Thursday, March 19, 2009

Celeb Crush of the moment

ahh Nicki Nicki Nicki Minaj...I think i love this girl lol. Something about this chick drives me nuts, probably how real she is with herself (from what I seem she even seems like kind of a dork and I seem to go for dorky girls...don't ask) plus the fact that's she's frickin gorgeous. She's not even necessarily my type (hood as ish, heavy partier, heavy drinker, smoker, possible nympho lol) but I got a major crush on this female. I wouldn't date her but...nvm lol. Check below for her version of No Matter What by T.I. called Still I Rise (warning heavy language for the lighter ears).

Dueces Up!



  1. man you and I are gonna have a serious problem! First it was Kid Cudi, now Nicki? come on yo what you iPod jock'in for? LOL!

    I like "High as a Kite" the beat is dope, as a matter of fact I'm gonna go add that to my playlist now! "Biggest Freak" is nice too, and "Warning"

  2. lmao i ain't jockin nobody's Ipod we just both got a lot of the same tastes so far ;).

    Nicki is actually pretty dope tho lyrically, love how she raps the words kist kind roll off the tongue lol. Her verse in Slumber Party is dope as hell