Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2009 until Infinity

What it do world? It's been a while since i've actually WRITTEN out an actual blog lol. Lately I just either have been too lazy to say much or didn't feel like I had too much to say. You gotta admit i post dope videos tho lol. How have you guys been doing though? Good I hope. I realize that I've lost a few followers lately and gained a few new ones. To the ones I've lost I hope yall are doin aight and to those I've gained, thanks for following me and I look forward to hearing what you guys have to say. Lately I've been doing a lot of thinking and I feel like I've kind of come to a crossroads of sorts when it comes to where I'm going in life. In the 20 years I've been alive so far I've been through alot, seen alot, had some amazing moments and some not so amazing ones lol. Been in a lot of short relationships and one really meaningful one. Seen birth and experienced death. Lost some good friends and made some GREAT ones. All in all I guess i'm saying I've done quite a bit and yet i still feel like i havent done shit yet XD. Ever since I was a youngin my head's always been closer to the clouds than it was to the ground and because of this I've always had these big aspirations for my life. This would cause me to be really hard of myself with even the slightest failure because the thought of being just average irked me. As I'm maturing though (even though i still have huge dreams) I'm beginning to be okay with starting off small or average because if you start great you that means u can't accept growth. Over the last year I've kind of had what you could call a "rest period". After the loss of my great grandmother (who I was very close to) and then having my heartbroken by my first love I found myself in a really dark place which made it impossible for me to perform in school. So because of this me parents suggested that I take Spring semester off to get myself back together. During my time off I feel like I've matured quite a bit and gotten more in tune with myself. I'm slowly beginning to realize certain things and things that I used to regret I no longer regret because without them I wouldn't be me. Going into the fall semester I'm feeling better than ever and more confident about things. I feel like things are beginning to fall into place in my life and things are only gonna continue to get better from here on out. I'm gonna be taking Screenwriting and Photographic Expression this semester which I'm definitely looking forward to because both will help me sharpen my craft when it comes to filmmaking and will only put me that much closer on the path to my dreams of acting and directing. At this current moment I can't tell you how things will turn out but what I can tell you is that I feel damn good about it. All i can do is be hopeful and be optimistic, form 2009 till infinity. Rock on from Krypton

Here's the song I was listening to that put me in the zone to do this post. Good stuff.

Dueces Up!



  1. Weird how the song made me think of...Sade meets Alternative Music. W/ a hint of Folk. haha , idk.
    But uh...*clap , clap* to you. Best of luck on all you choose to take part in. You cant go anywhere but up with that positive/optimistic attitude.
    YOU CAN DO IT! lol


  2. thanx for the encouraging words =D

  3. You go Marcus! I'm SO proud of you! XD

  4. You're very welcome. :)

  5. Congratulations on getting your ass back in gear. It's hard when you hit rock bottom; I promise, I know. Keep up the positive attitude, handsome.

  6. hah thanx i appreciate the words Princess. too bad I can't comment on ur posts cuz i really like reading em.

    thanx to you too Frankie! I miss u!

  7. You can always email me with your thoughts. My email address is listed on my profile. JANINETF@aol.com.