Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Waves Of Change

Wass good blogger world? Been a little bit since I've actually written a blog that's actually been a legit update on my own life. Mostly because I don't find my life to be interesting enough to blog about on a daily basis lol. But lately things have been moving forward in my life hopefully for the better. During the break I took a lot of time to recharge my batteries because fall semester practically drained me of all of my energy and I just wanted to say fuck doing anything for the break I'm just gonna sleep it away lol. During the break aside from hangin out with friends and getting back some of my social life, I got involved on some really cool projects. One being a photoshoot for my good friend Wale's up and coming clothing line, Connoissuers. A behind the scenes video can be seen below:

And besides that my acting life just beginning as I'm gonna be in a play produced by a family friend which begins official production next year and other acting gigs in the near future that you be on the look out for. I recently came to the conclusion that even though school is important, I feel as though I've learned less than I've paid for and that right now I should just be focusing on working, networking and trying to hone my craft as an actor. I may go back to school one day, may not, only time can tell that but for now I'm ready to get out there and chase my dream of Hollywood. Also recently I've strengthened my relationship with God and I really feel at ease with a lot of things that used to bother me alot which makes it easier for me to progress in life now. I'm over my ex (most of u will remember me talking about her in previous posts) and I'm ready to mingle. As my 2010 anthem goes "On to the Next one". Besides that life's been pretty normal lately so i'll end my update here. I'll be sure to post updates like this in the future when things come up or begin to change again. Till then, Rock on from Krypton.

Dueces Up!


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