Friday, March 20, 2009

Kid Cudi Announces his Un-Retirement

Thank ya jesus! Had me scared there for a moment. I can completely understand his reasoning for almost making that decision though, life can get so overwhelming sometimes that we lose sight of the things most important to us. Glad he came to his senses b4 he made a really big mistake though.

Dueces Up!



  1. Wait so he's NOT retiring?

    He so definitely should. I almost died when he premiered "Day & Night" on BET. It's like what you said about Lil Wayne, Kid's album is probably going to be mad commercial with a bunch of mainstream BS nothing compared to the work of art his mix tape is.

    But we'll see, he may be different (I hope!)
    & I bet you Kanye wouldn't let him out his contract! LOL!

  2. lol i really do believe that Kid Cudi's album won't be that commercial at all. If u look at all the people on GOOD Music none of their music is necessarilly overly commercial. I think maybe if Cudi was on another label he might've been commercialized but because he's on Kanye's label i know that he'll give us a dope and original album.