Thursday, July 2, 2009

Best I Ever Had

Drake "Best I Ever Had" from kwest on Vimeo.

"Take that D like the champions that you are!!!"

So probably the most widely anticipated video in recent memory is finally here and do I think it lived up to the hype? No, but for some reason I'm glad that it didn't. Now I won't lie, when I heard this song was gonna be made into a video, I was expecting a Hype Williams level epic video filled with epic movie camera pans, beautiful exotic locations and stuff like that. But this video is NOTHING like that which makes me kinda glad because they didn't go the tradional eye candy w/ no substance route. Drake plays the coach of an all female basketball team (and all of em look DAMN good, had me droolin!) that isn't very good but Drake always encourages them by telling them that they're the best. Now I like this concept because I've been on a basketball team before and the job of a coach is not only to lead the team to victory but to encourage them and build up their spirits and Kanye cleverly used that element of coaching to put an interesting spin on female empowerment (hats off to you Mr West). The video is very enjoyabale to watch and it's filled with a lot of slick humor that may go over a few peoples heads. You can definately tell that Yeezy has a thing for exotic, big breasted women because this video is full of them which I have absolutely NO problem with lol. There were some cameos in there as well and I'm glad that they just stayed as cameos (i'm kinda blown Nikki Minaj wasn't on the team...*sigh* a man can dream...). I was a little confused by the ending though because it kinda left you hanging but it doesn't take that much away from the video. Overall though, while to a lot of people this video might not live up to their expectations, I was very pleased with it and it'll serve as a great opener to Drake's album and should tie people over until his next single which I'm guessing will be more grandoise. Hope yall enjoy it. Till next time, Rock on from Krypton

Dueces Up!



  1. That video was retard. Im sorry, but I did not like that at all, it didnt make much sense.
    I just think the whole theme of the video was gone about in the wrong way. Though, I think they achieved the goal they were gonig for. It seems like they were trying to make it plain simple and to the point. Sex sells so thats what they sold.

  2. agreed with me or the comment my friend left?

  3. Agree with you.

  4. kick assss, so many ppl hate this video. it's good to see someone agree's with me XD