Tuesday, January 5, 2010


"When you're lost, you're willing to believe anything..."

Now I know what you and probably most of the people who say this trailer when it debuted a while back are thinking. This is just some Watchmen/Sin City knock off. When I first saw this trailer early last year I thought the same thing but I was still intruiged enough to want to see it. Unfortunately for me it was never released in the US (if it was it was only in select theaters and got on press) and only came out in the UK. So I waited a while and then finally when a DVD quality version surfaced, I downloaded it and put it on my PS3. I'd been wanting to watch it but due to a mix of hectic scheduling and overall laziness I never got around to sitting down to watch it. But today I finally sat down and watched it all the way through and I'm very glad that I did. I'm gonna warn you up front, if you're expecting this movie to be a kind of action/superhero type movie then I suggest you don't even waist your time because this is far from that. The few moments that there is any action are pretty cool but nothing revolutionary, it's the psychological aspect of the film that makes it special. First thing that I'll point out about the film is that it's very well shot. The backgroud for "Meanwhile City" is very captivating and kind of reminds me of something out of Pan's Labrynith or the second Hell Boy movie. It's very hard to believe that this was all crafted by a man who'd never directed a full length feature before. Another great thing about the film are the characters. Each character is 3-D so you get to really delve into who they are as people. Though you don't get a whole lot of backstory on either of them you do get enough to make sense of their actions. As i stated before though it's the story that really makes this a standout film. It's very deep rooted in both religion and the human subconsciousness. I don't want to give anything away because anything I could tell you would ruin the entire movie but I will say that it has one of the best twists that I've ever seen in a movie and it's well executed as well so it doesn't come off as ridiculous (I'm lookin at you M. Night Shamaylan). Though the movie is far from perfect (there are definite amatuer mistakes that the director made) it's still one hell of a trip through the psychological aspect of humanity and I guarantee that if you sit through the movie and actually pay attention, you'll be very satisfied once the credits roll. Till next time Rock on from Krypton.

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