Wednesday, April 28, 2010

They Said My Future Was Dark...

So after weeks and weeks of rumors, delays and controversy Lupe has officially dropped the video for I'm Beamin' which serves as the intro video into the Lasers Era of Lupe Fiasco. I've been bangin this song on a constant basis since it dropped earlier this year and I'm glad that we finally get to put a dope visual to the song. The video isn't nearly as extravagant as previous videos of his such as Superstar or Paris, Tokyo, but instead goes for more of a creative almost arts and crafty feel. The clip features Lupe rapping as various kids with various cardboard cut-outs and little visual laser effects accompany certain things Lupe says in his verses. It's a straightforward but visually appealing and somewhat cute concept lol. I think the inclusion of the kids fits the uplifting message in the song overall so I can see why the director and Lupe decided upon that. I don't think I'm Beamin is the first official single off the album so I wouldn't be surprised if we get another more extravagant video in the coming months to accompany the first official single (kinda like he did with Dumb It Down and Superstar). But until we find that out, enjoy the video for I'm Beamin because it's definitely deserves recognition. Till next post, Rock on from Krypton

P.S. Shouts to Kid Nice for the embed link for the vid

Dueces Up!


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