Saturday, May 23, 2009

Flat Booty Hoes, Douchebags and Wilson

Wass good people of earth you already know who it is and today I'm comin at yall with a little update about my weekend. Yesterday me and a group of friends headed out to Ocean City for a day trip. Got up at 3:50 am to get myself together (i've NEVER gotten up that early out of my own will lol) and then around 4:45 i got picked up by my friend Rachel and we picked up Jhovi and Zack before meeting up with the other people we were going with. It was so weird not seeing any cars on the roads but peaceful at the same time lol. We got up there around 8-9ish after stopping at Panera Bread for breakfast (which was whack as shit lol) and headed straight for the beach where i was instantly reminded why i don't go to them often lol. I fuckin hate sand -_-, blows my day. Swam around and acted like asses for about 2 hours and then we just chilled and relaxed out in the sun before we headed to the boardwalk. I'd been to the boardwalk several times before but never in the summer so I expected to find mad girls in skimpy outfits lookin all sexy but man was i wrong -_-. There were girls but like 98% of em were white (not that I have a problem with that), overly tanned with flat booties and hanging out with douchebag types. You kno the time that I'm talking about, guy's that say "brah" after like every word, go to the beach to play volleyball with a bunch of their other dudes, obnoxiously loud, walk around with their shirts off to show off their dumbass japanese kanji tattoos (which they most likely don't know what they mean). I hate those kinda guys (which is probably why i don't even bother to go to college house parties or frat parties). They day goes by and we walk the entire length of the boardwalk (which really is just a bunch of the same stores repeating themselves with different names) and then walked back to play some arcade games before heading out around 5. Before heading back home we went to this pizza place called the Dough Roller which was aight and then we headed back. I didn't get in till about 11-12 and I don't remember much after that lol. All i know is I woke up the next day and it was 1pm lol. Overall it was a pretty cool day and i was definately nice to get away and have a change of scenary. Ima show off a few pix that I took of the trip if u wanna see more hit me up on facebook and look for Marcus D. Fiasco.

A few other random tidbits:

-I'm not gonna post it on my blog because too many people have already done it but have yall seen Charles Hamilton get clock square in the jaw by his ex-jumpoff/manager? That was hilarious. I'm glad Charles kept his cool and didn't hit her back though, he gets points from me for that.

-One of my favorite shows, So You Think You Can Dance?, is back on television. I am SO happy! Me and my dude Jhovi (the guy in the pic with the ball and the last pic) may try out for the show one day. We shall see...

-I heard that Amber Rose and Kanyeezy broke up recently after Kanye found out that she was creepin on him with Cassidy while he was away in Hawaii workin on Jay's new album. *shakes head* poor Yeezy, is that dude ever gonna find happiness? I kinda hope he makes a song about it because i STILL bang 808s & Heartbreak.

-I saw this video today on Kanye's blog and i thought it was a really dope concept. If yall didn't know this already Chris Milk is the man behind Kanye's Jesus Walks video and some of Obama's campaign photos. Dude is dope.

Last Day Dream [HD] from Chris Milk on Vimeo.

Well yall i'm out for now, hope everyone's had a great weekend. Here's to a pleasant tomorrow. Rock on from Krypton

Dueces Up!



  1. - Looks like your're having fun =)

    - Yo that bridge in the fourth pic. TERRIFYING! Not only am I afriad of heights but I'm deathly afriad of bridges, I cry each and every single time I'm on one. High ones.

    - So You Think You Can Dance?" is back on? when? where? how do you know these things?

    - They broke up? NOOOOOOOO! Why Amber? just when I started to like you and him together. UGH! And why Cassidy? I mean who the fuc* is he? You creep up not down! But you shouldn't be creeping on Kanye no how.

    Why can't that man seem to find a woman? A good faithful woman?

    - My weekend has been umm "eventful" I have quite a few stuff to blog about come Monday but it doesn't compare to your Ocean City trip, I'm kind of jealous =P LOL!

  2. -hah jus a tad bit

    -lol 4real?! awww now i know Frankie's weakness. and here i thought u were inpenetrable =P

    -lol i saw the premiere on thursday. be sure to watch next thursday, you only missed the first day of auditions, no worries.

    -I KNOW RIGHT?!?! I was so blown by the news cuz they really suited each other well *shakes head*. I feel bad for Kanye.

    -lol awww i'm sure ur weekend update will be just as eventful. Plus i LOVE reading ur stuff so don't be jealous babe ;)

  3. It looked like a great day. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

  4. Thanx princess, good to see u putting some input on the blog too. let's hope ya keep it up! lol.

  5. lol wat r u talkin about amina?

  6. sonn
    that shit was hot
    great vid
    and u listen to the nujabees

  7. yea bruh i been rockin with nujabes for years! they're so dope