Thursday, December 24, 2009

More Than Love

Ah Amerie, loved this girl since Why Don't We Fall In Love and been pullin for her. She's a talented and beautiful girl but for some reason can't seem to get mass success. I think it may be because she doesn't have a distinct style or sound that seperates her from everyone else like Beyonce or Rihanna. Nonetheless I really like this video for her song "More Than Love" w/ Fabolous. The beat is dope and a lot of people seem to be using that sample recently (First Dr. Dre and then Wale). Even though the concept in the video has been used before many times, Fabolous and Amerie have a really good on screen chemistry so you were really engaged in their story. I knew from the beginning the Fab wasn't creepin *shakes head* you ladies need to stop jumpin to conclusions i swear!! lol. Well anyways, peep the video when ya have the time. Rock on from Krypton.

Dueces Up!


P.S. I just had to comment on this bullshit. All the Kanye West "selling his soul to the devil" rumors based off of a line he used in a recent verse are stupid. He was clearly using it as a figure of speech for how he lost himself to his own fame and nothing more. I swear, people always need some kind of ammo to shot down someone talented.

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  1. Lol I didn't even realize that. Posted this up I'm a huge fabolous fan and I love amerie and this song is amazing I'm hooked :)