't really blame em for) but ima keep it movin. Business as usual. A lot's been on my mind lately so here's another burst of randomness from your's truly.

-I'm thinking that once I have kids ima name em Aiden and Isabella. I always thought Aiden was a cool ass name and Isabella i like. plus i can nickname her Izzy =). Who know's what can change between then and now though.

-Lil Wayne + Ludacris + Trina + Boobs = Nicki Minaj

-Though I still definitely wanna direct in the future, my main focus for a while now will be acting. I fell in love with acting this semester at school and so I think I'm gonna stick with it and see where it takes me.

-I'm considering taking up rapping. As silly as that sounds I just wanna try my hand at it. As much hip-hop that I listen to I constantly find myself having random punchlines and song ideas pop into my head so I wanna see if i'd be any good at it.

-I'm still not over my ex, probably never will be, but I am strong enough now where I can stand on my own two feet and keep it moving. I'm always gonna love that girl though, sadly she probably doesn't get that.

-For all you fellow wrestling fans, I think wrestling has been pretty dope lately. They've really been uping the ante with all this fresh new talent such as Sheamus and Drew Mcyintre, plus they've been pushing the younger talent like Kofi Kingston, John Morrison, Dolph Ziggler and others to new heights. 2010 should be an interesting year for WWE.

-Shock Value II is one fun album to listen to, I like it more than the first one.

-Miley Cyrus gave me a new reason to hate her guts by dissing Jay-Z in an interview recently and claiming that she's "never heard a Jay-Z song before in her life". Even the interviewer was taken back. This bitch needs to get off her high horse and learn some respect asap.

-Heard and loved both Rihanna and Chris Brown's newest albums. Rated R is kinda like Rihanna's Dangerous where Graffiti is Chris' Invincible. Rated R shows off a new, darker side of Rihanna that I honestly feel suits her. Never really liked any of her albums until this one. Graffiti on the other hand is much more high energy but at the same time shows a more mature and at times remorseful side of Chris. A lot of people at praising Rihanna's album and bashing Chris' album which of course is less about the music and more about the domestic violence incident which to me is ridiculous but hey that's society for you. Both delivered their best albums yet to me and I wish them both nothing but the best in the future.

-I'm real blown that Lupe cancelled his christmas mixtape but I can understand why he did. One thing that has always pissed me off about him though is the grand promises that he makes but sometimes doesn't follow through on (a remixed version of The Cool by Justice, The Cool Graphic Novel, Lasers being due out in 2009 and now this). Even though I love the guy I think he should really think alittle more before he makes these plans so that he can actually see if he can pull things things off and not get his fans hopes up. I'm hoping 2010 is a great year for him though because Enemy of the State definitely put him on people's radar.

-I'm really proud of and happy for Drake. He's definitely done a great job at taking advantage of his buzz and it shows. He dropped one of the most complete mixtapes to drop in a while and he could've very well just sat back and rode on that wagon till 2010 but instead he's capitalized on that hype and rode a huge tsunami sized wave all over 2009. Being featured on everyone from close friend Trey Songz to R&B Legend Mary J Blige's album and even holding his own against the likes of Eminem and Kanye West on Forever, this kid has defintely impressed me. The dude's also got a real genuine air about him which makes u feel like he is truly greatful to be in this position and doesn't take it for granted. I'm definitely looking forward to his debut album Thank Me Later. I know it'll be a sick album.

-Anyone heard about this gay Asher Roth rumors? smh, the media is running out of things to make up seriously.

-Follow me on twitter, i actually use it now lol.

-Something about Charles Hamilton really irks me. I always knew the guy seemed a little off but I kinda overlooked it because he was droppin some dope stuff but now that he's coming back he's just a little TOO cocky. He's still a rookie in the game with no real kind of guidance so to me Charles Hamiton is the equivalent to a little kid you left at home with a box of crayons and a big white wall. He's a talented dude but he's just immature and speaks out of his ass alot. He needs to calm that down or else he's gonna end up fuckin his chances at superstardom up.

-I miss Kanye West -_-. Hope the time off is workin out for him so he can come back and channel all that confusion, pain and controversy into a sick ass comeback album.

-One thing I hate about winter time (besides it completely sucking ass) is that there's almost nothing on television. When winter comes around most good TV shows take a break and go into production for more episodes so all we're left with are reality TV shows and re-runs, bleh. I miss White Collar, Smallville, Heroes, Vampire Diaries (yea i said it) and Supernatural. Thank god from Scrubs, Community and Better off Ted.

-2010 is gonna be a DOPE year for movies, I have so much that I want to see and I can't wait >.<.

-In retrospect, 2009 felt kind of like freshman year of high school for me. Started off hopeful and bright, then things start to get kind of rough and you realize that you're not as mature as you thought you were. Find out some new things about yourself and then by the end of the year you go into the next year not exactly knowing what to expect, but have a newfound understanding of things. To put it shortly, 2009 was a transitional year.

-With all the deaths of big celebrities this year (R.I.P. to all of them) do you think this is also a part of that transition in a new decade? A part of me feels like its almost making way for new faces and talent to rise up into the spotlight and shine as 2010 starts off a new era. I could be wrong though but I just get that feeling.

-I love my PS3, I named her Sweetest Taboo XD. if you got one and wanna add me, my PSN name is Kid Prodigy.

-I have my eyes on girls but I'm not looking for them anymore. Every attempt that I've made recently has been turned away so now ima just do my thing until someone comes to me....unless I wait 10 years and nothing happens then i'm taking drastic measures! lol.

-Because of my work schedule I'm gonna miss going down to SC with the fam for Christmas so I pretty much have the house to myself for the week...Any ladies wanna come keep me company? lol.

Ok i need to stop bullshittin and get back to work before my dumbass gets in trouble lol. Hope everyone out there has a great day, Happy Birthday to any birthdays out there and if I'm not back on Christmas, Happy Holidays to you and yours. Rock on from Krypton

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  1. - You joined Twitter nation? Marcus I am going to slaughter your ass!

    - I miss Ye too.

    - Lupe can kiss my ass, I'm tired of his sh*t.

    P.S: I dunno what to blog about. I don't know where to start.

  2. -lmao yes i can understand ur disappointment but it's honestly really good for networking. I'm gonna needed that in the future.

    -He dropped a new verse at a recent Kid Cudi concert so i think he's prepping for a comeback =)

    -I can understand ur frustration Frankie but the dude's dropped too much good music to completely throw him under a bus. I think he's just maturing that's all, he doesn't really like the politics behind the music biz and I think he's having a hard time because he's trying to handle shit by himself. Either way I know he'll deliver on Lasers, he always does.

    P.S. Just write about w/e Frankie, u always have something interesting to say

  3. Kanye west let fame get to his head
    Relationships come && go after 2 yrs of my relationship i understand if u still have those feelings its normal.
    Drakes doing his thing
    && miley cyrus i dislike her too I def. heard about what she said about jay-z "and a jay-z sonq was on && a jay-z sonq was oon"

  4. Twinn (welcome to the blog!)

    -I can't really blame Ye for lettin the fame get to him after all the accolades he got from being a rookie. Still have made respect for his passion and ability.

    -Heh yea, sucks. its a giant clusterfuck of bittersweet emotions. Congrats to you and ur 2 years though.

    -Lmao i know right!? *shakes head* that girl makes no sense