Friday, March 27, 2009

Random Insomniac Post

wow so it's been a little bit since i've blogged (kinda blown i didn't get my feedback on my song lol, its all good tho i still love yall) and since i can't sleep i thought i'd just blog for the hell of it.

-I dunno about anyone else but i've been maaaaaad sexually frustrated for a good minute now. No sexual interaction ever since my last relationship which was like 5-6 months ago and my last kiss was like....2-3 months ago -_-. Shit's kinda killin me. I'm not saying that i can't live without it because I did for a while it's just that for some reason lately i've just been gettin urges that I don't really get to act on. Shit's killer.

-This dude has a phenomonal voice, craziness. Definately check out his youtube channel cuz his covers are ridiculous

-Heard MF Doom's new CD recently and though i liked it I was a little disappointed by it because it's not up to par with his earlier CDs. It's in no way shape or form a bad CD but it's just a bit of a letdown compared to his previous work. I definately recommend it to newer Doom fans tho, it's a good start off.

-I laugh at horror movies, does that mean i'm psychotic?

-Apparantly a lot of people seem to think i'm older than I really am. It's probably the way I carry myself, I'm 20 years old but with an old soul so i guess that's what does it. Sadly older women don't seem to ever like younger guys (excluding u cougars out there lol).

-I'm really like 2009 so far with the exception of a few things it's kicked some pretty serious ass so far. 2008 was just WHACK as hell for me (bad break-up, my grandmother passing away, close friend of mine passing away, falling out with family, etc etc) so this year is just a giant breath of fresh air because i feel like things are going much better. Let's hope that it stays that way.

-I plan on getting tatted up before summer time. My plan is to have 5-7 tats by the time i declare that i'm done with tats. Each of the tats that i plan on getting bear a significant meaning to me and are parts of who I am as a person today. I look at tattoos from an artistic point of view so i think tats act as a way of telling someone's story. Even drunken mistake tattoos show a part of someone's life when they were reckless. Each one of my tattoos I'll be able to tell anyone who asks about a part of my life that was intergral to molding me into who i am now and who i will grow to be.

-Whatever happened to the Boondocks? I miss that show

-I swear if i ever saw to grandpas goin at it like that i'd laugh myself into a coma lol.

-Do you guys think daydreaming can be considered a hobby? Cuz i do it so often that I believe it is.

-I need a haircut and i need to shave, since winter's over i need to bring my sexy back lol. I keep my scruff on in the winter because all i really care about is stayin warm but once the spring/summer comes it's on like Donkey Kong ya digggg!?

-I hate when girls won't let things move into the relationship stages because they're afraid of "losing a friend as amazing as me". She get's annoying after a while.

-How come friends with benefits never really just stay that way?

-Does the fact that I agree with a lot of what Kanye West has to say make me egotistical too?

-Reality TV is like a car wreck, you wanna look away because it's so gruesome but for some reason you just can't seem to look away. I watch For The Love Of Ray J and Making the Band 4 religiously, i won't lie.

-Apparantly i'm a notorious flirt...and all this time i thought i was just being a nice guy lol.

-Seeing people argue over youtube makes me feel better as a person lol

Well looks like the drowsiness is kickin in now, probably gonna blog again later one today. Hope yall have a good one.

Dueces Up!



  1. I meant to comment on your song, just didn't get to it yet, gonna after this.

    Shit I haven't had a sexual encounter in TWO freaking years! It's like being a recovering drug addict, some days you can handle it other days it's hell!

    I laugh at them too, especially when people start screaming! LOL

    Same here, 2009 has been like a rebirth for me.

    Daydreaming is like my way of life, when all else fails I daydream.

    Friends with benefits never stay that way because once both parties fall in love with the sex emotions get involved.

    Not egotistical but visionary, one step ahead of the rest =)

    This will be the one and only time I admit to watching For The Love of Ray J! Whenever it's on I talk aloud and shit because the show is so ludicrous, LOL!

    Ain't nothing wrong with flirting.

    "Blog one day later?" that's lame!

    We have way too much in common Mr.Marcus!

  2. lmao u kno i like u 4real frankie. ur sumthin else.

    we gotta meet one day ;)

  3. (sarcastically) YA THINK?