Thursday, December 31, 2009


Greeting Earthlings, it's the kryptonian here. How was everyone's year? Good I hope and if not then I'm hoping 2010 is a brighter tomorrow for you. My year was pretty shaky. Not nearly as bad as 2008 (worst year of my life) but it wasn't too great either. Started off pretty brightly and I was really optimistic about the year. I thought that I was finally ready to take charge of my life and but this year showed me that I still have much growing to do. This year I realized both my maturity and immaturity. This year was very physically, mentally and at times emotionally draining as I got my first glimpse at independance by having my first full time job and still going to school. You never quite realize how little money you have until you get it. This semester of school was probably my most enlightening but at the same time my most stressful mainly because of my photography class. I realized that though I love photography, I could never do it professionally. It was this year that I truly fell in love with acting though. My acting class was the best class that I've ever had in my college tenure and I only hope that I continue to grow and shape my craft. It was also this year that showed me that I should value my life more because tomorrow isn't promised for anyone. With multiple celebrities dying suddenly this year and countless others elsewhere it was almost as if a dark cloud was spread over the latter part of 2009. Though that dark cloud I was able to get closer to my friends and family. My love life was nonexistent this year much to my disdain. A few oppuritunites came my way but none of them developed into anything and all the while I still battle with my feelings for my ex. I'd love for her to be back with me but I never expect for it to happen. We will always share this strong but somewhat twisted bond that will never let us be too apart from each other but also never quite in each others arms. It's a fucked up reality. After all of the death, epiphanies and growth that came with 2009 I can only hope that 2010 allows sunshine to break through that dark cloud that shrouded 09. I believe that a lot of deaths happened in 09 (figuratively and literally) to transition us all into a new wave of things to come in 2010 and onward. I have a lot to look forward to in 2010 and as I continue on my road to maturity I hope that 2010 is a little easier on all of our psyches lol. Catch you on the other side ;). Rock on from Krypton

Dueces Up!


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