Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Boredom Strikes Back: The Revenge of the Jedi

Wat it do people of Earth it's everyone's 2nd favorite Kryptonian comin back with another blog post. Reason i've been doin more short posts than long ones lately is basically because currently i was running out of things to blog about! lol. But now i feel like i got enough material so here i go!

-I recently FINALLY gave in a got a haircut, i feel so refreshed now lol

-Asian gameshows are SO much better than American ones. Even though I can't always understand them I always find myself entertained by the crazy things that they find themselves doing. If you're bored and have nothing better to do i definately recommend Gaki no Tsukai (The Don't Laugh Show) and Human Tetris. Here's a preview of Human Tetris below:

-I just recently heard that the rapper Dolla behind Who the Fuck is that feat T-Pain was recently shot and killed recently over a female -_- *sigh*. I never really liked his music but I never like to hear about people getting killed so RIP Dolla, hope things are goin well on the otherside.

-Now yall know i'm a big music buff, so recently I was listenin to this one song called Leavin by Jesse McCartney and i kinda liked it so i thought i'd go check out his whole album (i do that now if i find a song or two that I like by the artist) and Ima tell you straight up i think that his album Departure is dope. Probably the best pop album i've heard since Futuresex/LoveSounds. Check it out and tell me what you think. Here's my fave song off the album:

-I recently heard a very lowcut rip of Lupe's new single Shining Down and it's a banger (as to be expected), when the CD Quality version drops i will definately be posting it for yall to hear.

-Does anyone still find Angelina Jolie attractive? I know i still do, I was watching Wanted the other day for like the 5000th time and she still has it to me. Just something about the way she carries herself is so sexy.

-I put this in a recent post but i dunno if anyone saw it so ima re-post it. I've been banging this song on a constant basis lately, makes me wanna hit up the club and do the robot XD.

- Ain't it sad sometimes that u realize that some of ur fave rappers will never be able to achieve the same success that they did when they first came out? (i.e. Nas, Busta Rhymes, most rappers that came out in the 90s) and some rappers/artists that don't really deserve it are getting made album sales (i.e. Soulja Boy, Shawty Lo, Lil Boosie, etc.). It's a damn shame really.

-Speaking of Soulja Boy, seems the lil negroid is runnin his mouth without thinking ONCE again. First he said that Nas killed Hip-Hop a while back (still makes me laugh) and now he's sayin that Drake has step his "high yella" game up if he wants to take Soulja Boy's spot in the game. Really?? Drake is sellin out shows currently off of the strength of his MIXTAPE! Dude doesn't even have an album out and he's already one of the most loved and critically acclaimed rappers out there so if u ask me he's already got ur spot homie. How bout you go home and try and make up another dumbass dance to try and make yourself hot again.

-I was reading one of people's blogs today and she pointed out something that I thought I only realized. Drake looks kinda funny XD. Dude is a monster musically but the way that his face is shaped is kinda weird, the way she put it "He looks like a guy with down syndrome in a sexy way" XD. That's hilarious

-I recently went to the air show at Andrew's Air Force Base and I gotta tell you, that was SO cool lol. I felt like i was a little kid again. The things that those pilots do in those planes is crazy and I can't even imagine how hard it must be to pull that kinda stuff out without completely screwing up. I definately recommend that you hit up an airshow one day, it's dope stuff.

-Have you guys heard that Nick Cannon is trying to get at Eminem because of a song off of his new album that allegedly "bashes" his wife Mariah Carey? Now i've heard of trying to be strong for your woman and all but homie that is career SUICIDE to try and get at Eminem. Luckily for Nick, Em's chosen to take the high road and "kinda" apologize. Let's just hope....no u kno wat? I hope Nick Cannon makes a song, I miss Eminem destroying careers and crushin dreams.

-I forgot how dope John Legend is. I've been listening to all 3 of his albums all weekend and that dude is one talented and smooth mofo. If you haven't heard all of his albums, DO IT NOW!! *arnold schwarzenagger voice*

-After a conversation with a female friend i've come to the realization that I have no game whatsoever lol. It's not because i'm whack or anything it's because i'm a really genuine dude so I'm not the type to go out collecting numbers and then deleting em like a week later. If i say that I wanna get to know you it's because I honestly do and that's just how I am. Unfortunately to some girls a guy with no game is a waste of time *shakes head*.

-Rihanna's looking pretty ridiculous these days, i no longer find her sexy

-Serena Williams kinda scares me lol, I'm not that big i'm only like 5'10-5'11 and like 165-170 lbs. That woman would eat me for breakfast!

