Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Question for the Ladies out ther

How come females seem to hit on guys more when their taken? That always boggles my mind. I look forward to your feedback. Rock on from Krypton

Dueces Up!



  1. Wanting the new toy the other kid has is not a trait that is characteristic of solely the male populace. Women are guilty of this too. I guess competition, ego, and the fulfillment of knowing you can have anything you yearn for is a human addiction.

  2. I guess the saying is true, "the forbidden fruit always tastes the sweetest". In my opinion I just think many girls, and guys alike, want something more when they realize its something they can't really have. When they see something that isn't easily attainable, they like to go after it I guess because of the challenge.

  3. You know idk why, not that I do it some girls just like to start problems for themselves.
    Or same goes for guys why do they talk to the ones that are taken.
    No one has respect for anyone's relationships nowadays but eh i guess that's life ?
    People want what they can't have.

  4. haha. I really don´t have the best trackrecord.

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