Wednesday, July 14, 2010

12 Strands (Matrix)

Only weeks after Chris' tearjerkingly emotional MJ Tribute at the BET Awards, Chris Brown continues to cement his comeback with what is looking to be his best video yet. From what I saw in the this trailer we see Chris doing some of his signature dancing while at the same time throwing in some acting and even some nice fight choreography. In terms of cinematography this may be Breezy's Thriller if it turns out to be as epic as it looks. The song accompanying the video is actually really well done as well. Whether or not it's a single from an upcoming project or just something that Chris wanted to do has yet to be seen but all I know is that whatever the case, Chris is coming back strong. Till next post, Rock on from Krypton

Deuces Up!



  1. Hmm... Interested to see how that will turn out.

  2. I liked it
    I just got deuces I know im late with the song.
    lol he can probably turn out to be a good actor "1 day"