Monday, August 24, 2009

Off That

"Cuz you can't bring the future back"

Seems like with the Blueprint 3 Jay-Z is on a quest to destroy all trends and fads in hip-hop (D.O.A.) and state his claim as the king of the rap game (Run This Town). This song does more of the same with him pretty much saying that everything that's cool now, he's already "off that" and that rappers need to get on his level. Like D.O.A. I wasn't really feelin this song on my first listen. Mostly because of the fact that with Drake on the song, and Timbo on the beat i was expecting something EPIC and epic wasn't what I heard. After repeated listens though I grew to really like it. It's definitely far from Jay's lyrical best and Drake is reserved to the chorus but it's still a dope track. Plus Timbo's beat on it is dope (not as good as Dirt Off Your Shoulders though). So far my ranking of the tracks off of BP3 are Run This Town, Off That and then D.O.A. I'm still very excited about this project and definitely looking forward to hearing what Jay has in store (especially looking for the the Yeezy beats and the Neptunes collabo). Rock on from Krypton

Dueces Up!


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