Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lost In Translation

this is a little song and some notes on it that I did recently when I was lost in my own thoughts. I'm thinking about recording it somewhere down the line. lemme know what you guys think and be honest! lol.

“Lost In Translation”
-Auto-tuned vocals to give the song a sort of distorted vibe.
-Funeral/Church organ style instrumental
-As the song goes on, the words get more and more distorted little by little until at the end of the song I’ve become an emotionless drone.
Thoughts (Echo: Thoughts)
Racing through my head (head)
Thousand miles ahead (head)
So many things unsaid (said)
I wish that I was dead (dead)
Or somewhere else instead (stead)
I wish I could retread/from the path that I’ve been lead…But that’s silly right?
How (how)
How did I get here? (here)
What is it that I fear? (fear)
Why’s everything so unclear (clear)
I feel the walls are drawing near/And I got nowhere to escape
Should I just accept fate?

Because I’m lost in translation
A mental vacation
Emotional evacuation
I’m lost in translation (yea)

You (you)
You say that I don’t care (care)
And that I’m never there (there)
And now I’m out your hair (hair)
And now we can’t repair/Whatever we used to have
Oh how I miss the laughs
And now I’m thinking daft (heh)

And now the thoughts (thoughts)
Racing through my head (head)
Leave me full of dread (dread)
Painful things were said (said)
And I wish your were dead (dead)
Or somewhere else instead (stead)
As my heart fills up with lead


And at times I wanna cry
But I’d rather tell you lies
Because baby I’m a man and my pride is where I stand
So I push away your hand…

Racing through my head
Things remain unsaid
Reopened wounds have bled
My mental flight’s hit land
Life returns to bland/And as I move on
I leave my feelings in this song

Forever lost in translation
On a mental vacation
Evacuating emotion
Lost in translation

*instrumental rides out*


  1. yea but i only give it out to people i kno from school other wise, it floods my buddy list. sorry ^^

  2. I'm impressed =] most people only can write a hook and chorus but you wrote an ENTIRE song, kudos to you Mr.Marcus (idk I like calling you that for some reason) I really like it has an 808's & Heartbreak vibe to it.

    Do you want to be a musician or a songwriter?

  3. lol u kno ur the only person that calls me that. Kinda has a nice ring to it =P.

    I've thought about it, I write lyrics from time to time but this is probably my best work. Ima try to get this recorded and how it comes out will determine where i go i guess. My main passion is film tho