Monday, April 5, 2010

Boondocks is Back!

Ok so I'm a HUGE fan of Boondocks, even b4 it became on of the best cartoon shows ever made, so when I heard there was gonna be a 3rd season I was uber-excited. They just released the trailer for the 3rd (and sadly final) season of Boondocks and DAMN is it epic! Exhibit A by Jay Electronica feels like the perfect backdrop for what looks like it'll be it's best and biggest season yet. From what I saw in the trailer we see the return of characters like Thugnificent and Gin & Rummy as well as a bevy of new characters (Sadly no Caesar v_v). Also I saw that as usual they'll be parodying a lot of current events the biggest and most obvious of these events being Obama's presidency. It also looks like there will be even more action this season which only makes since seeing as how this is the final season. There's alot more that I could say but I just want May 2nd to get here so I can sink my teeth into the controversially hilarious goodness that is The Boondocks. Till next post, Rock on from Krypton

Deuces Up!



  1. omg no wayy my ex used to feen for boondocks he put me on.
    I was wondering what had happened to the show.
    Great post can't wait.