Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shower Epiphany

Before you get any kinda thoughts in your head it's not watchu think lol. I actually do honest thinking in the shower, It's like my place to relax and think. I was randomly thinking and you know how people used to ask the question "If you could have any superpower what would it be and why?". That used to be a real popular question and I remember growing up I would always say i would want the power to steal other peoples powers. I realize that I would say that because I was trying to figure out who I was and I would always try and try on personas or be like everyone else and so it was obvious that I would answer that way. Now that I've grown up and established myself a little when approached with that question I realize that I choose "Flight" because now that I've fully realized the vastness of my dreams I wanna fly to the top of the world and beyond. I know it's pretty random but I just thought I'd share that with yall, it is a blog after all lol.

-Here's a little music for your ears, new Linkin Park called New Divide which is most likely the theme for the new Transformers movie. Very epic sounding.

-I been listening to Lupe's old mixtapes all day and I forgot how long he's been in the game and how dope his mixtapes were. Check em out if you haven't, definately quality hip-hop.

Well that's all I really came to say so ima take my leave, take it easy earthlings! Rock on from Krypton.

P.S. oh yea before i forget, Frankie i need to do sumthin about ur comments cuz they need to come back ASAP! lol.

Dueces up!



  1. I'd want to fly too, even though I'm super terrified of heights. LOL!

    I bought that song yesterday on iTunes.

    I've tried but the new template I have seems to have problems with commenting ...

  2. hah frankie, you the shit i swear ta gawd ;D.

    ahhh i see that explains it, well lemme kno if things get fixed ok?

  3. right back at cha! ;)