Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'm feelin "Hood" lol

I was bored and was in kind of a "ridin through the hood" mood and so i started thinking of songs I would always listen to when I was in a real gutta hip-hop mood and i thought i'd share em with ya. I HATE Plies but this one song I always thought was dope and the video i really like because of how cinematically grimey it is. Almost looks like a movie. Plus Trey Songz is my fave singer. The Jeezy joint is my favorite Young Jeezy song, the beat is CRAZY and he spits some hot stuff on this one. Next up is Patiently Waiting which definately is one of 50's best songs EVER, I miss this 50 Cent. And lastly, probably the hardest G-Unit joint that I've heard since Beg For Mercy. The Mechanic showcases the G-Unit I used to know and love, grimey ass beat and ruthless lyrics. Tell me that you don't hear the beat and don't find urself bobbin ya head. There's alot more but i don't wanna bore yall with a bunch of random videos i was just feelin bored and thought i'd share. Till next time, Rock on from Krypton.

Oh and before I forget, check out Theophilus London's JAM! Mixtape. Definately a quality listen for people that love innovative hip-hop. (Thanks for the recommend Perla,,check her blog out it's pure dopeness and she's purty =D lol)

Dueces Up!