Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Broken

The video above is for "The Broken" which is the first single off of Coheed & Cambria's most recent album "Year of the Black Rainbow" and godDAMN is it epic! I've been a fan of Coheed & Cambria since "Favor House Atlantic" so I was very excited to hear that they were coming out with a new album and once I heard how dynamic and powerful "The Broken" was it immediately made me think back to another one of my favorites from them "Welcome Home". One of my favorite things about Coheed is their penchant for epic storytelling and how cinematic their videos usually are. My all time favorite video of their's is Welcome Home and I must say after seeing the video for The Broken, that may just be tied for first place. This video depicts a post-apocalyptic war of epic proportions going on complete with dreary and grayscale color scheme and steampunk machinery. Things only proceed to get more chaotic at the climax of the video when some sort of pyramid is activated by an orb and rises up from underground. Now I'm not sure what the hell is supposed to be going on in the video story-wise (All of Coheed's albums follow the storyline of a comicbook series created by their lead singer Claudio) but what I do know is that whatever IS going on looks absolutely amazing. I would definitely like to see this story put out in movie format because with videos like this it's almost impossible to get curious about the story behind it all. Check out the video and tell me what you think. Till next post, Rock on from Krypton

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