Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm feeling fat and sassy XD

Greeting fellow Kryptonians, was good witcha? Hope everyone had a dope day today and if not don't fret because tomorrow only brings new oppuritunities =D. Had a pretty dope day today, got to sleep in for a while and then went out with the fam to this Italian resturant called Maggiano's. Now i love me some Italian food but i was definately not prepared for this! lol. Ima warn you all right now, if u ever go to Maggiano's DON'T EAT BEFORE YOU GO!!! Make sure your stomach is empty and ur ready to do damage because my dumbass went and had breakfast before going and I regretted it lol. They have this family style dinner thing where u can order several appitizers and then several dishes for the main course. Man was that filling, especially the lasagna, which was possibly the biggest piece of lasagna that i've EVER seen. I'm serious yall it looked like half of a cake! Craziness. The food was great tho, mad leftovers lol. We also had this really cute waitress named Brittney and we were definately flirting with each other, I didn't ask for her number tho so I dropped the ball on that one, oh well no use crying over spilled milk. Then I came home and then next thing i know it's 10:30 lol. Haven't had a nap that good in a while! I prob won't be able to go to bed tonight tho -_-. I think this is the first day recap post that i've ever done, awesome. I don't really have anything else random to blog about today so i'll leave on that note.

P.S. Oh yea and I wanna send a b-day shoutout to my man Zack aka Ziggy aka Mr Towson (lol), happy 19th my dude, hope you have a great one and heres to many more.

Dueces Up!



  1. what is it with you and sleeping? DAMN! LOL!

  2. watchu mean? sleep is a beautiful thing! lol I love it. i may even consider a hobby lol. u don't like sleep?

  3. No don't get me wrong I LOVE TO SLEEP, but you're like giving me a run for my money. I thought I was the sleeping empress or something LOL!