Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bebe's kids -_-

Wass good people of earth? It's the kryptonian here. How's everyone's weekend going? Good I hope. Today me and several of my friends were gonna go to the hookah bar (woulda been my first time) but due to several people being late and us getting hungry we decided to just go to eat at the spanish place. I swear the moment we walked into the place, the whole resturant's eyes shifted to us lol. 5 black guys (including our tall ass friend DJ) and 1 small el salvadorian girl, shit was hilarious. I got chicken pupusas *drools* i love me some spanish food when it's made right. So after stuffing our faces and paying we went outside and met up with the people who showed up late. While we were out there talking this tatted up white dude (who kinda looked like Eminem) showed up asking if any of us had a lighter and then started up a convo with us. He was recently in Iraq and was telling us some stories of his experiences there, dude was cool as hell besides the fact that i was about to die from his second hand smoke lol. Then when he left we kept talking and for some reason there were MAD people there that kept either givin us nasty looks or kept intentionally walking inbetween us -_-, but we paid em no mind, just niggas bein niggas. But the moment that killed it all was when these little ass bebe's kids motherfuckers walked inbetween us grittin HARD AS HELL, pushed one of my friends aside and asked us wat the fuck we were starin at! REALLY??!? These kids were like 7 years old tryna get buck with grown people! I swear it took all my restraint not to take off my belt and give those lil ass kids the whoopin that their parents CLEARLY weren't givin em. That brings me to a realization, kids these days suck! And sadly is mostly because of the world that their surrounded by. I remember back when I was growing up it was all about having as much fun as I could and not really having a care in the world. Everything was so dope when I was younger growin up in the 90s. Cartoons were better, kids wasn't tryna be all hard, cooties was still in effect (lol), it was just all about fun! Now kids are grownin up WAY too fast and it's gettin kinda scary. When i walk down the street and can't tell whether a girl is 14 or 18 then something's SERIOUSLY wrong. But once again i can't exactly blame em because a lot of things are so negative now. It's just sad to see young boys nowadays thinkin it's cool to be gangaffiliated and girls thinking that they gotta be "sexy" when their that young. We need to bring back that positivity that i used to remember back in the 90s because this shit is ridiculous. Thanks for bearing with me while i ranted lol isn't exactly the return blog that i'd hope it'd be lol. Hope you all had a great day and a great rest of the weekend. Until next time, Rock on from Krypton.

Shoutouts to all my followers, yall are all dope as hell!

Dueces Up!


(Quick Update)

I JUST saw this and it after i picked my jaw up off of the ground i HAD to post this. This dude is a BEAST! I wanna work with him one day if i'm lucky enuff to become a legit director or actor


  1. LUCKY BITCH!!! I WANT SOME PAPUSAS!!!! Anyways I know how it is I went up to CP to also go to a Hookah bar with a Salvadorian and a Jamaican so you can imagine what fun that was but instead of paying a expensive ass cover at the bar we went to Jerry's instead but while deciding what the hell to do we saw these little kids running all around in and out of the liquor store and I'm thinking 'WTF?! or FTW?!' lol I swear some of these kids do need beating because they're starting shit about things that shouldn't even be in their state of mind...I swear....I miss those days...where the definition of drama was getting your crayons stolen...mmhm

  2. wait...that's weird we saw the same thing. u might've been there when we were o_O

  3. Nah I was in College Park on Thursday eating Jerry's and being one silly ass banana....

  4. i agree with ya that these lil kids are growing up too dam fast. its a crazy world we live in bro.

  5. next time slap them... backhand them all across their faces... then shank them...

    jk jk

    no but really man slap them...