Monday, March 23, 2009

There Will Be Tears

There Will Be Tears - Mr. Hudson

i'm in love this song, it's got the whole "Streetlights" by Kanye vibe and it really makes me wanna just walk outside on a damp day and reflect. Do you guys have songs that make u feel like that?

Was talkin to the moms today and it looks like i'll be getting a camera soon so be on the look out for some photography and other projects throughout the 09. I got a lot of stuff in mind ;)

You know what I haven't had in a long time? Pocky, i miss it. I think ima head over to Pandoras sometime soon and get me some. Love the strawberry kind *drools*

This may be news for some of you but i've known for quite a while now. Lupe's no longer retiring (or at least not for a while) and is working on an album called We Are Lasers. According to his twitter is about some repressed highschool outcast shit…blended amidst And He Gets The Girl ambitions, so it'll probably follow a story of a character much like his previous albums. I'm expecting this one to sound like In Search Of by N.E.R.D., thoughts?

I believe that if i wasn't so into film and media, i'd probably take up Psychology or some form of counciling because I always seem to be giving people advice of some sort and the human brain/psyche fascinates me.

Whatever happened to Blockbusters?

You looking at how realistic games look these days I wonder just HOW much more realistic they can get before we become the games ourselves...

Saw Space Jam today for the first time in years, freakin love that movie. One of my faves.

You know what term i despise? "The greatest *blank* of all time". I honestly think that as long as people have their own opionions, likes and dislikes, there will never ever be a "greatest of all time" at anything. There are a lot of greats but can anyone ever be classified THE greatest until their dead? Like look at Tupac and Biggie, they were both greats but greatest rappers of all time? I highly doubt that. I honestly believe that if they were still alive people wouldn't be so quick to call them the greatest of all time. That's just what I think

Not everyone will find these funny but as a comic book geek, I personally find these videos HILARIOUS.

I'm a lil pissed at the bad press Obama's been getting lately for his infamous "special olympics" comment that he made on Jay Leno. Come on ppl, it wasn't even that serious of a statement. It's not like he was even dissing the special olympics he was just comparing his bowling skills to that. I'm sure if Bush or someone said that then nobody would say shit.

Well i think ima call it a night pplz, Shoutouts to Frankie and Josiah (Record the Vision), check out their blogs. Good stuff.

Dueces Up!



  1. I love Streetlights! used to be my ringback tone, I also like "Bad News" and there's this song called "Secret Smile" by Semisonic it always puts me in a reflective and mellow mood. I love that feeling.

    Lupe's coming back? YAY! I love him, he's one of the few artists who's albums I can purchase and fully listen to without skipping a song. But what is it with these rappers doing a "Jay-Z?" first Kid now Lupe? "I'm retiring, sike, I'm retiring sike!" Wtf?

    I want a Ph.D in Psychology =) well actually I NEED one to become a professor, not really much of a choice.

    thanks for the shout out!

  2. yea mos def, I love just walking outside letting my thoughts race around in my head. It's really soothing with music in the background lol. 808s really gets me in that mood.

    Lol yea Lupe is definately one of the best artists our right now and ur right, he's one of the only artists that I can listen to without pressing skip.
    I ask myself the same thing sometimes, I think it's one of those situations where ur eyes get bigger than ur stomach. You know how u put a bunch of food on ur plate thinking you'll be able to handle all of it but then once i finally get settled and ready to eat ur like man...that's a lot of fuckin food. I believe it's like that, artists genuinely love the music but hate the bullshit business that comes with it and sometimes people just crack under the pressure and back out, but fan and friend support usually snaps em back to their senses.

    Ah interesting, lemme kno how that goes, then mayb i'll let ya pick my brain a little ;).

    hah no prob, just thought i'd give ya some love