Monday, March 30, 2009

F**k A Title

Wass good world, how yall doin? Good I hope. Weather was nice for a change today so I hope yall got to do something productive or fun today.

-I got a lil action today, good'll tie me over for a while lol. I'm trying to restrain from having sex until i'm in another relationship. Good to see that I haven't lost my skills tho lol

-Looking at my playlist amuses me because of how many different styles of music I have there. I pride myself in being ecclectic =D.

-I'm developing into a pretty big fan of Jeezy and Rick Ross. They're not the best rappers in the world but for some reason I like their music even tho I can't relate to it at all. I really liked Jeezy's most recent album, The Recession, and I really look forward to Ross' new album, Deeper Than Rap, because what I've heard so far has been really good (Magnificent is my jam).

-I'm a huge fan of R&B, mostly because I love melody. I feel like messages are potrayed the best through melody. That's one of the reasons why 808s worked so well because even though Kanye's not the greatest singer his pain and emotion came out strongly through his lyrics in melody. I'm also a big sucker for group melody, one of my fave R&B groups right now is Day26 because they utilize each other member's voices strategically and nicely. Their new album's gonna be dope.

-Though I like some heavy rock, i'm much more of a fan of laid back rock and alternative. Groups like Incubus and Red Hot Chilli Peppers are perfect examples of this, just real chill music with that rock edge still intact.

-I can't stand shorts...i dunno why but I just really don't like em. The only kind of shorts that I can tolerate are cargo shorts. Now shorts on females is a whole different story =P

-I kinda like "Burnin Up" by Jonas Brothers...yea i said it.

-Why do people insist on saying people "sold out" all the time? I kinda hate that phrase. Example of this is when Lupe came out with his Revenge of the Nerd mixtapes and then Food & Liquor and radio's weren't really playin him like that everybody was singin his highest praises. Then once Superstar came out and he was gettin a lot of airplay people were saying that he sold out to the mainstream. So once someone starts getting the recognition that they deserve their sell outs? That's retarded. It's like so called "underground" or "indie" fans expect their artists to be exclusive to them the entire time and never make it big or get any sort of fame for their talents which is really selfish. Artists need a paycheck just like the rest of us and if they can't sell records or get airplay they can't get paid. To me it's not sellin out, it's doin what you gotta do.

-Why is Domestic Abuse such a big fuckin deal now that Chris beat Rihanna? Oprah specials, Women Empowerment movements, Domestic Abuse Awareness day? get that shit outta here. It's been a problem for a long ass time now and if this is what it takes for people to realize that then that's just sad. I honestly feel bad for Chris, because of this one incident the entire world has turned their backs on them. I honestly think Rihanna needs to get taken down a notch. Instead of condemning Chris people need to urge the poor guy to get some help and support him through things. That's just what I think.

-I think 2008-2009's class of newcomers in the rap game is up there with the early 1990s class. Kid Cudi, Bobby Ray, Blu, Drake, Charles Hamilton, Mickey Factz, Asher Roth, The Cool Kids, Consequence, Big Sean and Wale are ALL extremely talented and creative. The next couple of year are gonna be producing some dope music. Go look em up if you haven't heard of some of em.

-I think twitter is stupid, I'm honestly not really sure what's so great about it. can someone tell me?

-Whatever happened to amazing Disney movies? WALL-E, Finding Nemo and stuff were good an all but none of em have anything on classics like Lion King, Toy Story and Mulan (yea i said Mulan!).

-Did anyone see the most recent episode of Making The Band 4? Que made Big Mike cry! man, dude needs to get some help.

-Am i the only one who thinks Taking the Stage is basically Step Up the TV show?

-Looking back over my exs i've dated almost every race but i really think I have a thing in particular for hispanic girls, asian girls and mixed girls. I love how sensual and passionate Hispanic girls are, how cute and dorky asian girls tend to be and mixed girls just seem to attract me. Nothing against any of the other races of course, I'm attracted to black girls and white girls but i've had bad experiences with black girls and for some reason white girls just don't usually do it for me.

