Friday, January 1, 2010


Its 2010 guys and it's only fitting that the most powerful rapper in the game brings us the first new video of the year. This is gonna be my anthem for 2010. Ima go ahead and say that this has just taken the place of Run This Town as my favorite Jay-Z video of all time. It's so visually appealling and different from what anyone would've expected, plus ima sucker for Black and White videos so it had me hooked the moment it started. With me being this amped the moment 2010 starts I got a good feeling about this year. LET'S GET IT IN!!! Rock on from Kryptom

Dueces Up!



  1. Um Marcus ... I don't know how to say this but uh ... I adore you and all ... but back the fu*k up! This is MY 2010 anthem. LOL! j/k ... I'll share witcha =P and Happy Happy New Year hon. I wish you good health and all the success in the world. =]

  2. lmao Frankie this is why i fucks with you. because we always seem to be liking or thinking the same exact thing. Hope u had a great new year and i wish you nothing but the best in the 2010 as well. Hopefully we can finally hang out lol

  3. i completely played this sonq out my friend put me on
    The video is dope im not gonna lie
    So random that he has people jump around the screen doin poses and all. Then again I love random ishhh

  4. lol yea the video is kinda random but at least it's random but stays consistent with the theme of the video ya kno?