Friday, April 23, 2010

The Adventures of Bobby Ray & Kick-Ass

"So I grab my bags and go as far as I can go/Cuz everything ain't what I used to know"

This post if gonna be a little long because there's two things I wanna talk about so bare with me lol.

So recently The Adventures of Bobby Ray, one of my most anticipated albums for 2010, leaked and not having the money to actually go out and buy the CD when it drops in a few days I just decided to download the album and give it a listen. This has got to be one of the most diverse and musically sound hip-hop albums to drop in recent memory. In a way I can compare it to Kid Cudi's debut album in terms of being great lyrically and sonically. B.o.B. really doesn't sound like he's dropping his debut album because in his songs he shows no signs of being unsure in his talent. He really pushes the boundaries of what we expect to hear on a hip-hop album with the songs featured on Adventures, actually the only song that I can REALLY say is a legit RAP song would be Bet I which features T.I. and Playboy Tre. He really covers all the things that I feel you need to make a great album, he has some radio-friendly songs (Nothin On You, Magic feat Weezer, Lovelier Than You, Bet I), a few records that focus on things that go on in the world around us (Fame, The Kids feat Janelle Monae) and some more creative/introspective tracks that make you think (Airplanes pts 1 & 2, Ghost In The Machine, Letters From Vietnam, Satellite, Past My Shades feat Lupe Fiasco). My favorite song on the entire album is Ghost In The Machine which can be heard above. It's a song that I think a lot of people can relate to about how the world around us sometimes changes completely to the point that everything is no longer familiar and we feel like ghosts just kind of existing. I'd love to hear Kid Cudi, Lupe, Andre 3000 on a remix to that song. Based off of his debut I really think that he has a bright future ahead of him in this business. He produced a good amount of the songs himself, he sings, raps and has the right amount of charisma to make people want to remember him. If you haven't heard much from B.o.B. do yourself a favor and check him out.

Now on to the next thing I wanted to talk about, Kick Ass. Yesterday I went out to finally see Kick Ass with a group of my closest friends. From the trailer that I'd seen a long time ago I was really hoping that this movie was gonna be good and after seeing it my expectations we COMPLETELY blown out of the water. Man was that movie fun!! This movie is not your typical superhero movie but that's because the story it's based on isn't about you're typical hero. Kick Ass pretty much addresses 2 questions that I know a lot of people who read comic books have asked themselves at least once in their lives, "Why hasn't any one tried to be a superhero?" and "What would happen if there were actual costumed heroes living among us?". The movie's main character Dave Lizewski (who reminds me of Peter Parker without the book smarts) asks his friends, himself and the audience these questions and instead of just letting be a what if, he makes himself a costume, gets some tonfas and becomes Kick Ass. One of the things that is great about this story is the fact that they don't try and make Dave look like a complete badass when he's Kick Ass, he has no sort of combat training, no real athletic ability or anything that really makes him spectacular. All he really has is the desire to help people when no one else will and an unbelievable threshold for pain (which I won't reveal why, you'll just have to see the movie). Throughout the movie we're introduced to 2 other costumed characters: Hit Girl and Big Daddy, who interact with Kick Ass and sort of mold him into more of a legit hero in their own weird ways. Big Daddy and Hit Girl are a father/daughter crime fighting duo who have absolutely no problems with mortally wounding or killing the people that they're fighting against as long as they get the job done. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that those two are one of the best father/daughter pairings in movie history lol. Even though they're trained killers in some odd way they have a very sweet and loving relationship. Big Daddy (which is Nicolas Cage's best role since Face/Off) is a awesome but Hit Girl steals the entire movie from everyone. I forgot the young actresses name but I remember her from 500 Days of Summer (another great movie) and she is a completely different person in this movie. She curses like a sailor, she kills without hesitation and still finds a way to be absolutely adorable while doing it. Oh did i mention that she's only 11? Yea, this movie went there. That's my favorite thing about it is movie, it just didn't give a fuck. It wasn't afraid to shock and offend you and that's why the movie worked out so well. Oh and I forgot about Red Mist (who everyone will remember as McLovin from Superbad) who I won't say much about because it'd kind of ruin the movie if I did. There's so much more that I could say about this movie, the soundtrack was amazing and really matched with the rebellious nature of the movie, the characters were believable, the fighting was topnotch but in the end it's driving to the same point. Take your guards down, turn off your brain, expect the unexpected and GO SEE THIS MOVIE NOW!!!

Well I'm done talkin yall's ears off now, I won't be suprised if I don't get any comments cuz of how long this post is lol. Hope everybody had a good week and hope everyone has a dope weekend. Till next time, Rock on from Krypton

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  1. not in a relationship no. but when you´r my friend im just a friend. not a friend who is a girl, just a friens. and boys kick friends non?

  2. ah kick-ass. I know who I´m going as an halloween. foh sho.

  3. Great album review...but in my opinion, you can't really compare BoB to Kid Cudi. Bob can actually sing, has substance (not just hip-hop/dance), plays multiple instruments...BoB is the future! Dope post

  4. I only really compared Cudi and BoB in terms of debuts that sounded like they were made by veterans in the game. Though Cudi isn't the best rapper his album was genius in terms of concept and storytelling. You can't even deny that bruh

  5. word, i gotta peep that album...i most def gotta cop that new janelle monae