-Mi familia is apparantly takin a trip to Ocean City next week for a few days. I'm def excited for that because I haven't been to OC in a good minute and I miss it. I'm just hoping that the weather holds up.

-I love my job but I can't STAND the music we play there. I wish you could just hook your Ipod up to speakers and let it play on shuffle. Anyone have a job where they can do that?

-Anyone seen Princes new video with Q-Tip? shit's pretty ridiculous in both a good and a bad way. Still can't believe he's 50 tho. I honestly think him and Sting are either immortal, Highlanders or have found the fountain of youth.

-Apparantly my family has selected me as the one that's most likely to marry interracially...guess we'll see.

-I wonder where some of the deragatory terms for Black people came from. Nigger is obvious but some are just random and also hilarious such as Jiggaboo and Porch Monkey. If an old white lady came up to me and called me a Jiggaboo i'd proceed to laugh hysterically while kicking her cane from under her =D.

-One of my friends once asked me why there wasn't a White History Month, my reply? because you guys have every other fuckin month of the year.

-I'm developing a really bad habit of napping for a while during the day and then not sleeping at night. I really need to stop doing that asap.

-It blows me when lil kids come up to Gamestop and pay for games with 50s and 100s. I got a job and i can't even whip out big bills all willy nilly like that -_-. Fuckin kids and their allowances -_-.

-I'm probably one of the only people in the world who love the auto-tune, i think when used properly and creatively (Kanye, T-Pain, a few others) it sounds awesome. I think what kills it is when people either use it just because they can or when people suck at using it (Ron Brownz, Lil Wayne (at times), a bunch of other artists).

-Worked on the song that I wrote the other day with my moms, Zigz and my lil bro. Went pretty well, let's hope things go as planned, be on the look out.

-This is still one of my favorite dance videos of all time. to me Omarion is the best dancer in the biz. Chris comes in close second. Neptunes killed the beat too.

-No matter how many times i look at it, I just can't get with Christina Milian's new golden hair color. Just looks bad on her, she needs ot go back brown or black so she can be my lover again lol.

-If rap beef wasn't bad enough, now we've got R&B beef. Keri Hilson, Ciara and Beyonce? come on now are u forreal? Why do artists always gotta find something to beef about? Can't we all just do what we love and enjoy it? *shakes head at the music industry* damn shame...

-I can deal with Buddhists, Muslims and other major religions but i can't understand Scientologists and Athiests. Scientology has GOT to be the most ridiculous piece of horse that I've ever heard turned into a religion. I mean how in the hell are people dumb enough to believe in that?! At least Buddhism and Islam make some sense but Scientology is complete nonsense. Atheists I don't understand because not everything can be explained by logic and if you don't believe in something then you'll fall for anything.

-tho it's ignorant as all hell, I freakin love the Arab Money dance lol.

man...wat happened to Busta, he was swole as shit when he dropped Touch It and now he's damn near a blimp.

Well i'm out of things to rant on for now so ima bounce. Rock On from Krypton.

Dueces Up!



  1. i actually wanted to call my ipod triple m p ,for My Melting Pot.Yeah Jezzy and Ross are cool they know how to balance like not too commercial to the point where you dont respect thier "Gee",but still doing what they have to do to get their "money right"
    per say.
    God i hate shorts,and sandals on men my father used to wear them all the time back in the day.
    You know i used to think that ALOT but now ive been enlightened your right,with all the work their doing they should get some type of credit for it.
    Why sre regualrly bad things overlooked till something major happens pertaining to that period.
    "Kid Cudi, Bobby Ray, Blu, Drake, Charles Hamilton, Mickey Factz, Asher Roth, The Cool Kids, Consequence, Big Sean and Wale are ALL extremely talented and creative."
    Their like all beast too thats the thing none of that oh hes ok when he wants to be or inconsistency the music its just always good.
    Dont even get me started on that twitter bs,I know right i loved Aladdin Disney has just been losing its edge more and more every day...

  2. ughhh i hate sandals on dudes too!! that shit blows me -_-. I don't like feet period unless a girl has nice/cute feet lol.

    *sigh* you get me, where have u been all my life lol