-You know who's a sexy couple? Reggie Bush and Kim K, they've gotta be one of the most well put together couples i've seen in a good minute. Let's hope Reggie doesn't mess up like Ray J did.

-Speaking of Ray J, APPARENTLY he's creepin on Cocktail w/ Tila Tequila. Talk about downgrade, that's a damn shame if it's true. It's ok Cocktail, i'll treat ya good ;).

-Do you guys think Nicki Minaj has the potential to be another female great in hip-hop? I'm unsure. While she's a dope rapper (don't believe me? check out her mixtapes) but something tells me that the day of the successful female rap artist are over. If you wanna succeed in the music game these days as a female u gotta sing sadly.

-"Sexting" resulted in a girl commiting suicide recently, why are so many people dying for crazy reasons lately? Shit's getting depressing. SAVE US OBAMA! SAVE US JEBUS!!! lol. I'm terrible i know

-It's been 2 weeks since the season and supposed "series" finale of Scrubs and I'm STILL blown that it may be over. Well at least i've got assloads of old episodes to watch.

-I don't know if any of you watch Saturday Night Live as religiously as I do but the season finale last saturday with Will Ferrell as the host was one of the funniest episodes that i've seen in the last year. They brought back a lot of his famous skits (George Bush and one of my all time faves Celebrity Jeopardy) and Will Ferrell is just always hilarious. Here's a taste of what some of you missed out on. well never mind because my computer's bein a bitch -_-. I'll try and find the link later and post it.

Well i gotta head out to the dentist's for a check up -_-, hope yall have a good rest of the day. until next time, Rock on from Krypton.

Oh yea and a HUGE congrats goin out to my dude Wale on the launch of his clothing line, knew u could do it bruh!

Dueces Up!



  1. - I like Spanish game shoes.

    - I don't really know who he is or about his music but I heard about his death too.

    - I like that song he has with Ludacris. Donnie Klang should take notes. LOL!

    - You do that =)

    - Angelina Jolie has mad sex appeal. Unlike some women who try to be sexy, she just is.

    - I like the chorus and beat but his rapping messes it all up for me.

    - Yo that is so true Marcus! Thought I was the only one who noticed that. Even after "The Big Bang" album Busta wasn't as successful as before.

    - "Lil Negroid" LOL! Leave him alone =P

    - LOL! Really though his face is very ... "interesting" I had to look at it in different angles and light to decipher it.

    - I miss Eminem the jerk too, but I'm glad he's not talking BS about people this time around, shows that he's matured.

    - I like this song "Satisfaction" and "Good Morning" on his new album, Evolver and "Save Room" will always be one of my favs.

    - I think you have game Marcus ;)

    - Me either! She's slowly but surely going to do a "Britney Spears"

    - Yet and still her ass and thighs are amazing!

    - What's wrong with Tila Tequila?

    - I don't think Nicki Minaj will ever go mainstream and if she does she won't have as much success as Foxy or Kim. Women who rap aren't taken as seriously anymore.

    - What's "sexting" I'ma go goggle it. Okay I just did, why did she commit suicide though? Because of the embarrassment or something?

    - I haven't faithfully watched SNL since probably college.

    - Funny I have to go to the dentist tomorrow.

  2. -Yes! Mrs Jolie just gives off sexiness like it's a fuckin disease. I LOVE IT!

    -lol yea the lyrics were a tad bit corny but do club records ever really have great lyrics?

    -Exactly! see that's why i fucks with u frankie. u get me lol. Big Bang was a DOPE album tho.

    -Lol i will leave him alone once he stops makin dumbass comments that he can't back up.

    -XD poor Drake

    -Yea i like to see artists mature because you can't stay the say forever. Eminem and T.I. have shown that growth the most to me recently.

    -Hah really? well thanx Frankie i appreciate that =)

    -Indeed, Rihanna may be falling off but her body is still dope. Let's hope she doesn't let herself go

    -Meh she just seems kinda trashy to me. Plus i think Cocktail looks better, Tila looks kinda like an alien to me lol

    -Exactly, it's sad to cuz Nicki is dope. Have u heard her song Go Crazy? NAAAASTY!

    -Yea apparantly the guy she sent the picture too sent it out to a lot of people and she commited suicide...poor thing

    -U make me seem young as shit with phrases like that XD.

    -Good luck >.< i hate the dentist. Marcus + sharp things in or around my mouth = NO!

    Hey what happened to your comment box? it blows me that I can't leave feedback anymore