Friday, May 8, 2009

I'm Having A Relapse

Wass good people of earth I come with a review of Eminem's new album Relapse. Now to all you big hip-hoppers out there (like myself) you may have heard that his album fully leaked recently online and so i went to d/l it. The way i approach album releases is I d/l em when they leak and then depending on how dope it is then i'll go drop money on it. I've dropped money too many times on whackass albums and with he recession going on you gotta be smart with your money ya dig? So anyways I d/l'd it last night and listened to it all the way through and I honestly have to say that this is Em's BEST full out album maybe just under The Eminem Show. I can personally tell you that Eminem personally leaked his most skipworthy tracks (though 3AM is dope as hell) and saved his best stuff for the album. Eminem has definately matured as an artist and it shows in his delivery, wordplay and his ability to switch up his flow several times throughout the album. Most of the album follows Eminem's battle with drugs and his psycho alter ego, Slim Shady, and the skits on the album only help to enhance the story and bring the tracks together as a whole. The production value on this album is top notch with classic Dre style beats with kind of a rockstar edge to them that will have your neck hurting from nodding so hard and a few tracks produced by Em who has also really stepped up his production game. I won't go into a full track by track review because i don't wanna spoil the experience for you but I will tell you the stand out tracks for me.

Stand Out Tracks: (3AM will be excluded because it's already been put out)
Beautiful (a more serious and deep song similar to Toy Soldiers and songs like that backed by a dope Queen sample)

Must Be The Ganja (the instrumental has a real funky sounding synth as Em raps about being influenced by "the Ganja")

Bagpipes from Baghdad (though the subject matter in this song is silly, the production on this track is ridiculous)

Deja Vu (Eminem showcases his storyteller side on this one)

Insane (This track will bring you back to Em's Marshall Mathers LP days)

Stay Wide Awake (Eminem showcases some of his best wordplay on the entire album backed by a dark and somewhat chilling instrumental)

Underground (Eminem's most epic sounding song since White America, Mr Mathers tears this song APART lyrically and shuts up anyone who doubted that he still had it in him)

Medicine Ball (Em once again shows some impressive wordplay over a militant sounding beat)

As a whole this album fits together and flows really well and I can safely say that Eminem has not disappointed his fans that have waited years to hear him rock the mic again. I give Relapse a 4.75/5 (only because of average tracks that didn't stand up to the rest of the songs on the album). Till next time, Rock on from Krypton.

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  1. LOL. i needa listen to this sometime, and yes, i suppose we are masochistic.

  2. you definately should sang. i never knew u were an Eminem fan