Monday, January 11, 2010

Live My Life Alone

Heard this song a while back and stopped listening to it till recently and I'd completely forgotten how much I love this song. In this song T.I. channels his inner rocker and the result is much more impactful than almost all of Lil Wayne's rock stuff. The song has a real grunge-metal feel to it with it's dark synths and heavy bass serving as the backdrop for T.I.'s almost Kurt Cobain-esque vocals. The lyrics in this song are really powerful portraying a man's bleak outlook on life as his relationship is slowly dying and with the almost villian-like way that T.I. sings the song you can tell that he was drawing from a personal experience. What also adds to the impact of this song is the fact that this this song pretty much came out of nowhere. I'm pretty sure T.I. himself never thought he'd be making a legit rock song in his life so you know that it must've been a pretty dark event to push him to release this song. I can appreciate this song more on repeated listens then most of Wayne's rock songs for the simple fact that I feel like T.I. isn't just doing this just to do it, this was like his 808s & Heartbreak moment and he's gonna keep it moving from there. What do you guys think of the song? Hit me up with some feedback. Rock on from Kryton

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