Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I'm in an interesting position in my life where females seem to be appearing from all over the place (no doubt because I'm in a relationship) and out of all these females I have the 3 main ones who I'm most focused on. It almost feels like I'm in some sort of romantic comedy or something lol.

First there's the obvious one, My girlfriend: Katlyn. Now as I've stated in several posts I am completely happy with my relationship and I love my girl. I have yet to be this genuinely happy with someone and completely feel like myself around someone. Unfortunately she's leaving for college in August and the days seem to be flying by faster. Now of course I'm going to keep my relationship going because I'm not the summer fling kind of person and neither is she so I'm not worried about that I'm just a little worried about the fact that once we're apart that's when we'll be approached and tested the most. Especially female number 2...

#2, My ex/the heartbreaker: Stephanie. You guys know how the story goes, your ex breaks up with you and your heartbroken. You make several attempts to try and change things so that you guys can get back together but they're just not having it because they've "moved on". Time goes by, you get stronger and eventually find something new. All of a sudden guess who shows up ironically realizing that they've fucked up and what to make things right? This shit is borderline infuriating because of the fact that they didn't want you when you wanted them but once you're happy you become something worth seeking again. It's almost like a slap in the face. I'd be lying though if I said that there wasn't a small part of me that enjoys the fact that she popped back up again because that little evil side of me thinks it's hilarious. Lately she's been blowing up my phone (to the disdain of my girlfriend) inviting me all over creation in what I can only guess is an attempt to get my attention back on her. If this keeps up then I'm gonna have no choice but to cut her off from my life completely because she had her chance and I'm not going to leave someone who's genuinely interested in me for someone who doesn't know what the hell she wants...Then again I remember there was a time when I was like that with female number 3...

#3, the one who got away: Robyn. Several people have one of these in their life. You know the one that you grew up with and flirted with here and there but never really paid much attention to them until it was too late. Well Robyn is my one who got away. The who I sometimes ask "what if?" about to myself. I met her about 10 years ago at my church and we pretty much grew up together. She apparently liked me from the moment she met me but I was too young and oblivious to notice or care. So we danced around each other for years and everyone we knew was always trying to get us together but something always would happen that prevented that and we eventually just decided that it'd be better if we just stuck to being friends. But regardless of that whenever we are around each other you can tell that we've had a long history together and I always find myself pondering "what if things had worked out?". Oh well, I guess somethings are meant to be unknown.

With these 3 already consuming my mental and emotional space, a lot of my female friends (I have a lot of attractive female friends) have been flirting with my lately and at this rate I'm contemplating staying in my house for the remainder of the summer lol. Damn this season and it's ways of making everyone seem desirable -_-. Sorry if this didn't really make a whole lot of sense, I just needed to get that out of my system. But if it did make sense to you and you wanna provide some feedback then you are welcome to. Till next post, Rock on from Kryton

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  1. Does your girl read your blogs ? I mean I hope the time apart doesn't seperate you guys. I want to go away for school too but I feel like if your so dedicated to your relationship then there's really nothing to worry about.
    Don't worry about the people from your past they didn't make it to your future for a reason. You always learn from this and time flies when your having fun tell me about it.
    Hope everything works out.

  2. it's funny how this happens...and i feel u on the number 3 (that's happened to me a few times..hahaha). as far as number 1, keep it!! just like u said..the person that accepts u from the beginning is the keeper, no doubt. and as far as number 2, that goes with the territory and that's happened to me before. the most hilarious thing is life itself to be honest. natural phenomena is a comedy onto its own. lol.

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