Thursday, January 21, 2010

Follows of my blog UNITE!
So I'm definitely late as all hell with posting this link but better late then never! This is a very close friend of mine's (practically my brother) first offical EP. Gov' name's Zachary Thomas but when he's behind the boards he goes by Zig-Zag. I'm gonna tell u first hand that this is a great instumental album and I'm not just saying that because he's my boy eiter. His style is very similar to the likes of Nujabes and 9th Wonder (definitely Nujabes on this particular project) and samples a lot of Bossa Nova and old Soul tracks in his beats. He's worked with a few DMV up-and-comers and i think that this is only the beginning to a grand ascension into the production game. Please download the album, give it a listen and pass it on to friends. You can contact him on facebook as Zachary Thomas, myspace ( or on twitter as (TheRealZigZag). Thanks for the time. Rock on from Krypton
Dueces Up!