Monday, July 20, 2009

Official Apology

Can we please leave the kid alone now? I feel like he's been through enough.

Dueces Up!



  1. Like seriously I don't care if it sounds fake or not or that it was scripted. At least he wants this put to rest and people need to learn to keep their shit to themselves...DON'T WORRY CHRIS YOU STILL HAVE A FAN!!! Unlike Rihanna I deleted most of her shit off my iPod.


  2. He sounds sincere enough to me. I wish he'd done this much sooner, but I'm glad he's apologizing now, even though he's getting his fair share of criticism for that video. But some of the points made here:

    are pretty valid in my opinion--he's rather vague in saying what exactly he's sorry for (as if we didn't already know), but at least it's a better way to move on from this whole thing. As long as he's made peace with Rihanna and come to terms with his own demons, that's good enough for me--I don't support either of them musically, so my main issue was the domestic abuse and not much else. I'll be praying for both of them.

  3. he shoulve publicly apoligized a long time ago..
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