Thursday, August 27, 2009

Em, Yeezy, Drake & Lil Wayne?!

I got a lil math problem for yall, ok what do you get when you put a young rapper with the biggest hype in recent memory on a track with a troubled white rapper with psychotic split personality, an outspoken and controversial rapper/producer and the self proclaimed "best rapper alive"? Record of the year? Catastrophic disaster? Don't know the answer? well listen to the track and find out. I honestly NEVER thought i'd see this line up on a track together but then again that's the same thing i said when Swagger Like Us came out. Everyone with the exception of Wayne (who's seen better days) KILLED this track but ima go ahead and say that Eminem DESTROYED EVERYONE. He introduces a new flow on the track and his delivery is RIDICULOUS, his verse will definitely silence any doubters that didn't exactly appreciate Relapse and gives us a lil taste of what Em is gonna hit us with once Relapse 2 drops. The end of 09 looks like it's ready to give us a much needed musical kick in the pants. Rock on from Krypton

Dueces Up!



  1. Uhm Uhm Uhm...Doopppeee!!
    Drake - He got it! His hooks be rockin! Im stickin with this nukka ; Hopin he dont fall though. Dont want him to be on E! True HollyWood Story : The Rise and Horrible DownFall of WheelChair Jimmy.
    Yezzy - Dude spit the hottest metaphors ever. He didnt 'make' the song but he was a good addition to it.
    EM - My fav of all time. He definitely stood out in this. But , Im not surprised he always does.
    Wayne was chill but , it would have been good with or without him. Didnt really add anything SPECIAL to it (in my opinion).

    AHHH! Thumbs up!

  2. hah tru tru I like ur input on this. this track is a BANGER. Thanx for followin the blog by the way, ima do the same =)