Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mental Diahrrea

Wass good blogspot pplz? Apparantly a bunch of yall are takin breaks from the bloggin world and some of yall haven't even commented on one of my posts *shakes head at you*, but Ima still keep this thing movin because over the past couple of days i've seen and done things but been to lazy to blog about em so ima just do one mass random post right now.

-before i get into anything major check out my boy Wale's page,, he's got a clothing like called Connoisseurs dropping real soon and he's got some real dope stuff on the way. the online store should be up by the 15th and definately look out for more stuff throughout the summer and fall. Show him some love!

-I have a new favorite movie, it's called RocknRolla and it's dope as all hell. I've got kind of a thing for british cinema now, especially Guy Ritchie films, because they're just so fuckin cool. You guys should definately check RocknRolla and Snatch out.

-If i could change anything about myself i'd give myself a british accent because they're so dope.

-Downloaded The Cool Kids new mixtaped with DJ Cannon called Gone Fishing and it's pretty dope. Typical Cool Kids ish which isn't a bad thing at all. Check it out if your into them.

-I normally don't like The Dream that much but his song Hater off his new album is my shit!

-I've officially watched the 3AM video like a bajillion times and it's still as badass as it was when I first saw it.

-My brother recently got some D&G shoes and they are UGLY AS SIN!!!! It's beyond me what's so great about all these weird ass "high fashion" clothes. I mean some of em look cool but i'd never be caught dead in em. Give me a dope hoodie or bubble vest, a graphic tee, some slim fit jeans, nikes or chucks and i'm good to go!

-Because Wolverine kinda disappointed me I'm really hoping that Star Trek'll be as dope as the reviews are saying it is. Let's hope

-I recently watched the most disturbing move that I've ever's called Teeth and all i gotta say i will say in the form of a mathmatical equation. Vagina + Teeth = WTF SON?!!?

- I've been scruffy as hell lately and for some reason people like it. I'm in dire need of a haircut tho

-I've eaten cereal more than anything lately. I'm one a Crunch Berries and Fruit Loops diet =D

-I'm really looking forward to the summer because I've got some things that I plan to do with some friends that i'll keep on the hush but they should be pretty cool if they work out. I'll keep yall posted

-I'm currently jobless. Due to some crazy shit that has gone on the last few weeks I had to call out like 3 times and that made me look bad business-wise so they had to let me go. So right now i'm back to broke and not happy about it -_-....well...back to the job hunt.

-Despite the fact that my dumbass still has feelings for my ex, I miss being in a relationship. I kinda wanna get into something with someone I can vibe with and take things slow. we'll see what turns up this summer

-I really hope Scrubs isn't over now because I'm addicted to that show. It's like crack

-Eminem's album is now the album that i'm most looking forward to hearing this year. I was iffy about We Made You (i'm usually iffy about Em's first singles) then 3AM shut me up and Old Time's Sake made me feel like I was listening to one of his old Dre collabos on The Eminem Show (one of my favorite albums of all time). Just recently I heard two more snippets off his album which sound REALLY dope. Em's album is shaping up to hopefully be what everyone's been waiting for. Not sure it'll make the usual Eminem numbers though only because of how CD sales have been suffering for the past few years. Lupe Fiasco's Lasers is my most anticipated after that.

-This is HILARIOUS!!!

-Speaking of swine flu, moment of silence to the first death in the US via swine flu, 33 year old school teacher Judy Trunnell......end of days people....

-On a lighter note, pictures of Cassie's titties have surfaced on the internetz and she's got nipple piercings! =D. I don't what it is about celebrity titties but it's a higher caliber of titty than regular porno titty. I would post em on here but I'm not tryna get in trouble so i'll just post the link.

-Rick Ross recently fired some shots Eminem recently in a video calling him a honkey. Two things, who the hell calls people racial slurs anymore? Come on now Ross. And secondly, of all the people to try and start shit with you pick EMINEM!?! Dude you must seriously be letting this new album success go to your head because Eminem would destory you're entire career if he decides to respond (which i kinda hope he does just because it's fun hearing Em tear people apart). Ross needs to learn from Ja Rule and just needs to back down before he gets squashed.

- Is it ok to like Chris Brown again? I feel like what happened was almost like some sort of a fad. I'm pretty much over the whole situation and Rihanna seems fine so it's w/e to me.

-Has anyone heard about this thing called Niggabook? it's like facebook for niggas...I don't know why but I find that HILARIOUS!

-Why do celebrities always seem to end up on drugs? What's the point?

- Wat in the fuck is that?! The things famous people get away with wearing i swear

- Girls with nice legs may be my new biggest turn on

- Remember the days when Lil Kim was fine and didn't look like a Bratz Doll?...ah those were the days

- This used to be my jam, the video is still dope to this day. Hype is a beast.

Well my mind's drawin a blank for more stuff to blog about right now so ima leave it right here. Until next time earthlings, have a great day and Rock on from Krypton.

Dueces Up!



  1. Well that Rihanna thing, you gotta give it to her that it's at least D&G, she's wearing it for the brand. LOL

  2. psh i don't care she looks retarded. i mean who wears shoulder pads that big unless ur a fuckin linebacker?

  3. - I want a Jamaican accent. So sexy!

    - You DON'T LIKE The-Dream? The fuck Marcus? LOL! Smh.

    - I've read a book about vagina dentata, pretty interesting.

    - That scruffy/rugged look on a guy is the sexy! As long as it's not taken to the level Kanye took it... LOL!

    - Fruit Loops are my addiction. With milk,'s just good!

    - When exactly is Lupe's album coming out?

    - Cassie has some nice twins, and I'm a female saying this!

    - Wow Ja Rule, haven't heard his name in the longest!

    - I'm offended by that Chris Brown statement you said =P

    - My best friend told me about "Niggabook" she actually had one. LOL!

    - I know right? It's like with success comes drug abuse, alcohol addiction, lawsuits, and a whole bunch of other BS.

    - Rihanna is the current "it girl", she can get away with ANYTHING ... but God not that!

    - Lil Kim was my first girl crush.

    - Hype Williams is the next Genius of The Month =]

  4. *gasp* SHE'S ALLIIIIVVVEEE!!! lol.

    -I'm not a huge fan of The Dream mostly for two reasons. I feel like his songs all sound the same subject wise and because dude just can't really sing. He has some dope tracks tho.

    -Intresting?!?! wtf?!

    -lmao oh kno u won't see me walkin around with no New Edition haircut lol

    -Yess...fruit loops are the shit

    -No real clue, he said sometime b4 he end of this year but that's all anyone knows

    -Indeed! The go with her frame

    -Lol i mean i feel like with the whole Chris situation some people were just WAITING for him to mess up so they could throw stones at him. Now i've said it before that I don't condone his actions BUT him getting all this shit for one incident is a little excessive. He just needs to seek some help that's all.

    -She looks fuckin ridiculous lol

    -Hype Williams is one of my idols

  5. - LOL it's school, has me pretty busy.

    - I've noticed his song do all sound the same and talk about the same thing ... "some female who is the shit/rockin that shit/fancy" but damn if all of them aren't catchy!

    - YES interesting, it's like pussy power to a whole other level =] LOL!

    - Before the end of this year and there's no new single? none that I know of that has even leaked! UGH!

    - I see what you're saying, but I sill resent and disagree with your Chris Brown statement =P

  6. -lmao no u didn' just say that

    -i kno i'm blown too but i'm sure he'll have something out by summer

    -lol well i'm sorry for offending u